Controversy hounds Miss Asia Pacific World anew

A controversy, although different from a previous one, is still a controversy.

This looks like what hounds Miss Asia Pacific World again in this year’s contest.

Won by Miss Myanmar May Myat Noe, all the other six finalists were from AsiaMiss Korea (1st Runner-Up), Miss Macau (2nd Runner-Up), Miss Philippines (3rd Runner-Up), Miss India (4th Runner-Up), Miss Singapore (5th Runner-Up) and Miss Thailand (6th Runner-Up).


Rounding up the Top 15 were two more AsiansMiss Pakistan and Miss Sri Lanka – while the rest come from countries situated along the Pacific Ocean: Trinidad & Tobago, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Honduras and Slovakia.

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Only a total of 47 entrants came to Seoul, Korea out of the expected 70 candidates.

The male English-speaking host averred that this year’s production is a lot better compared to last year’s. However, there’s so much to be desired of in this modelling and talent contest cum beauty pageant which originated in Korea.

(Miss Asia Pacific World is entirely different from and no connection at all with the defunct Miss Asia Pacific International or Miss Asia Pacific Quest organized by Filipinos held in Manila until its last staging in 2005 in Guangzhou, China.)

The first Miss Asia Pacific World held in 2011 was marred by various controversies – the sex-for-placement scheme as claimed by Miss Wales, Miss Guyana and Miss Costa Rica, the non-existent prize which made winner Miss Korea immediately resign the following day with Miss France taking over but was dethroned a month before the new contest with Miss Ukraine proclaimed as successor, no food provision for the candidates and poor hotel accommodation that made some of them sleep on the floor, giving awards to delegates even without the benefit of showing their mettle in the categories and candidates assured of top ranking way before the contest started.


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On Sunday, a day after the contest, Miss Philippines posted a cryptic message on Facebook.

“I celebrate only for what is fairly judged… Thank you to everyone who believed and supported me all the way!;)”

On Monday, a copy of the program flow showing a Final Interview segment for the Top 7 was also posted on social media. That Q & A portion was the deciding factor as to who should win the crown. As everyone knows (those in the venue and those watching the proceedings via live stream), that did not happen.

Analyzing the situation, it could be because of communication barrier—only one of the four hosts spoke English, and most probably out of the Top 7 only Miss Philippines and Miss India could speak English fluently.


The question is, how can the finalists share about their advocacies or just simply share their thoughts on any issue if the Final Interview was scrapped? Apparently, the scrapping of the portion was done at the last minute, otherwise it would have not been in the program flow at all.

Hillarie prepared for that moment. As shown in the transcript of her Missosology interview, the Filipina beauty is an advocate of children’s causes and was very excited to share to the Asia Pacific World her platform.

One of the judges was allegedly the national handler of Miss Macau and Miss Hong Kong. Out of the five, three placed Miss Philippines as #1, the other two did not. Was it right for the organizers to put a judge in the panel when he’s the handler of two contestants?

(Click link for details

The supposed-to-be Asia Pacific expanse was confined to the Korean peninsula at that very moment. No, it should be even a smaller area – around the streets of Seoul or even just within the four walls of Grand Hilton Hotel.

For the organizers, why go through the tedious process of staging an international beauty contest when you can do it the way where you are good at, like K-Pop Star search? That will surely erase the stigma of biased judgment as you can say it is done the Korean way and not according to international standards.

There are no complaints yet of sexual harassment, hunger or candidates being peddled to judges and sponsors (or maybe the girls just don’t want to talk) like what happened in 2011.


So if the organizers want to continue with this “noble endeavor” they should shape up to put credibility to their contest or the Interpol will be secretly watching next time.

Interestingly, the people of Myanmar are now the most active online voting participants, eclipsing the Philippines. Aside from the crown and title, May Myat Noe also won Missosologists’ Choice Award by garnering 223,133 votes as against Miss Philippines’ 151,971 and far third placer Miss Ecuador’s 23,645.


