Of International Male Pageants And The Filipino Man

There used to be only one acknowledged international contest for men, and that was Mr. Universe – a bodybuilding competition that produced winners and eventual screen heroes Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan, Terminator).


Mr. World Philippines 2014 John De Lara Spainhour

In the ‘90s, the game changed. There came a proliferation of male international pageants. If there is always a celebration for woman pulchritude, why not for the dominant species of the human race?

In the Philippines – in campuses, barangays and towns – if there is maganda (beautiful), there is the corresponding makisig (handsome). They come out and are displayed during fairs, foundation day celebrations, fiestas and Santacruzans.

Spearheading national male pageants was Ginoong Filipinas. However, it was (and still is) seen as display of the male body to satisfy the ogling eyes of the gay population.

Then came other pageants of international scope, like Manhunt International which started in Singapore in 1993. The inaugural competition was won by Mr. Germany Thomas Sasse. Mr. Philippines Aaron Small was 3rd Runner-Up and also won Mr. Physique.

In 1994, Greece won and Philippines did not place, same as the following year when South Africa won the title. There was no pageant held in 1996.

In 1997, New Zealand won, and Philippines ended 2nd Runner-Up with Vincent Pinto, who was also adjudged Mr. Talent. In 1998, Sweden won; no placement for Philippines.

In 1999, Mr. Venezuela won and Mr. Philippines Alexander Judilla could only bring the Best National Costume award. Australia won in 2000, with Philippines bannered by Richard Stewart ending no placement. India won in 2001, and Philippines’ Rick Cayzer was adjudged Mr. Personality. No placement for the country in 2002 when France won. There were no contests in 2003 and 2004.


Manhunt International 2012 Winner June Macasaet with his Runners-Up

In 2005, Turkey won and Philippines’ Ronald Brent Javier winning a special award as Mr. Internet Popularity. In 2006, USA won and Philippines’ Iago Raterta making it to Top 15.

China won in 2007, with no placement for Philippines. In 2008 Morocco won, with Philippines’ Marvin Wijangco making it to Top 15 and adjudged Mr. Personality. There was no contest in 2009.

In 2010, Slovak Republic won; Philippines’ Carlo Morris Galang did not place. China won the title in 2011, with PH’s Ron Marvin making it to Top 15.


Manhunt International Philippines 2013 Jamiel Ventosa

2012 was the biggest year for the Philippines when June Macasaet of Batangas got the New Urban Male special award and the Manhunt International title held in Bangkok, Thailand. No contest was held in 2013.

Jamiel Ventosa, a 6’2” tall hunk from Sta. Rosa, Laguna is the country’s bet to the next contest, which should have been held in China during the first quarter of 2014 but still no word from the organizers about the exact date. It can be a back-to-back win for the Philippines.

Mr. World was started by the Miss World Organization in 1996 as a biennial contest.


Mr. World 2014 Nicklas Pedersen and Miss World 2013 Megan Young

Held in Torbay, England last June 15, Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark won the Mr. World 2014 title with Mr. Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese as 1st Runner-Up and Mr. Mexico Jose Pablo Minor as 2nd Runner-Up.

Pedersen was also Sports Challenge winner and Ikubese winning Mr. Fashion & Style.

The Multimedia Challenge was won by Mr. Netherlands Demian Overduijn, with Mr. India Pratik Jain in 2nd place and Mr. Denmark in 3rd.

Extreme Sports Challenge was won by Mr. Moldova Valerie Gutu. Declared Mr. Talent was Mr. Curacao Zuemarik Veeris.

Mr. Philippines John Spainhour did not make it to Top 10, but was Top 10 in the Extreme Sports Challenge and member of the Blue Team that emerged group champion in the challenges.

(See related story Fil-Am model John Spainhour happily banners Philippines in Mr. World 2014; Reigning Miss World Megan Young to co-host pageant https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/fil-am-model-john-spainhour-happily-banners-philippines-in-mr-world-2014-reigning-miss-world-megan-young-to-co-host-pageant-in-uk/)


Mr. World 2012 Francisco Escobar and 1st Runner-Up Andrew Wolff

2012 was the biggest year for the Philippines in the Mr. World Pageant when Andrew Wolff ended as 1st Runner-Up to Mr. Colombia Francisco Escobar. Mr. Philippines was also the winner in the Multimedia Challenge. Mr. Ireland Leo Delaney, the Sports Challenge winner ended 2nd Runner-Up.

The first Mr. World was Tom Nuyens of Belgium. Christopher Celis was the first Mr. World Philippines. In 1998, Sandro Finoglio of Venezuela won the title; the Philippine bet was Rico Lee Miguel.

In 2000, Mr. Uruguay Ignacio Kliche became the third Mr. World. A full-blooded Igorot, Roderick Dilla Salvador, represented the Philippines.

Mr. Brazil Gustavo Narciso Gianetti won the title in 2003. Marco Antonio Tamayo was Mr. Philippines. In 2007, Juan Garcia Postigo of Spain won the title. It was Emmanuel Balon Mago who represented the Philippines that year.

In 2010, Kamal Ibrahim of Ireland was declared Mr. World. Alvin De Joya represented the Philippines in the pageant held in South Korea.

(Cory Quirino’s CQ Global Quest took over the Miss World and Mr. World franchises from Binibining Pilipinas Charities in 2011.)

