Bea’s bid for Philippines’ 5th Miss International crown gets stronger

Miss International 2013 and successor to Ikumi Yoshimatsu will be chosen on December 17. And as the hour gets nearer, Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago’s bid for the country’s fifth crown is getting stronger. She’s consistently one of the top picks to win the title since Day 1.

For Miss Internet and in Missosology’s Online Voting, only Myanmar is ahead of her, though the gap can be considered wide at 2,000+ votes. The third candidate in the votes is too far to be taken as threat.


Like in most beauty pageants around the globe, fans and supporters sometimes get personal when they comment on other candidates. Bea, in this regard, asked her supporters to do away with negative comments even if they are done in jest, because as she explained, it’s her who’s hurting and having a hard time as every girl in the contest is nice and they’re all friends there.True, there are those who seem to enjoy bashing but majority understood Bea’s predicament.

The support for the country’s delegate is overwhelming at this point, now that Miss Intercontinental is over (see article Miss Russia is Miss Intercontinental 2013, Miss Philippines 3rd Runner-Up in this blog).

Prayers, messages, votes and likes are outpouring for the 22-year-old lass from Masbate.

Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-Up Venus Raj told Bea during the latter’s send-off party: “You are our Miss International… and we claim it. We know you’ll win.”

“Strong personality, strong-willed, and strong presence,” Binibining Pilipinas 2013 1st Runner-Up Pia Wurtzbach said of her first impression of Bea.

“You know right away that she’s there when she enters the room. But what I like about Bea is she has a heart. I’ve seen her cry twice–two different occasions, one reason. If there’s something unfair going on in front of her that she cannot control, that she cannot do anything about, that makes her cry. It doesn’t have to affect her directly but if she can’t help, it frustrates her and it makes her cry. This shows that she’s all-in-one, beauty queen na may puso din (with a heart). Bea, this is it. You’re competing for Miss International. I’m proud of you,” Pia said.

Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Tourism Cindy Miranda and Bb. Pilipinas 2013 Supranational Mutya Datul (Miss Supranational 2013) congratulated Bea in advance and said they believe Bea will make it.


Before she left for Japan, Bea had this to say: “I want to represent our country very well. I want to give a Merry Christmas to the Philippines. I want to close the pageant this year with a slam… Pray for me. I leave it all to God.” 

She explained to TV host Boy Abunda that she does not feel pressured at all–with all her fellow beauty queens winning or placing honorably in their stints.

Strong competitors Miss Venezuela, Miss USA and Miss Netherlands are actually her chums.


With one catastrophe after another, the nation needs badly an inspiration. Although a number of beauties have previously given Filipinos that needed boost, the whole nation is behind Bea Rose in her quest for the country’s 5th Miss International crown.

Voting until December 16, 2013 (Monday) at and

Broadcast schedule: December 17, 2013 (Tuesday), live stream at

2:00 p.m. India
3:30 p.m. Thailand, Vietnam
4:30 p.m. Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China
5:30 p.m. Japan
7:30 p.m. Australia

12:30 a.m. Pacific Time California, Nevada, Vancouver
1:30 a.m. Mountain Time Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Edmonton
2:30 a.m. Central Time Illinois, Nebraska, Kentucky, Texas
3:30 a.m. Eastern Time Florida, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Ottawa, Quebec

2:30 a.m. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Galapagos
3:30 a.m. Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Peru
4:00 a.m. Venezuela
4:30 a.m. Bolivia, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
5:30 a.m. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Suriname
6:30 a.m. Brazil, Uruguay

8:30 a.m. Portugal, United Kingdom, Ghana, Morocco, Ireland
9:30 a.m. Germany, Spain, France, Norway, Netherlands, Nigeria, Algeria, Poland, Switzerland, Italy
10:30 a.m. Finland, Greece, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt

See related article, Miss International 2013: Bea Santiago vies for Philippines’ 5th win, asks supporters not to bash other candidates, in this blog.


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