Globe Tattoo WiMAX

Internet access is a necessity nowadays. But a fast, reliable internet connection is what we want.

It’s very frustrating to have a topnotch laptop yet internet is darn slow.  There is an internet cafe in my neighborhood but I don’t know the wi-fi password (the owner would not even give it to her staff) even if my system catches the signal. I tried Smartbro PowePlugIt at P1245 with 10 days unlimited free internet access, after which it became P20 per hour. Man, just to login to Yahoo! or Facebook would take forever!

My frustration led me to the internet cafe at times, which is just about 20 steps away from my house. I never considered PLDT anymore as land phone is now passé with the advent of wireless technology.

On the other hand, Sun was honest enough to say that signal in my area was weak and that would only disappoint me if I get their wi-fi or plug-it stick. And since Globe has no outlet at SM Center Las Pinas, I thought it to be the same as Sun, otherwise a big company like them should have an outlet at SM or nearby.

Since Sky Cable had been bombarding the place with ads — tarpaulins, leaflets, wall posts and kiosks — I thought for a while that maybe, just maybe,  Sky broadband could be the answer to my dilemma. But the cost of P3300+ for initial payment for wi-fi installation was too much.

Quite noticeable though was Globe’s ads on TV and in the newspapers for their Tattoo WiMAX. I clipped the ads in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and planned to just inquire about it at their SM Southmall office. I had a feeling it could work in my area.

Last week, I heard a man shouting “Globe internet!” while biking around the village. I went out and asked if it was the Tattoo WiMAX I had been seeing on TV and in the papers. He said, yes, but not exactly. I told him my frustration with Smartbro and my apprehension about Globe having no outlet at SM Center, which means there was no signal at all where I live.

He just got an order, a street away, for installation that Friday, he said. And if signal strength was just two bars or three bars, they won’t proceed with the installation at all. There was a promo for the Marine plan which he encouraged me to sign up for.

So my schedule came. Set at 4:00 p.m. I was not getting any text message or call or saw Globe’s service vehicle in the area. I even thought that my application could have been denied. I texted the rep if installation was to go through as it was becoming late. I got a text from an installation staff instead that their men were on the way.

It was almost 7:00 p.m. and drizzling. Wearing Globe Tattoo jackets, one guy was walking and the other was on a motorcycle getting past my house. I went out and asked if they were looking for my house number.

In a little more than an hour on a rainy evening, they were able to setup the microwave antenna on the garage roof. I got my WiMAX connection — five bars, full strength.

I’ve never experienced internet connection this fast before, even faster than the neighborhood cafe’s. And the cash out? It’s only P999 and that is for one month advance for the service. Oh well, two years contract or holding period is not an issue. I’m a first-time Globe customer (loyal Smart user since my very first cellphone) and I’m satisfied.

Now I can do blogs and home-based online work.


WiMAX – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

Wi-Fi – used to certify the interoperability of wireless computer networking devices


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