Justin Bieber draws applause offstage, turns bashers into Beliebers

YouTube sensation-turned-superstar Justin Bieber relied mainly on the younger set for his fan base. His phenomenal hit, Baby, expanded his clout among yuppies and older generations. They saw him grow right before their very eyes.


Just like other musical icons before him, supporters were not affected by reports of misdemeanor or not-so-wholesome gestures or language. Fanatics continued to swell. Every record, movie, TV guesting or concert have all been well-received.

When he announced that he was saddened by the devastation wrought by typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) and he’s spearheading a fund campaign for the survivors, not a few smirked and made snide remarks about his seriousness or sincerity.


He used graffiti, video and poster which circulated both in traditional and social media enjoining not only his fellow artists, fans and supporters but also people who have the heart and means to contribute to the rehabilitation of the damaged areas and lives of people in Tacloban City and Central Visayas, particularly children he estimated to number around five million.


“im launching a very special campaign for the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts… help me give back to the Philippines and you’ll be entered for a chance to hang out with me in the studio,” he said via Twitter and on the video http://prizeo.com/justin #GiveBackPhilippines.

Also, Justin’s song I Would is featured in the Songs For The Philippines album, found on iTunes. The proceeds will go to the victims of typhoon Haiyan. (Click the link to get the song) https://itunes.apple.com/ph/album/songs-for-the-philippines/id764022051.

This is not the first time Justin’s charitable persona is displayed. The Canadian superstar had been an active contributor to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has set a new record as the biggest recording artist wish granter in the foundation’s 33-year history when he granted his 200th wish in August for Annalysha Brown-Rafanan, an eight-year-old who suffers from a life-threatening liver condition.


At the conclusion of his 5-venue Australia Believe Tour Concert on December 8, talks circulated among his fans in the Philippines that he was to visit the survivors that got severely affected by the catastrophe.

Justin staged two concerts in Manila before. Many did not believe, until he arrived unannounced on ground zero.

“About to perform the last #believetour show. The real last one and the most important one of the tour. #GiveBackPhilippines,” he twitted on Tuesday.


He urged his followers to make the hashtag #pray4philippines a worldwide trend. UNICEF is one of the beneficiaries of Bieber’s fund campaign and thought to have been the coordinating organization for his visit in Tacloban.


Bieber sang his Christmas tune Mistletoe as well as the new Music Mondays single All That Matters, and part of Oh, Holy Night for some 300 people gathered in the grounds of a damaged school. To have more fun, he also played basketball with renowned coach Chot Reyes and the local boys.


This gesture of the phenomenal recording artist drew applause and brought tears to many eyes, converting bashers into believers, or what his fans call themselves—Beliebers.


“Most touching trip of my life. I saw the devastation first hand today. They need our help,” he twitted after.


Zenaida commented on Yahoo! Philippines: “God bless you, Justin. I take back whatever opinion I had with you before. Now I learned a lesson, never put a PERIOD in a person based on hearsay! That hug, it shows the real CHILD-LIKE in you! That is one lucky Filipino boy. Your parents must be the proudest, they raised a child like you!”

Another one from Pinks: “Thank you so much, Justin! in behalf of our countrymen. Please continue helping us. God bless you and to millions of people who gathered their strength, wealth, connections, love, sympathy to the Philippines. God be with us, always.”


“Thank you, Bieber, you’re like no other!” commented a non-fan-turned-admirer on Facebook.


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