Fooled 44,000+ auditionees still watch ‘PBB All-In’: Alex just celebrity house guest, Top 5 revealed in first week poll

The gods must be listening. Or reading.

After getting so much flak on social media, producers of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother All-In announced through Kuya (Big Brother) that TV host Alex Gonzaga is, after all, just a celebrity house guest and not an official housemate.


Alex was called into the confession room Saturday by Kuya and was told of her real purpose inside, which is to complete a series of tasks, the first being to hold her own talk show and get to know the housemates better.

“You’re not an official housemate,” Big Brother told her and warned the TV host not to reveal her status to the contestants.

Comments (from legitimate complaints of those who endured long hours of queues to humorous to absurd to downright cussing and swearing) continue to flood social media how the 44,000+ that trooped to audition venues had been fooled into participating in this touted as biggest hoax pulled by the Lopez-owned network on the patronizing Filipino audience.


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Cebuanos particularly still can’t accept the fact that not one of them made it to the final roster of 18 in the All-In edition.

Kim Chiu, first PBB Teen Edition winner in 2006 and now a big TV and movie star, is Chinese-Cebuana who auditioned in Cebu. Slater Young, winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited (2012) also hails from Cebu.


There are those who are more forgiving. One auditionee from Pampanga said, “it’s their show and they can do anything they want.”

Some bekis (slang term for gay) say that they smell two ka-federacion in the show, as seen how said housemates being so malamya or softie in their actions and mannerisms. Who could those be?


From the selection process to what’s captured on camera, people are saying how so scripted it is. However, despite the flak, televiewers still watch it, including the fooled auditionees.

Results of the first week showed that Alex Gonzaga got the highest vote at 19.4%, followed by La Salle volleybelle Michelle Gumabao 14.93%, La Salle high schooler Manolo Pedrosa 11.94%, Cess Visitacion and Joshua Garcia tied at 7.46%.


Jane Oineza and Jacob Benedicto tied at 5.97%, then followed by Maris Racal and Bobby “Fifth” Solomon tied at 4.48%. Axel Torres, Chevin Cecilio, Jayme Jalandoni and Vickie Rushton all tied at 2.29%.

Nichole Baranda, Randy Portento and Loisa Andalio tied at 1.49%. At the bottom are Bobby “Fourth” Solomom IV at 1% and Aina Solano, getting 0%.


Needless to say, with Alex out as official housemate, the top vote-getters are Michelle Gumabao, Manolo Pedrosa, Cess Visitacion, Joshua Garcia, Jane Oineza and Jacob Benedicto.


Pinoy Big Brother All In Uber broadcasts at 3:15 p.m. and PBB All In at 9:50 p.m. weekdays, 9:15 p.m. Saturdays and 8:45 p.m. Sundays.

Watch Kuya’s revelation to Alex as celebrity house guest by clicking the link

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