Myanmar first showed its strength online when Htar Htet Htet was declared winner of Miss Popular Award in the first Miss Grand International pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand last November 19, 2013. She was ahead by 2,000 votes to second placer Miss Philippines Annalie Forbes, who eventually ended 3rd Runner-Up. Miss Puerto Rico Janelee Chaparro was proclaimed the first-ever Miss Grand International.

First Runner-Up was Miss Dominican Republic Chantel Martinez (who also won Best in Evening Gown), Miss Slovak Republic Denisa Pacesiakova 2nd Runner-Up, and Miss Australia Kelly Louise Maguire 4th Runner-Up.

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11 thoughts on “Controversy hounds Miss Asia Pacific World anew

  1. The sponsors of the pageant also placed Myanmar as a titleholder in their magazine even before she won according to Missosology’s post in their final top picks which ironically Philippines was #1 in it.

    Also, if you look at MAPW’s wiki page, it says there “The current Miss Asia Pacific World is May Myat Noe from Myanmar, who was crowned by Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 Srishti Rana from India on 31 May 2014.”… Um… No? Shristi Rana did not crown Myanmar. Shristi Rana was not even present (on stage anyway).

    MAPW Pageant is a joke and needs to just be ended as of yesterday. They’re not credible and very unprofessional.

  2. I was there. It was a big joke. I had tickets & table no. obtained weeks before. As I arrived at the venue, a local guy was going around trying to sell tickets to the event. Went into the venue & shocker. Our table was occupied.Tried to get some answers but no one could help. Some guy told us to just take whatever seat available. Hey, there are 10 of us. Can’t split up the group. Then door gifts for patrons were given to locals only. Big joke of the day….some of them were dressed in shorts.
    Anyway, we had to stand there for half of the event. Then it turned into an awards show for local artistes. No translations whatsoever. Then whole pageant was rushed. Even bigger joke, Miss Myanmar won. Yeah, we know. Results already printed days before. She needed the first prize badly…..acting lessons. What a fake!! So much more to comment but running out of space here! In short, worst rigged competition ever.

    • thanks for the first person account of what happened in the venue. this contest should be skipped by the philippines and other thinking nations from now on.

    • Funny how these types of comments that suggest conspracy are only now flooding in after the event. If you knew it was rigged and the results were known days before the winner was announced, why didn’t anyone say anything then? Why didn’t any contestant pull out? Don’t be sore losers. Let them enjoy their win. Its just a small pageant but its their first. Why do you have to be a hater?

      • Thanks for the comment. Everyone is entitled to express his opinion. Yeah, let Myanmar savor its win, however minor the contest is. Read the latest article: MAPW 2014 3rd Runner-Up Miss Philippines Hillarie Parungao home, shares insight on controversies hounding pageant

    • This was sponsor mistake. why bigger joke????? Myanmar is standing out among the girls from the first day, She is the one who win the very first special award also. she perform with her talent with korean song, she is shining among girls .your miss philippne deserves more than other runner up, but think about it.. all top girls r taller than miss philippine, dun forget it, she has ugly scar in her forehead that can’t hide with makeup. and she has tattoo. That’s means she is not pretty. She is pretty. her cat walk is flawless but she is not qualified to b in top 3 coz of height,scar and tattoo.Dun be so sour grape. When megan young won, we were so happy for her coz she is so deserving. Simply Hillary is not deserving for this pageant. Hope she has better chance. When molly win in MU, you guys bashed her seriously. Now you guys r bashing our girl. Don’t be so overconfidence. If only philippine is deserving for the win, no country is required to participate in future. Dun destroy yr country reputation for pageant sake. There are many things in the world that are more important than pageant. Get a life.

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  4. not to mention that their NATIONAL DIRECTOR is a chaperone from DAY 1. She has the power to talk to the sponsors and organisers. WHAT A BRIBE?!

    • If you’re gonna go as far as calling it a bribe, you’re gonna need to at least provide some sort of credible source. Just because she was chaperoned isn’t a good enough reason to make a speculation that this is a bribe. Many countries chaperone their representivies whether it was a pageant or the Olympics.

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