Canada-based Pinoy singing sensation Darren Espanto sets social media afire with ‘The Voice Kids’ blind audition, chooses Sarah G. as coach

There had been a few hopefuls who made all three judges turn in the The Voice (of the Philippines) Kids blind auditions in previous editions but no one caught the fancy of viewers until 12-year-old Darren Espanto performed Domino by Jessie J last Sunday.


Pinoy singing sensation Darren Espanto is Philippine TV’s newest darling

Sarah Geronimo turned flashing I Want You after the first few lines and Bamboo did towards the end of the song. Lea Salonga must have been waiting for a spark in the boy’s voice that she did not turn.

Sarah and Bamboo literally courted Darren to be in their team. Asked by Bamboo if he already had gigs and where he is from because he heard something in his voice, Darren said he’s from Calgary, Alberta, Canada but 100% Filipino, came back to Manila just to audition for the show and, in fact, front acted for Bamboo in his concert there.


‘The Voice Kids’ judges: Lea Salonga, Bamboo and Sarah Geronimo

Got impressed belatedly, Lea told Sarah and Darren to dance together. The boy reprised a few verses of his audition song and the Broadway star commented he even sounded better this time. His dance moves had the whole venue clapping so hard. Those at home also clapped along and most said they see Darren as the winner.


Darren’s Facebook cover photo

Saying that his chosen coach can help him grow in the music industry, Sarah was so happy of the choice, saying that they will just enjoy together as Darren is already so good in singing, dancing, with strong stage presence and very goodlooking.

Immediately, social media – particularly Twitter and Facebook – was afire with Darren’s outstanding performance. #Darren became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter and the video of his audition posted by ABS-CBN generated 82,000 views in no time at all. It’s now nearing 200,000 views. The Facebook feed also generated the most Likes.

Click link to watch the video

Another hopeful that made an impact making all three judges turn was Arianna Ocampo with her rendition of Tattooed Heart.

Lea turned first, then Sarah. Arianna must have been waiting for Bamboo to turn because when the rock icon turned her focus was on him. It made Lea say, “Wala na, kay Bamboo na lang nakatingin (It’s all gone, she’s all eyes on Bamboo).”

Click link to watch clip

Darren’s Twitter followers grew from 3K to 13K in a matter of hours on Sunday, making him say it was impossible to follow everyone back.


Darren was the youngest of the Top 6 finalists in YTV’s ‘The Next Star’

Many of those new followers scrounged the Net to know more about this newest darling on Philippine TV:

  • He started singing at age 2, taught by his father
  • He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but speaks Tagalog fluently
  • He was Canada’s Pinoy Singing Sensation grand champion in 2011
  • He auditioned for YTV’s The Next Star Season 5 with Bruno MarsGrenade at age 10 in 2012 impressing the two female judges but the lone male judge was not but got the golden ticket nevertheless
  • He lists his musical influences as Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson
  • He was the youngest among the Top 13 contestants
  • He was the judges’ first selection for Top 6
  • Vocal coach Jasmine wondered why he always chooses female singer songs over male singer songs and he said his voice is not deep enough and that he couldn’t hit low notes
  • He performed Domino on the 7th episode of The Next Star. Although he did not win (it was Brooklyn) he still got an offer to record 5 song covers in Toronto
  • His father Don and mother Marinel (nee Gonzales), originally from Isabela, are fully supportive of his singing career
  • He has a little sister, Lynelle
  • Image
  • Hosts Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga

The Voice Kids is hosted by Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga, airing 6:45 p.m. Saturdays and 7:30 p.m. Sundays.

Photos from, Yahoo search and Darren’s Facebook page


28 thoughts on “Canada-based Pinoy singing sensation Darren Espanto sets social media afire with ‘The Voice Kids’ blind audition, chooses Sarah G. as coach

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  13. Darrens is very talented young boy, i hope na mag stay muna sya here in the philippines since mraming kabataan ang ng aadmire sa kanya @ good example sya. God bless u darren

    • Oo nga sana ay dito nlng sya sa pilipinas mag stay kasi marami naring kabataan ngayon na nagtitiwala sa talent nya at sana magpatuloy pa sya sa pagkanta at maging inspirasyon sa lahat…..


      • Same to u…i wish that darren will stay her ti the philippines at mag artista because he is a good singer and also he is my inspiration to sing because i also love to sing and magkaparehas lng kami ng edad at fan ko rin sya so all darrenatics will be happy if mag stay siya rito….

      • Same to u…i wish that darren will stay here in the philippines at mag artista because he is a good singer and also he is my inspiration to sing because i also love to sing and magkaparehas lng kami ng edad at fan ko rin sya so all darrenatics will be happy if mag stay siya rito….

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  16. hope na sana hndi muna iiwan ni Darren ang philippines .. ang galing kasi nya at gwapo pa .. sana ipagpatuloy nya lang ang mga pangarap nya ..

  17. ur total performer tlga,xna stay knlng d2 in complete package…aabangan nmin guess u sa kriS tv….
    Tke cre and GOD BLESS…

  18. oh my darren! sana wag mo munang iiwan ang pinas kasi magiging malungkot na ang lahat nang kabataan kapag umalis ka! im so proud of you darren ikaw nalang ang meron kami your so verry verry energetic, performer, singer, dancer, swimer, basketball player, and bond menton kapa! napaka buti mong kapatid, kaibigan, kuya, anak, at kapwa tao meron kang malinis na puso napaka buti mong tao mahal na mahal ka namin darren hnd kami magsasawang suportahan ka darren ikaw ang inspiration namin! we love you and we will miss you darren espanto

  19. i like you dareen o my god you so……….. talented singirs and ilove you so much your pure filipino

  20. i like you darren sana ma add friend mo ako sa fb mo ang.
    talented mo Darren and I LOVE YOU.

  21. darren espanto susuportahan kanaming mga pinoy kahit saan kaman pumonta nandon parin kami dahil sagaling mong kumanta ang gwapo mo darren mahal kanamin sana hindi ka masawa sa mga pinoy


  22. thank you Darren, huwag ka paapekto sa mga bashers ha.. Just be Good always..;) we love you..:)

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