‘PBB All In’: Ranty saved from eviction; Aina leaves house; Alex sure to go next week

Did the strategy to allow Joshua open his prison cell ahead work for Ranty?

It looks like it did and how good it was for the Maginoong Marino Ng Quezon.

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4th ‘PBB All In’ evictee Aina Solano

Getting 67.53% of the votes compared to Aina’s 32.47% guaranteed Ranty’s longer stay in Big Brother’s house while the Dancing Bombshell Ng Boracay can now pursue her showbiz career with aplomb.

Aina’s eviction elicited varied reaction, bordering on good wishes to hatred.

The tweets made #PBB4thEvictionNight the #1 Twitter trending topic in the Philippines as it’s always been for PBB the previous weeks.


Ranty Portento: Thanks to Joshua’s army?

“Si Aina pala na-evict? Owww… No more major bullies!”

“Bye Aina, lumangoy ka na pabalik sa Bora!”

“Bye Aina. OK lang yan, at least di ka plastic!”

“Pwede kayong gumawa ng movie ni Julia (Montes). Turuan mo siyang mag-sirena, tapos title ng movie nyo ‘Kambal Sirena’!”

“Si Aina natanggal? No! Dapat si Ranty na lang para nabawasan ang corny!”

“Bye Aina, nabawasan ang mga backfighter sa loob ng bahay.”

“Why Aina? Why not? The decision has been made and it’s fair!”

“I hope Aina will be an actress soon. I can’t wait.”

“Goodbye and I love you Aina. Your hilarious and contagious laugh will forever be missed.”

“Pretty Aina, you already have future in the outside world. You have what it takes.”

“So Aina is evicted? Good thing. I’ll watch PBB again and I’ll follow.”

“I still admire Aina for being real and not afraid to be hated as long as she’s on the right side.”

“Mas totoo si Aina kay Ranty. I don’t believe Ranty’s act, especially when he cried for Aina. It looked so fake!”

“In all honesty, only Aina has a future in showbiz among the non-celeb housemates, so her exit’s special.”

“OMG I didn’t think I would be this sad with Aina leaving. She gave the show so much spunk.”

“Bye Aina. Like Cess we won’t miss you!”


Aina is seen to have edge over other non-celeb housemates

With all these praises and tirades, the pretty dancer-swimmer who grew up in Switzerland seemed to have everything balanced out.

“I’m happy po, pinagdasal ko po na si Ranty na lang mag-stay,” she told Big Brother of her eviction wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, celebrity house guest Alex Gonzaga stays for another week and sure to be out next eviction night.


Alex Gonzaga sure to be out next week as ‘The Voice Kids’ to go live soon

Already there are comments like, “The house will never be the same without Alex. She’ll be deeply missed. Expect crazy tears and lots of hugging next week” and “I hope Alex stays longer. She’s the reason I watch PBB.”

A different angle is anticipated next week.

Someone said, “On the 5th Eviction Night, Fifth will surely miss Alex.Ugh. It hurts…” insinuating closeness beyond friendship between Luis Manzano‘s The Voice Kids co-host and Fourth Pagotan‘s twin brother.

Photos from http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/pbb/main



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