Anne Curtis is ‘Dyesebel’

During the holidays, while Anne Curtis was having vacation in Canada with two of the closest people to her —  Erwan Heussaff and Isabelle Dazaand others, one of the topics in some community pages on Facebook was who’s going to be the new Dyesebel on ABS-CBN.


Dyesebel, of course, is the half-human, half-fish — yes, a mermaid — heroine of Mars Ravelo‘s novel of the same title.

Reality show winner Kim Chiu was said to be playing the iconic role, which drew varied reactions from a lot of community members, most notably  saying that a chinita, or plainly said, a Chinese can’t be Dyesebel — even how good a swimmer she can be.


On Thursday, January 9, 2014, Anne Curtis herself announced on Instagram and on Facebook: “Hi, I Am Dyesebel. See you all sa Primetime Bida SOON.”

She also posted pictures of the cast.


The women of #Dyesebel – zsazsapadilla, Ai Ai and Eula Valdes

She said she learned about the project when she got home from her vacation on Wednesday, January 8.

“It’s another dream-come-true po. Sobra lang akong speechless kasi napakalaking project na ‘to at mahilera sa lahat ng naging Dyesebel, I’m sure at one point, lahat kayo nag-interview sa akin at nang tinanong n’yo kung ano ba ‘yung dream role ko sinabi ko naman Dyesebel. So, ito na 2014, a great way to start the year na makuha ko ang isang dream,” Anne said during the press conference.

As fan of Dyesebel herself, she added, “Actually, pinanood ko lahat sila — Ms. Vilma (Santos), si Charlene (Gonzales), si Ms. Alice Dixon, si Marian (Rivera), so mapasama lang dun, it’s an honor, it’s truly an honor. Gagawin ko naman lahat, mag-aral ng fin swimming, magpa-sexy lalo, lahat gagawin ko para maging isa sa mga level ng Dyesebel.”


Dyesebel cast @andersongeraldjr @samuelmilby Ai Ai, @zsazsapadilla Gabby, Eula, @imcoletaneil Bangs, Young JV, David Chua and @ogie_diaz

Sam Milby and Gerald Anderson are her leading men. Sam plays the role of a shokoy named Liro while Gerald plays Fredo, the human who falls for Dyesebel.


Fans welcome the announcement and happy that their idol is recovering from the controversy that Anne got involved with.

One FB user though, could not contain, posting this comment: “Hey you! I can buy you all these sea creatures and this ocean…” parodying what Anne was overheard to have said, “I can buy you, your friends and this club!”


In a later post, Anne added, “From Dyosa Agua to Dyesebel.  feels happy that I was still entrusted w/ the role despite the controversies that hounded late last year.”


(More on


Meanwhile, at the press conference on Tuesday for Bride For Rent, Star Cinema‘s opening salvo for 2014, Kim Chiu tactlessly said, “I don’t owe you an explanation” to  veteran entertainment columnist Aster Amoyo‘s inquiry about the true status of her relationship with Xian Lim, which made  the lady scribe walk out of the affair.

Manila Standard Today entertainment editor Isah Red posted, “Kim Chiu’s answer to Aster Amoyo’s question kung sila ni XianLimm with “I don’t owe you an explanation.” Aster walked out, offended.

It’s a minus point for Kim, called by bashers “the anorexic girl.” Her diehard fans surely will watch the movie and earn millions for the producers but the other side of Kim Chiu has been exposed. Showbiz thrives on gossips, rumors, fake romance and even fake character, but offending the press by unsavory remarks could spell the wane of popularity.

As some observers point out, Kim Chiu is not an actress yet, she’s just a star and her luster could fade. Some fans also put premium on attitude rather on face value alone.

On the other hand, Aster Amoyo had been in the business for decades and also hosted talk shows both on TV and radio. And for those who don’t know, she’s also managing director of a Japanese-owned pioneering call center in Ortigas.

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