‘PBB All In’: What could be Daniel Matsunaga’s mission inside Big Brother’s house?

Alex Gonzaga is expected to get out of Pinoy Big Brother All In soon as The Voice Kids, which she hosts with Luis Manzano, starts airing on May 24. She was, after all, told by Kuya (Big Brother) that she’s just a celebrity house guest and not a regular housemate like the 17 others.

With the eviction of Chevin Cecilio and Cess Visitacion last Saturday, model hunk Brazilian-Japanese and now Makati City resident Daniel Matsunaga entered the same night as the two were leaving.


Will he bring in the numbers?

Whether he’s considered as regular housemate or as celebrity house guest replacement for Alex does not matter.

What matters, as viewers will be watching in the coming days, is the purpose of his getting into the house.

There are no figures yet for the ratings, but for sure the numbers depend on which survey company the network subscribes to, so the credibility remains questionable and percentages are taken with frown, especially by loyalists of the rival station.

Analysts have three things in mind why Daniel Matsunaga is entered into the ABS-CBN reality program.

First is to bring in the ratings. The uproar how the housemates were pre-selected and made fools out of the 44,000+ who lined up for auditions has affected its viewership. Only the diehards and suckers for drama and pretty faces are religiously following the show. So to fire up interest, a hottie has to be brought in to bring in the numbers.


Sandara Park (in red), now known as Dara of the Korean girl group 2NE1, joins ‘PBB All In’ housemates

Sandara Park’s guesting may have lured back her fans to the show but that was just a one-shot deal.

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Why Daniel Matsunaga then?


Daniel leads the housemates to a simple but rigorous workout, showing his mastery of fitness

Because among the male models in Manila, he’s the most recognizable face – not just for his handsomeness but also for having been linked to Heart Evangelista and… hold your breath… Kris Aquino!

Second, if he’s not yet a contract artist of Star Magic, then his appearance on PBB All In is the acid test, similar to what ABS-CBN did with Sam Milby. The network has plans of making a big star out of Daniel and the suckers for drama and pretty faces are the same people who scream, shout, patiently line-up in shows and appearances and buy tickets at the boxoffice. Daniel Matsunaga could be another goldmine, like the other Daniel, Daniel Padilla.

The third and final reason is somewhat amusing.

Upon the announcement of the official roster of PBB All In housemates, the gay community used their olfactory skills, whether one is musky or fishy, in spotting their kind. That intuition is called gaydar.

Bekis (open gays) say that two of the suspected four male housemates are confirmed badings (homosexuals) or silahistas (bisexuals).

“You can tell how they move, how they act, those little gestures. Ang guguwapo pa naman (they’re so handsome). Besides, they’ve had encounters with denizens of the beki neighborhood already so not just one, not just two, not just three know na berde ang dugo nila (they are green-blooded – slang for being gay).”

How would Daniel fit into the picture?


Will he bring out those in the closet?

“Oh, Daniel will be the means for those hiding to come out of the closet. With Daniel’s looks any gay holding on so hard as straight will surely be unsuspectingly revealed when a half-naked Daniel Matsunaga is standing or even just sitting in front of him,” a certified pogay (handsome gay) said laughing.

Another pogay said that if cameras will follow their moves closely, it would take only two minutes to two hours for a closeted gay, albeit secretly, to drool over a half-naked Daniel Matsunaga.

(Anyone can share their thoughts for other possible reasons.)

There are still more than 70 days left before the winner is known. It really doesn’t matter, too, if Daniel stays until proclamation night or just a couple of weeks. What matters most, as viewers will be closely observing, would be if Daniel Matsunaga’s mission is accomplished.

Except last image, photos from www.abs-cbn.com.


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