Will Angeli Dione Gomez be the first Filipina queen of 2014?

Some 60 candidates are vying for the title Miss Tourism International 2013/14 and the winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve at Putrajaya Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, succeeding Miss Tourism International 2012/13 Rizzini Alexis Gomez of the Philippines.


Miss Philippines Angeli Dione Gomez

The last worldwide beauty contest for the year 2013, with the new queen starting her reign on the very first minute of the year 2014, powerhouse Philippines is represented by Mutya Ng Pilipinas-Tourism International Angeli Dione Gomez of Cebu City. The 20-year-old Cebuana lists flow arts and skateboarding as her hobbies and to be a film director as her ambition, having studied at the International Academy of Film and Television in Mactan, Cebu, majoring in Film.


Angeli earned the right to represent the country when she won the Mutya Ng Pilipinas title along with Koreen Medina who became 3rd runner-up and Miss Asia and Oceania in the Miss Intercontinental 2013 Pageant held in Germany last December 14.


Two shining Mutyas: Koreen Andrea Medina and Angeli Dione Gomez

This is the 17th edition of the contest that started in 1994. Theme of the pageant is Bringing the World to Malaysia, which is also organized to promote Visit Malaysia Year 2014.


Before 2012, a Filipina was proclaimed the winner in 2000, Maria Esperanza Manzano. Maria Riza Martinez was 4th runner-up in the first edition in 1994; Sherilyn Reyes was 3rd runner-up in 1995; then Mellany Montemayor was 2nd runner-up in 1998 and Raquel Uy was 1st runner-up in 1999. The Philippines did not place again (could be because no delegate was sent every year) until 2010 when Barbara Salvador placed 3rd runner-up. There were no contests in 1996 and 1997.


By number of wins, the Philippines is on top, along with India and Poland, with two wins. Other countries with winners are Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, France, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Greece and Australia.


Last December 15, Miss Indonesia Kalia Labitta Yudhasoka was awarded the Miss Gorgeous Beverly Wilshire, a special award given by Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre.


Angeli is one of the favorites to win Miss Tourism International 2013/14. So will it be from Miss Philippines to Miss Philippines, Gomez to Gomez?

We will know if this happens on New Year’s Eve at http://www.1malaysiatv.com.my/misstourisminternational/#.Ur1EQLTxTJw.


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