Weak support from rich La Salle community makes cry baby/ladies’ man Axel Torres ‘PBB All In’ third evictee

When the nominees for second eviction were revealed, supporters of Pinoy Big Brother All In were choosing who between Michele Gumabao and Aina Solano should they support.

The DLSU lady spiker earned the ire of some viewers for being too bossy, while the dancer from Boracay was said to be next to Cess Visitacion’s plasticity.


Axel Torres

They concluded Aina is actually kind, probably she did not mean to do what she was doing while Michele is really bossy, but her demeanor is understandable as she brought her school team to numerous wins.


Michele Gumabao

For the two guys who broke house rules that got them automatically nominated for eviction, Manolo Pedrosa’s camp used social media to rally support so he will remain in the competition but there was nary a whimper asking support for Axel Torres.

Michele, Manolo and Axel come from the rich La Salle community, leaving Switzerland-educated Aina as the odd man out.


Manolo Pedrosa

Let’s face it, the burgis La Sallians may have the power using their phones to vote not minding how much a text would cost. But do they watch the show to know what really goes inside the house? It’s the gullible masa who watch and decide who should go and who should stay.

Come announcement night, no one was surprised that it was Axel who got evicted for getting the lowest vote percentage at 19.42%. Aina got 23.03%, Michele got 23.68% and Manolo got 33.87%.

The Facebook post about Axel’s eviction was replete with comments, like:

“Parang three-year-old na batang umiiyak pag di nakakain ng junk food!”

“Makakain na niya lahat ng gusto niyang Mang Juan ngayong nasa labas na siya!”

“Parang bata kasi kung maka-react!”

“Wala nang hipon sa ‘PBB All In’!”

“May career na siya, endorser ng Mang Juan!’

Reportedly, most of the housemates find him a ladies’ man, but using their gaydars bekis also say that he’s one of those suspected to be their kind.


Axel was met by his mother and throngs of people, mostly girls and gays, excited to see him outside of Big Brother’s house.

The Green Archers Team B basketeer is expected to make the rounds on ABS-CBN showbiz-oriented shows as Chevin and Cess did for exposure.

On Abunda & Aquino Tonight, Boy Abunda asked Chevin and Cess who they think was ka-evict-evict.

Will their personal choices (Aina for Chevin) and (Ranty for Cess) be the next evictees?


Aina Solano

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Photos from http://www.abs-cbn.com


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