‘PBB All In’ first evictees: Least-liked-by-housemates Chevin and most-hated-by-viewers Cess say hello again to the outside world

Hours before the announcement of Pinoy Big Brother All In first eviction last Saturday, social media was already abuzz that the resident chismosa/intrigera Cess Visitacion will be for forced eviction along with the top BNN housemate, which turned out to be Chevin Cecilio, Simpatikong Salesman Ng CamSur.


Chevin Cecilio in this pre-‘PBB All In’ photo

Visitacion’s demeanor inside the House appalled so many viewers that she’s likened to a plastic bag (not Tupperware as that’s too classy).

Seen by some that that’s her role in the program, still the Biba Raketera Ng Valenzuela has been turning loyal followers of the ABS-CBN reality show fuming mad with her attitude towards Jane (Oneiza) and other housemates.


Cess Visitacion: Speechless over her forced eviction

Considered as the most ordinary person to get into the show to satisfy the title All In, it turned out, for viewers, that her looks is just plastic cover for her character.

Big Brother showed Cess a video of her violations – she asked about the outside world, did not wear her lapel mic, moved furniture, whispered to fellow housemates and wrote secret messages to them, all of which breached the rule book. It’s because of those violations that Cess was for forced eviction, pushed and expected by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

That ended Cess’ short shot to fame. Now she can enjoy the outside world once more and maybe look into posts on Facebook how she fared in the eyes of viewers.


Most popular ‘PBB All In’ meme

One comment said, “Maybe she’s got crush on Axel. It shows on the way she acts and flirts with him. She’s just insecure because Jane is very much prettier than her. On her reaction, it is really obvious that she’s plastic. She’s talking about her issue with Jane behind her back. She’s seeking attention and sympathy from her housemates. Hope she’ll be evicted soon.”

Another one: “Si Cess na nga ang pinakapangit sa lahat ng housemates, tapos siya pa ang problema sa ugali (Cess is the ugliest among all housemates yet she’s the one that’s got an attitude problem).”

This one could sum up the feelings of many others: “I hate you, Cess! Akala ko nung unang pagpasok mo sa Big Brother House mabait at palabiro ka lang, yun pala hindi, lumabas ang totoong ugali mo! Sana ma-nominate ka na sa susunod na BBN (I thought when you first got into Big Brother House you’re nice and just funny, it turned out no, your true character manifested itself. I hope you will be nominated in the next BBN).”

Click the link for the whole thread https://www.facebook.com/ABSCBNnetwork/photos/a.196323003720836.48937.196309417055528/807024259317371/?type=1

For breaking house rules Axel Torres, Manolo Pedrosa and Alex Gonzaga were forced-nominated for eviction, which the three and other housemates said they learned a lot from what happened to Cess.

As for Chevin, getting the lowest percentage of votes from home viewers at 30.24% spelled his eviction.


Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio garnered 30.38% and 39.37% respectively, and were safe but could be in danger for next eviction.


Last week, the other housemates expressed their dismay over Chevin’s attitude when given tasks and chores.


It’s goodbye Big Brother House, hello again outside world for Chevin Klein Cecilio

Joshua Garcia said Chevin seemed temperamental (magalitin) whenever they’re given tasks and chores which made him decide to give his two points to the housemate-with-an-attitude in this batch of Pinoy Big Brother.

Pinoy Big Brother All In Uber is broadcast at 3:15 PM and PBB All In, weekdays at 9:50 PM, on Saturdays at 9:15 PM and on Sundays at 8:45 PM on ABS-CBN.

For those in the Philippines, full episodes can be accessed at www.iwantv.com.ph and www.tfc.tv if outside the country.

Photos from http://www.abs-cbn.com


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