Jumping the Gun on Herbert: Kris Aquino goes from Presidential daughter to Presidential sister to First Lady?

In a carefully crafted statement she read on her show with Boy Abunda, Aquino & Abunda Tonight, on ABS-CBN on Monday, Kris Aquino admitted after so much speculation that, yes, she and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista are now a couple.


Kris Aquino

Saying that the statement was coming from both of them, she promised that it was the first and last time for her to talk about the blooming relationship, to which Abunda teased Kris about a looming marriage.


Herbert Bautista

“Ito po ang una at huling pagkakataon na pag-uusapan ko si Mayor Herbert Bautista sa puntong ito ng buhay namin, whether in my shows, interviews or my personal social media posts.

“I promised that our relationship won’t be a distraction in his obligations to the three million residents he took an oath of office to serve.

“He has given more than 25 years of dedicated public service and my respect for him and his office is such that I don’t want to add stress but, hopefully, give him inspiration.

“In turn, Herbert has expressed his admiration and respect for the dedication and hard work I have put into my profession, and he values the love you, my audience, and I have shared on a daily basis for almost 20 years…”


Captioned ‘Family Dinner’: Kris’ social media post that gave away the identity of her new inspiration

The Philippine Queen of All Media continued:

“I am 43, and on May 12, he will be 46. I am sure all of you who are watching right now will agree when I state that staying together, that choosing to love one another requires much day-to-day effort.

“And if there is something that the past has taught me, it is that I can’t do this on my own.”


Kris chose to divulge everything in her show with Boy Abunda on Monday

In her tone, the former presidential daughter-turned presidential sister said that her relationship with the actor-politician, though still in progress, will be for keeps.

Herbert and I are partners in either the failure or success of our being together. And we can strengthen what we have by allowing ourselves to have a chance at forever by keeping quiet and private about what is here and now.

“We are a work in progress and it’s a joint project that both of us are happily undertaking with maturity, respect and commitment.

“Sana nasagot na po lahat. Wala na po akong idadagdag dun. It reflects everything that is in my heart, and hopefully, also in his heart.”

The TV host-actress also revealed that Mayor Bautista (whose nickname is Bistek) asked permission from her brother, President PNoy. The President first thought his sister and the mayor may be doing a project together in Quezon City. It turned out that Herbert was asking to date Kris (or in Tagalog, nagpapaalam para manligaw).


Kris with sons Bimby and Josh

Herbert has two kids by Tates Gana while Kris has two sons—Josh (by Phillip Salvador) and Bimby (by James Yap, whom she married, got separated from and the marriage got annulled two years ago).

James gave a clue about Kris’ newfound love when he said an interview that their son Bimby told him who it was—a politician.


Kris’ ex-husband James Yap

Her Instagram post of family dinner with Herbert at the head of the table was a given. Honesty could have triggered Kris to come out in the open to end speculations as she’s known for this virtue.

Reactions to her revelation vary. Some laughing their heart out, others smirking, a lot wishing her good luck on her lovelife, and there were also those who didn’t care.

Kris’ breakup with then Paranaque City Mayor Joey Marquez became a sensation as she said on national TV that she contracted venereal disease from the actor-comedian. As it is now, her relationship with the Quezon City Mayor has also become a sensation, more so in social media, spawning a name for the tandem as Kristek.

One of those close to both Kris and Herbert, comedian and entertainment writer-columnist Ogie Diaz, posted on Facebook:

“Honestly, gusto kong maging happy for Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista, dahil pareho kong mahal yan. Ninang at ninong sila ng 12yo daughter ko.

“Kaso, kumare ko rin at mahal ko din si Tates na ina ng dalawang anak ni Bistek.

“Kaya gustuhin ko mang maging happy for them 100%, hindi ko magawa.

“Pero kahit pa siguro ano ang maging reaksyon ko eh does it matter to them? Hindi naman siguro.

“Kaya kung happy man sina Mareng Kris at Herbert, ituloy lang nila.

“After all, sila naman ang makapagbibigay sa mga sarili ng ikaliligaya nila, hindi naman ang ibang tao.

“So manahimik ka na dyan, Ogie Diaz.

“Ok. Madali akong kausap.

Ogie, sit. Behave!

“Nako, para na raw akong aso, o!”

 Jumping the Gun

The union of Kris and Herbert could spell the re-shaping of the political landscape in the nearest future.

Two years into the national elections, the Liberal Party has no strong contender to the Presidency yet.

Although Mar Roxas (current DILG secretary, former DOTC secretary and losing Vice Presidential candidate) is touted as PNoy’s successor, his poor handling of the crisis brought about by Super Typhoon Yolanda virtually ended whatever clout he had with the electorate. Add to that the hateful stance of his wife Korina Sanchez against the real-time on-site reporting of Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Politics in 2016 and beyond will be defined by social media. Certainly, those with strong links have the advantage.

Vice President Jejomar Binay may think he has the upperhand in the coming presidential elections, but if the barrage of comments on social media against him, his daughter, his son, his wife—in other words, his entrenched political dynasty (the same issue why he was in the forefront against Marcos)—is the basis, people would rather have someone who is not arrogant, not greedy for power and no (glaring) history of graft and corruption to be the next President.

It’s unthinkable, too, that people would allow PDAF kickbackers Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and Sen. Bong Revilla to be elected to the highest position in government.

There could still be a big chunk of Marcos loyalists among the electorate but majority won’t elect another Marcos into office. Not at this time, at least.

Now, for the ambitious lot—like Allan Peter Cayetano and Manny Villar—they should know that from Manuel Quezon (except for Manuel Roxas and Elpidio Quirino, since Sergio Osmena did not campaign for re-election anymore) until now, only those with the letters OS or ON in their names are elected President in this country.

Take note of this: Ramon Magsaysay. Carlos Garcia. Diosdado Macapagal. Ferdinand Marcos. Corazon Aquino. Fidel Ramos. Joseph Estrada. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

For female Presidents, it’s with the letters ON or OR (Corazon, Gloria).

Becoming a President is not an ambition to fulfill, rather it is destiny.

Jumping the gun, the real name of Bistek is Herbert Constantine Maclang Bautista. There’s the ON in the second name, just like PNoy’s Benigno Simeon.


Herbert and Kris are now called Kristek

As it’s destiny, Kris, having been a Presidential daughter, and now Presidential sister, may become the First Lady sooner (2016) or later (2022).

Herbert does not have a damaged reputation like the Binays. His demeanor of having been issued a ticket for beating the red light (with no escorts at that time) and rewarding the traffic enforcer for doing his job was a far cry from the highly publicized brush of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and his escorts with the security guards of a posh village in December last year.

Binay or Bistek?

The jigsaw puzzle pieces are coming together—for Kris Aquino.


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