‘The Voice Kids’ amazing discoveries ensure steady supply of singing superstars

The Voice Kids Blind Auditions proved that indeed the Philippines is a rich, if not the richest, source of singing talents.


Young as they may – from eight to 14 years old whether boys or girls – homegrown talents can compare with the best of those overseas, not only with the franchises of the show in different countries but even with the The Voice main edition.


Since Day 1 of the telecast, not just two dozens or even four dozens turned out to be really vocally outstanding. Few came with training behind them, but majority performed armed only with their natural weapon – their voice in its raw, beautiful form.

There had been truly impressive ones who made all three coaches turned for them and then faced with the dilemma as to who they wanted to be their mentor.

However, early viewers’ favorites are those who did not necessarily get all three coaches say, “I Want You.”


Nine-year-old Lyca Gairanod, who sang Halik by Aegis, secured her place with Sarah Geronimo solely turning for her. Her teaser video on YouTube http://youtu.be/u8xmFBwq8Rs has reached 1,960,559 views so far and third in running. Full video is at http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/05/25/halik-by-lyca-gairanod.

Perky Juan Karlos Labajo from Cebu, who got Bamboo and Sarah turn for him with his rendition of Adam Sandler’s Grow Old With You, breached the two-million mark on YouTube for the The Voice Kids http://youtu.be/QRyU5oSuh14. His teaser video now has registered 2,231,579 views. Juan Karlos’ full audition video is at http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/06/07/grow-old-with-you-by-juan-karlos.


Darren Espanto set social media on fire soon after his performance of Domino. People became curious about this 12-year-old who was born and grew up in Canada but speaks Tagalog as if his family never left the country.

Because Darren auditioned (or his audition was telecast) later, his YouTube teaser video has lower hits with 1,712,494.

(See related story Canada-based Pinoy singing sensation Darren Espano sets social media afire with The Voice Kids blind audition, chooses Sarah G. as coach https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/canada-based-pinoy-singing-sensation-darren-espanto-sets-social-media-afire-with-the-voice-kids-blind-audition-chooses-sarah-g-as-coach/)

Click link for Darren’s full audition video http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/06/01/domino-by-darren and his interview before hitting the stage http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/06/04/host-luis-chats-with-darren-at-the-foyer.


Third-grader eight-year-old Angelico (or Echo) who sings a la Bee Gees with his Too Much Heaven audition piece had all three coaches turn for him but chose Lea Salonga as his coach. His teaser video is now #1 with 2,405,174 views http://youtu.be/jSr3e5pDuDA. Full performance video at http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/05/31/too-much-heaven-by-echo.


Of the latter auditionees, Grace Alade caught the fancy of both viewers and the coaches with her Try It On My Own piece, which made Lea say she out-Whitneyed Whitney Houston. Full video at http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/06/22/try-it-on-my-own-by-grace.

Even those who did not merit a turn by any of the coaches, like Nichole who sang the Ilocano ditty Dundunguwen, still has future in singing http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/06/21/dungdungwen-by-nichole.

The setback in this competition is that the best ones are pitted against each other where only one of three will advance to the next stage.


In the Battles starting this Saturday, Team Lea goes first – with Giedie vs Angel vs Grace, Angelique vs Rein vs Jimboy, Mariane vs Karla vs Darlene, Kobe vs Lorenzo vs Shanne, Eufritz vs Koko vs Camille, and Ton-Ton vs Genmarie vs Echo.

Whoever advances among the 18 will go to the Sing-Off on Sunday, until only two remain.

Coach Lea’s dilemma?

“The good news is I really have a strong team. The bad news is I really have a strong team,” she said.


With 18 members each team, all 54 passers ensure steady supply of singing talents for Philippine entertainment in the next many, many years.

No doubt, whoever wins deserves the title, distinction and accolades. The most refreshing news for everyone, though, is knowing that the country will never run out of future stars – be it on stage, recording or screen with these amazing discoveries.


Posted here are links to select Blind Auditions videos which would lead to the rest of the videos at http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos:


Since its initial telecast on May 24, The Voice Kids has been lording over the ratings not only for weekend programming but also in general weekly programming. As of June 23, the Saturday edition garnered 34.1% viewership and the Sunday edition even higher at 36.1%.

Updated 6/30/14: Shanne, Ton-Ton, Darlene, Eufritz, Angel and Jimboy advanced to the Battles. Then in the Sing-Off, Darlene and Ton-Ton advance to the Semi-Finals, waiting for the Top 2 from Coach Bamboo and Coach Sarah’s teams.

Clink link to watch Ton-Ton’s performance in the Sing-Off http://youtu.be/ykZUF-zsLBg

Click link to watch Darlene’s performance in the Sing-Off http://youtu.be/Zgq3lknKH7M

The Voice Kids is hosted by Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga and airs Saturdays at 6:45 p.m. and Sundays at 7:30 p.m. on ABS-CBN.


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