Accident turns Lance Raymundo into a pillar of faith

On March 19, 2014, singer-actor Lance Raymundo, certainly one of the most likeable guys in local showbiz (see Likeable guy Lance Raymundo plays Jesus Christ in stageplay, had a freak accident at the gym.


Photo taken February 27, 2014 posted on Instagram

His face was damaged and initially thought it can never be restored the way it had been.


One of the accident photos that circulated online

But through God’s grace, he has recovered since and the reconstruction/healing is considered way, way faster than the usual period of recuperation. It can even be called a miracle.


Photo taken April 7, 2014 (the accident happened on March 19 and reconstructive surgery was done on March 25) 

In this day and age of pessimism, selfishness, ingratitude and overbearing stance, Lance Raymundo has become a pillar of faith, a shining example of a forgiving person and a model of how and what it is to be a real Christian.


Lance captioned this as: xactly 3 weeks ago, at this very hour, I narrowly escaped death during my gym accident which left me half blind and Facially Disfigured! Just want to celebrate my new life & my fast recovery by posting this screen grab from @abscbnonline @ukgdos that shows my present state on the left and my disfigured self on the right. With this, I acknowledge the power of Faith in #God , Prayers, Positivity, Good Vibes, Good Wishes from my Family, Relatives, Friends & Everyone from the #Philippines and around the #World… AND course, The Talented and Gifted hands of my Doctors and Surgeons headed by Dr. John Michael Porquez @porquezmd One more surgery to go a few weeks from now to complete my healing and reconstruction and after that, I’m back to my normal routine in life! Cheers to us all… Have an awesome day ahead!


With ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ host Amy Perez at the family residence in Mandaluyong

On Good Friday, Lance shared his experience, and we are printing his very exact words in this article.

March 20, 2014 – The day after surviving my near fatal gym accident, I began to regain full consciousness… It was when I realized the gravity of my situation. I was half blind, the small crack on my skull made me vulnerable to meningitis, seizures, attacks etc… And through my one functional eye, I took a good look at the mirror and didn’t recognize my own reflection because my face has been disfigured. But for some reason, instead of feeling angry, depressed and negative… I just took another look at the “New Me” and just smiled back at my reflection and thanked God that I was still alive. 🌿


Captioned as: TODAY (April 6, 2014) on #StarTalk @startalk (4pm) & #KapusoMoJessicaSoho (7:30pm) #GMA7 @gmanetwork : I will have in depth interviews by Ricky Lo & Jessica Soho about my Accident and my Road to Recovery. I will explain exactly what happened on that fateful day (March 19, 2014) and how Faith in God, A Positive Outlook in Life, Love & Prayers from Family, Friends & all Pinoys (and the whole world) & Keeping a Smile on my Face Everyday (even if my whole face hurts) has helped me get back on my feet merely SEVEN days after my mid face, eye socket, cheekbones & nose got crushed beyond recognition due to my accident!

My family was there for me all the way! My Mom helped me back to my bed (I needed someone to help me walk to the mirror because I had lost my sense of balance) and as I lay in bed… I just had a personal moment with God and asked him to guide me in planning how to live an effective and meaningful life with my current situation. I also found it within me to completely and sincerely forgive the Fitness Trainer who accidentally dropped the barbell on my face & prayed for his peace of mind.

I must have fallen asleep, but at approximately 5:45pm, I heard a voice within my head saying “Your suffering will only last for 6 days because on the 7th day, everything will be restored.” I’m human, so naturally, I had my doubts. The Doctors told me that due to the extreme swelling all over my face, it will take around three weeks before I can undergo my 1st surgery. So….. I asked the Voice: “God, I have full trust in you, and I fully accept my situation because I know there is a reason for everything and I know that you will not put me in any situation that I can’t handle… But I just want to know if I’m really hearing you…. Or if my mind is playing tricks on me… Making me hear what I want to hear, just to help me feel better.” 🌿

The voice merely told me that if I have enough strength to sit down, then I will know the answer. I used all the strength I had to sit down on my own. When I finally got to sit up on my hospital bed, the first thing I saw was the crumpled linen of my hospital blanket!!! It had the image of a bearded man, which to me… Looks like Jesus. I felt a little embarrassed for doubting my faith, but I was also very thankful for the direct response from God.

I called for my Mom to wake up because I wanted to show her the face. Mom woke up worried… she thought I was calling her because there was an emergency… But I told her that I just wanted to show her something. Without even explaining anything, she also told me she can see the face of Jesus on my blanket. She immediately picked up her phone and took this picture as a remembrance which I am now sharing with all of you.


A few minutes later, my brother Rannie and my sister-in-law Chary arrived. Rannie told me that while driving to the hospital, he got dizzy and out of the blue, he got a random vision of me looking like myself again and heard a message that I will be restored! That seemed to be more than just coincidence! Dad later came and saw the picture and saw the same thing, too! A day after, my swelling suddenly subsided. And my doctor informed us that he has scheduled my surgery on March 25, 2014. 🌿

On March 26, 2014… SEVEN days after my accident, I woke up and opened my eyes and realized that both eyes work and my 20/20 vision is restored… The Neurosurgeons informed my family that my brain had been cleared from any danger….. And then I asked Mom for a mirror…… And when I looked into the mirror… It was Me again! 🌿

His Promise, Fulfilled! 🌿

I am in no way forcing my belief upon anyone who reads this… People who see the picture above are free to have his or her own personal perception of what they see.

I am a Catholic and for me, it is the Face of Jesus… But I will respect it if others merely see an image of a bearded man…. or just a wrinkled piece of cloth…. BUT, if this story has positively touched or spiritually inspired even just ONE person who reads this…. Then I can smile and know to myself that everything I went through in those 6 Days are worth it 😊This is not about Religion… Therefore, anyone can feel free to relate to this story … To me, this is more of a Testimony that Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, Positivity, Love, Family & A Smile can truly work miracles!


Lance was to play Jesus Christ in a Lent production

I may now be back to looking like the Lance you all know, but I have learned a lot from the facially disfigured person that destiny has allowed me to become for just 6 days in my life… He has thought me a lot about faith, forgiveness and love… And so, in the end, what at 1st seemed like a tragedy has actually proven itself to be a blessing.

God bless you, Lance. May a lot of people also be like you–no longer just a likeable guy but an exemplary human being!


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