Miss Russia crowned Miss Intercontinental 2013, Miss Philippines 3rd runner-up

Miss Russia Ekaterina Plekhova is the new Miss Intercontinental. Predicted to win by Beauty Pageant Grand Slam, an organization dedicated to beauty pageants, the 23-year-old doctoral candidate for PhD in technical arts bested 58 other candidates from the five continents of the globe.


From Top 15, she was proclaimed the Finalist from Europe. North America Finalist Miss Puerto Rico Aleyda Rodriguez was proclaimed 1st Runner-Up, South America Finalist Miss Colombia Margarita Maria Tovar was declared 2nd Runner-Up, Asia and Oceania Finalist Miss Philippines Koreen Medina was 3rd Runner-Up and Africa Finalist Miss South Africa Kayla Nel was announced as 4th Runner-Up.

The questions were difficult and the candidates were given the papers that contained their questions as souvenirs.


For Miss Philippines it was about what she’d do if there were no rules. Thinking for a moment, Koreen answered that having been raised by her paternal grandfather, she was somehow prohibited to see her mother whom she had been wanting to see and love since she was little. Her voice cracked and actually shed a tear while answering her question.


The youngest among the candidates with refreshing face and  youthful aura, Koreen was seen to have been a favorite of the camera. She wore a Muslim princess outfit for National Costume, the competition of which was won by Miss Panama.

Best in Evening Gown was Miss Argentina. Best in Swimsuit was Miss Puerto Rico who was also proclaimed Best Smile during the preliminaries.Other special award winners were Miss Portugal as Miss Photogenic, Miss Turkey as Miss Press and Miss Germany as Miss Congeniality.

Completing  the Top 15 were Misses Thailand, New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, England, Poland, Argentina, Curacao, Costa Rica and Panama.


When the Top 15 were chosen, host Patrick Urban (Mister Germany and Mister Intercontinental 1999) asked Koreen about her travel to Germany which she said it took her 15 hours to get to Berlin, as she had a stopover in Taiwan then Amsterdam.

The immediate past winner was Daniela Chalbaud of Venezuela who also served as one of the judges.

The Philippines-Venezuela rivalry as beauty powerhouse and Country Performer of the Year did not happen in the Miss Intercontinental 2013 Pageant as Venezuela did not make it to Top 5. However, Venezuela is the leader in this contest as it already produced 5 winners since 1973.

The Philippines’ best place was second runner-up with Maria Sovietskaya Bacud in the mid -’90s. Koreen is the second Filipina to barge into the Top 5.

(See also the article Sash factor strengthens Koreen Medinas’s bid for Miss Intercontinental 2013 in this blog. Photos from Miss Intercontinental, Missosology and Koreen Medina Facebook Fan Page)


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