In this year’s Mr. World Pageant, the event was hosted by Miss World 2013 Megan Young of the Philippines and last edition’s Mr. World Talent Frankie Cena of Canada. They took over the chores from British media personality Myleene Klass and Kamal Ibrahim.

Mr. World boasts of turning contestants from boys to men after two weeks of rigorous challenges, especially in extreme sports held at Royal Marine Commando Training Centre.

Next in prestige and longevity is Mister International organized by Mister Singapore Organization in 2006.


Gil Wagas

2013 was the best placement for the Philippines when Gil Wagas, a former UE (University of the East) Red Warriors basketball player from Cebu, ended 4th Runner-Up to Jose Anmer Paredes of Venezuela.

In the debut staging of the contest, Mr. Philippines Ken Escudero made it as semi-finalist and was adjudged Mr. Photogenic. In 2008, Jeff Surio made it to Top 10. Raphael Cruz Carlos also was semi-finalist in 2010. In 2011, Fhrancis Oliver Lopez of Las Pinas was Mr. Internet Popularity and Top 16.


Mark John Gutoman

In 2012, teacher Mark John Gutoman from Marikina City represented the Philippines in the pageant held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was won by Mr. Lebanon Ali Hammoud.

An international male pageant called Mister Universe Model started in 2008 in Dominican Republic. It has been renamed Men Universe Model in 2013.

The firs winner was Ivan Cabrera Trigo of Spain, then followed by Joshua Day of USA. In 2010, winner was from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Tarik Kaljanac. In 2011, Mr. Venezuela Juan Pablo Gomez was the winner. It was only in 2012 when the Philippines joined, but Jhon Marlon Marcia did not place or win any special award. The winner was from the home country, Erik Jimenez Sabater. Mr. Riviera Maya Rafael Armando Chavez Velazquez won the title in 2013 with no delegate from the Philippines.


Mark Glenn Del Rosario

This year, held just recently, Mr. Brazil Bruno Mooneyhan won the title with Mr. Philippines Mark Glenn Del Rosario getting the Best National Costume award and also declared Mr. Popularity. He did not, however, make it to the semis.


Alvin De Joya

Mr. World Philippines 2010 Alvin De Joya represented the Philippines in Mr. Asia 2013 and ended 2nd Runner-Up.

The first edition of Mr. Global was held in Thailand last March 27 and was won by Mr. Myanmar Marco Myat Thuya Lwin. Mr. Philippines Wilfred Placencia Jr. was 4th Runner-Up.


Mr. Global 2014 winners

Another male pageant, Mr. Tourism International, with its seed germinating in Panama, was first held in 2001. The contest died after its second edition in 2002 and got resurrected in 2010. Philippines sent its first representative to the contest held this year on May 31 in the person of an OFW in the UK, Erwin Mateo Trinidad, who made it to Top 9 and awarded Best Fashion Style. Winning Mr. Tourism International 2014 was Mr. Brazil Andrio Frazon with Mr. Spain and Mr. Venezuela as 1st and 2nd Runners-Up respectively.


Erwin Mateo Trinidad

When the Miss World franchise was acquired by CQ Global Quest in 2011, its first winner, Miss World Philippines 2011 Gwendoline Ruais, placed 1st Runner-Up to Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela.

The following year, Miss Philippines Quennierich Rehman managed to get to Top 15 and #5 in the Performing Talent Challenge. It was held in China and won by Miss China Yu Wenxia.

2013, as everyone knows, was the biggest year for the Philippines in beauty pageantry when Megan Lynne Young became the first Filipina Miss World in the 63-year history of the contest.

(See related story Beauty powerhouse Philippines ends 2013 with a big bang, starts 2014 with aplomb https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/beauty-powerhouse-philippines-ends-2013-with-a-big-bang-starts-2014-with-aplomb/)

Relating that to Mr. World, for the first time in 2012, the Philippines made it to Top 10 with Andrew Wolff ending 1st Runner-Up. This year, in the second edition of Mr. World under CQ Global Quest, though the delegate did not make it to Top 10, he was actually #7 in the Extreme Sports Challenge.


Mr. World Philippines 2015 Sam Adjani

Mr. World Philippines 2015 Sam Adjani has a lot of time to prepare. Supporters saw that it’s not enough to get the highest number of Likes on Facebook or get the highest number of views of the Intro video on YouTube. It’s more than that, as shown by the work of Mr. Netherlands who won the Multimedia Challenge. Also, just a little tweak on the suit can win for the delegate the Fashion & Style nod from the judges as Mr. Nigeria showed this year and Mr. Vietnam last year.

Mr. World is not just a contest for male pulchritude but also of strength, stamina, energy, willpower and intelligence. Yes, indeed it is the contest for The World’s Most Desirable Man. And Sam Adjani be better ready for it in 2015.

(NOTE: For those questioning the eligibility of the country’s representatives to international pageants or sporting events, the Philippines [and most of Asia and Europe] is governed by jus sanguinis or nationality law of the blood – where citizenship is acquired when one or both parents are of Filipino citizenship. Other countries, like the USA and Canada, are governed by the jus soli principle or law of the soil. It simply means that citizenship is automatically acquired when one is born within the country’s territorial jurisdiction. So enough of those uneducated [or maybe just miseducated] bashers who swear to high heavens when Miss Philippines or Mr. Philippines has a foreign-sounding name. As long as the mother is a Filipino national then this should not be an issue at all.)


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