Many are fooled but few are chosen: Shouldn’t ‘Pinoy Big Brother All-In’ be just Star Magic Batch 20 instead?

Except for suckers of melodramas and pretty faces, the selection of the 18 housemates in Pinoy Big Brother All-In is seen by most, especially netizens, as the biggest hoax ABS-CBN has done to the Filipino audience.


More than 44,000 lined up in venues designated by the network only for those who had hoped that they may be chosen felt aghast when the line-up was announced in the Lopez-owned network’s programs.

People could not help but believe that the 18 had been pre-chosen and the auditions were conducted just to get precious footage to make it appear as it’s still a real reality show.

Look at the line-up: they are all moviestar material, looking more like Star Magic Batch 20. Many are wondering why there’s a need for these pretty faces to go through this hoopla.

(ABS-CBN’s launching pad of stars started in 1995. It was called Star Circle then. The first batch included Rico Yan, Victor Neri, Regine Tolentino and Maricel Morales among others. Succeeding batches included Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo, Jericho Rosales, Kristine Hermosa, Carol Banawa, Nikki Valdez, Marvin Agustin, John Lloyd Cruz, Jodi Sta. Maria, Shaina Magdayao, Sam Milby, Dennis Trillo, Enrique Gil, Megan Young, et al.)


Could it be possible for Nichole to be chosen among the thousands of faces if it was not known she’s Phoemela Baranda’s daughter?


True that Vickie Rushton is pretty, being a beauty queen, but could she have been chosen if not for the fact that he’s Kapamilya actor Jason Abalos’ girlfriend?


If Manolo Pedrosa is not handled by the same agent that took Joross Gamboa and Gerald Anderson to ABS-CBN, did he have the chance to go through the next phase even if he’s too cute for comfort?


It’s understood that Alex Gonzaga should also go through the same experience to know what goes on inside The House (just like the other hosts who all have been housemates before) to be able to relate as host, but she could have just been considered as celebrity guest housemate like her sister Toni in the second edition of PBB in 2007.


How about Axel Torres (rumored to be Vice Ganda‘s boyfriend)?

With the flak that the program is getting on social media (the real Kuya, as he’s the person behind the production) Lauren Dyogi defended the choices, saying thru Twitter that viewers these days tend to appreciate “natural” people than otherwise, and that the 18 are telegenic, which most mattered, being the main reason why people follow the show.


(Click the link to get to the full article

In modern Filipino culture as all can see, those following shows like this are the same people who pay to watch celebrities in the concerts or appearances but never give a budge when there’s a call for spiritual renewal or moral regeneration.

It’s in the very fiber of Filipino society to give more importance to sensational media creations than to propriety of action. Yet people wonder how much corruption there is in government, media circles and even in the nooks and attics of homes and offices.

In the case of PBB All-In, it’s not as what Jesus said, “Many are called but few are chosen” : it’s Many are fooled but few are (pre-) chosen.

Only fools are fooled, as only fools fool the fools like them.

The wise watch or do more important things as the fools swagger in their foolishness.

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2 thoughts on “Many are fooled but few are chosen: Shouldn’t ‘Pinoy Big Brother All-In’ be just Star Magic Batch 20 instead?

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