Lea Salonga infuriated by daughter’s poser on Facebook

International singing sensation and The Voice of the Philippines judge-mentor Lea Salonga was infuriated about a poser claiming to be her daughter Nicole Beverly Chien.


In a brief statement, Lea posted on Facebook Saturday:

“If you get a friend request from someone named Nicole Beverly Chien, DON’T ACCEPT. Nicole does not have a Facebook account. Rob and I haven’t allowed her to have one. If and when she does have an account of her own, we’ll let you know. Until then, KEEP THAT F***ING FAKER OUT!!!”


Immediately the post generated almost 600 likes. There were those who commented expressing disgrace or who said to Report/Block User.

As a follower of the renowned Filipino singer-actress, we checked if there’s an account bearing the name Nicole Beverly Chien but we found none.


We changed the search term to just Nicole Chien and 79 Facebook accounts came up, mostly from Taiwan and China with some from mainland USA.

The closest we got was an account showing a girl with a mascot, having 13 Friends, obviously all Chinese. The account has no other profile pics or album photos.The About tab just yielded info that the account owner is female.

With Lea’s throngs of friends and supporters, it could have already been reported as fraud and Facebook took it down immediately.

Lea is returning to TV soon as judge-mentor in The Voice of the Philippines Kids Edition, simply titled The Voice Kids, along with Bamboo and Sarah Geronimo. Apl.de.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas is not in the kids edition as the show requires only three judges. However, the Filipino-American rapper will be back for The Voice of the Philippines 2.

To be hosted by Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga, the show is supposed to start this summer. With the days of May fast turning and Alex becoming a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother All-In (who has to stay for 100 days maximum sa Bahay Ni Kuya from April 27), it looks like The Voice Kids is not going to happen within summer.


Last March, Lea had a concert with the Il Divo quartet, A Musical Affair, at the Newport Performing Arts Theater.

The original Kim also posted on Twitter Saturday:

#MissSaigon25 is landing at the Prince Edward in London’s West End TODAY! Break those legs, Everyone! Make the entire Saigon family proud!”

Miss Salonga will be in Orlando, Florida next Sunday, May 11, in time for Mother’s Day.


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