Miss International Bea Rose Santiago thanks supporters, dedicates win to typhoon survivors

Newly crowned Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago posted on Facebook early Thursday a message of thanks to all her supporters, particularly in the Philippines.


“Hi everyone, it’s such an honor to be crowned as the new Miss International 2013. The crown is not on top of my head but it’s in my heart. I dedicate my winning to all the Filipinos who had been devastated by the typhoon and all other calamities. Your prayers helped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mwah!    

“My apologies if I can’t reply to all of your messages privately, sobrang dami (too many), but again, I have read all of them and nakakataba po ng puso (very heartening). Sobrang maraming salamat po (Thank you very, very much).

“I miss Philippines na (already). 

“Mabuhay po tayong lahat (Cheers to all of us).”

Bea also recalled her encounter with Filipino staff in the hotel they were billeted and said that the more she loves being a Filipino for the gesture.

She shared online:

“Earlier this week, I was running late and the cleaning supervisor checked my room. Before I left the floor, I asked her if she’s Filipino and she said yes. I said I’m Miss Philippines. That’s my room and smiled. Tonight I saw this on the side of my nicely fixed pjs (pajamas) and pillows!

“Attached was a photograph showing a box of chocolates and the note from the group, which said:

“Dear Miss Bea, Welcome to Tokyo! We hope you’re enjoying your stay…We want to wish you good luck (in) person but we understand you are busy preparing for the pageant today. So instead,…accept our small gift as our…way of showing our support. We believe you can win.

“We wish you all the best of luck. Claim the crown Miss Bea…For the Philippines!”  

Shouts and resounding applause were heard soon after Bea finished her 30-second speech that had her clinch the 5th Miss International crown for the Philippines.

(Complete transcript of her speech in the article Miss International 2013 is Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago in this blog.)

Beauty Pageant Grand Slam, a community/organization dedicated to beauty pageants around the globe made effort to post reactions of Philippine queens when they were called as winners.


Evidently, Filipinas show similar demeanor–humility and gratitude at the same time–when the name of their country was called as the winner.

First for this year was Mutya Datul as Miss Supranationl 2013 in Belarus, then Megan Young as Miss World 2013 in Indonesia and Bea in Japan.

While other nationalities raised their arms triumphantly or looked up, Filipinas cupped their hands together and covered half of their faces like in a suspended surprise and prayer.

With praises from other nationalities for the strongest showing by a single country in beauty pageantry, one Filipino netizen commented why the demeanor is similar: “Those Filipinas really don’t expect to win, just to represent the country is an honor. And being crowned is but a big surprise and victory.”


All beauty communities and organizations recognize the Philippines as the Country Performer of the Year, winning three crowns and placing in all other major competitions.

More at http://www.missosology.org or http://www.facebook.com/missosology and http://www.facebook.com/BeautyPageantGrandSlam. Another informative site is http://www.globalbeauties.com.



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