Ali Forbes strongest contender in Thailand’s Miss Grand International 2013

Thailand has launched its own international pageant–Miss Grand International–which “aims to become the world’s leading international beauty contest under sponsorship from governments and organizations that will make a stand for the betterment of humanity.” Accordingly, the contest is also a perfect platform to maximize the power of social media.


Miss Philippines Annalie Forbes

MGI founder and president Nawal Itsaragrisil, a renown Thai TV host and reporter, said that in his travels to 170 countries he saw the effects of war and he thought that it’s through international understanding that could bring world peace. The best way is to gather delegates from all over the globe and spread beauty and foment camaraderie among nations.


MGI Founder/President Nawal Itsaragrisil

As this is the first-ever Miss Grand International, 71 contestants compete for the crown and title in Bangkok on November 19, telecast locally at 8 p.m. and on live streaming thru YouTube, Global Beauties and the pageant’s own website (

The Best in Swimsuit Top 20 were selected on November 10 at Pattaya and they are: Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Guinea, Latvia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Namibia, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Slovak Republic, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Wales and Zimbabwe.


Miss Thailand Yada Theppanom

Best in National Costume Top 10 are China, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Venezuela.

Preliminary Competition was held on November 17.

The Top 20 candidates (in order of scores) are: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, USA, Russia, Portugal, Philippines, Wales, Slovak Republic, Vietnam, Thailand, Guatemala, Colombia, Paraguay, Australia, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia and Myanmar.


Miss Myanmar Htar Htet Htet

Leading in the Miss Popular Vote ( is Miss Myanmar Htar Htet Htet with almost 9,000 votes, followed by Miss Philippines Annalie Forbes with almost 7,000 votes. Miss Indonesia Novia Mamuaja is at more than 1,000 and hometown beauty Yada Theppanom at less than 200.

Annalie, popularly known as Ali Forbes, is considered the strongest candidate to win as first Miss Grand International, along with Miss Dominican Republic, Miss Cuba, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Mexico, Miss Wales, Miss Myanmar, Miss Thailand, Miss China, Miss Indonesia and Miss France.


Miss Indonesia Novia Mamuaja

Ali is an information technology student, professional singer and part-time actress. Her thoughts how to stop the war: “…begins with simple acts of goodness and goodwill that puts smiles on people’s faces, touches and inspires the hearts of many…if we can find these in our hearts, it’s when wars will stop and only then humanity will be at most beautiful and so the world.”


Ali Forbes enters Best in National Costume Top 10 donning Igorota attire

Miss Grand International 2013 will receive a prize of 30 thousand US dollars and stay at The Tower in the midtown area of Bangkok during her reign. The 1st runner-up will receive USD10K, 2nd runner-up USD5K, 3rd runner-up USD2.5K and 4th runner-up USD1.5K. Each of the winners for Best in National Costume, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Evening Gown and Miss Popular Vote will receive USD3K.

For complete coverage, log on to or you can also check Global Beauties, Missosology and Beauty Pageant Grand Slam on Facebook.


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