Home-based Online Work

I’m about to embark in home-based online work. Just signed up and got accepted by a Japanese-owned survey firm, but writing is really my forte. Although engineering by education, my passion for writing was established when I became the editor-in-chief of the official university student publication way, way back (please don’t ask when and where). 🙂

After more than a decade in the media as writer/editor and radio host, I joined the BPO industry out of curiousity at first, then later it became necessity as my source of livelihood. But six years of working at night instead of the normal work-during-the-day-and-sleep-at-night routine weakened my immune system. It alarmed me as not few industry workers who were younger than me died due to illnesses caused, well, by weakened immune system.

Three months is enough  to normalize my life. I have been enjoying sleeping at night or early morning then wake up when the sun is up. This I intend to be my norm for the rest of my stay in this world. I actually encourage everyone to do the same, as things get messed up if we go against what we are designed to do.

Another important thing is the food we eat. I had my gallbladder removed in 2011. Had I known that alcohol and salty and fatty foods can ruin some internal organs (which can actually be evident by the look and texture of our skin) I would have avoided or minimized my intake of those substances. Alcohol and nicotine had been out of my system a decade prior to my surgery, but like most Filipinos I enjoyed tuyo and pork adobo. Ang sarap kasi, di ba?

Since surgery, although I was told by my doctor I can still eat pork but without the fat, I decided not to eat tuyo and pork in any form anymore. Medical-wise, pork causes bad cholesterol. Biblically, swine was one of the animals God forbade His people to partake of. Also, my father, who is now 88 years old, never liked or  ate pork. His blood pressure is as normal as that of a 25-year-old, while I’m taking maintenance medicines to keep it at 120/80-130/90. So, there is wisdom in not eating pork.

Tagline  (like a column title) of my blog is Feelin’ Free (for Food, Entertainment, Education, Leisure, Innovation, Nature… and it’s Fun, Relaxing, Exciting, Enthralling). These are the topics that I’m going to cover. If there are others that you may want me to write about–like a feature about you, an event or institution, just leave your comments  or you can post it on FB.


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