Lance Raymundo turns tragedy into blessing, celebrates life – full of love, faith, forgiveness and happiness

More than two months ago, a freak gym accident almost cost Lance Raymundo his life. A 95-pound barbell fell on his face, entirely damaging his nose bridge and part of his cheek. It left him partially blind, too, and the small crack on his skull made him vulnerable to meningitis and seizures.


Most people in that circumstance would have cursed the person responsible for the accident, immediately asked family members to file a lawsuit against the establishment and questioned God why He allowed it to happen.

In Lance’s case, it was faith and forgiveness all along. He never entertained any of those ideas and instead expressed gratitude that he was alive.


With the Law of the Universe working, he recovered a lot faster than expected. Just a week after the tragedy his doctor scheduled him for his first surgery which was very successful.

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After his second and final reconstructive surgery, Lance became even more handsome, as clearly shown in his then and now images.


Collage from the music video of Janice Hung’s ‘Cruel’ which Lance did way before the accident happened. Click link to watch full video 

In his interview with PEP’s (Philippine Entertainment Portal) Nonie Nicasio a day after his first public appearance on ABS-CBN’s Abunda & Aquino Tonight, Lance said that the comments about the change in his looks can’t be set aside.

“Well, it’s okay, as I myself know that there’s a change, particularly in my mid-face. But all the positive feedback made it easier for me to adjust to my new face,” he said, adding that he’s more than happy because all he wanted was to live and the functions of his eyes, nose and brain restored.

“So, the fact that a lot of people are saying my looks improved, I consider it a wonderful bonus!”

Does he like his face better now?

“In terms of my job as an actor, I’m happy with my new face, because of all the good feedback from both audience and industry people. But I will always love my original face because that is what I was born with.”


Having a happy, supportive family is the ultimate blessing

Lance also expressed his admiration for the skills of the doctors that did his reconstructive surgery, especially Dr. John Michael Porquez.

If others go abroad to seek reconstructive or plastic surgery, Lance entrusted his fate to an all-Pinoy team.

“I’m proud of them!” he said.

Today, Lance is celebrating his 29th birthday. More importantly, though, he’s celebrating life: his second lease of life.

Has there been changes inside?

“I’m still the same Lance that my family and friends have loved all these years – only wiser and with a stronger understanding of the power of faith. I’ve always been positive and close to God, and that’s one of the reasons I was able to hang on to life, even at the lowest point.”

Click link to read full interview

It’s magical moment for Lance with this origami fairy made by his brother Rannie

Lance Raymundo exemplifies the true essence of being human – in words, action, faith, love, forgiveness – which translates to inner peace and happiness.

Happy happy happy birthday, Lance!

Photos from Lance Raymundo’s Facebook page


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