‘PBB All In’ twist: Can John, Robi as houseguests win back those turned off by Cheri?

Latest votes result showed that although elevator girl Cheri (full name Cheridel Alejandrino) may have caught the fancy of YouTube viewers, it was her attitude and character that cut short her stay in the famed yellow house of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother All In.


Elevator girl Cheridel Alejandrino

She was added belatedly to fill the void created by the eviction of two adult female housemates – Jayme Jalandoni and Michele Gumabao – at the same time.

When it was announced that, yes, she’s a regular housemate who had to win votes for continued stay, after all, it was immediately seen that she’d go home sooner than intended.


The one with lowest votes gets evicted

True enough, getting just a little over one percent of the votes (1.23%) spelled her early departure. Manolo Pedrosa got 4.27% and Daniel Matsunaga got 13.46%.

The day before the announcement, Jane Oineza with 49.44% and Loisa Andalio with 31.59% were proclaimed safe.

What’s the reason why Cheridel could not muster support?

First, the remaining housemates, particularly the teens, have their strong following since Day 1 of PBB All In.


Manolo Pedrosa

The weakest teen with no credential except being the hidden-then-revealed daughter of model-TV host Phoemela Baranda, Nichole became the first teen casualty. Her dirty finger pic posted on Facebook added to her undesirability as a TV personality wannabe.

(See related story Teen power permeates ‘PBB All In’ https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/teen-power-permeates-pbb-all-in/)

Second, elevator girl was appalling (adding to her less-appealing appearance onscreen).

Always complaining and projects negativity in the tasks and in her dealings with other housemates, majority of viewers, in fact, wanted her out immediately the following week after Big Brother announced that she’s a regular housemate vying for public approval.

The third reason, or even if there’s a fourth, is the same as the second.


Robi Domingo and John Prats (extreme right & second from right) with the other PBB hosts

Now comes another twist – seen to bolster the downtrend interest on the show – the announcement that hosts John Prats and Robi Domingo will be houseguests indefinitely, just like how it was with host Alex Gonzaga.

John and Robi entered the house to deliver messages contained in envelopes from the latest evicted housemate, Cheridel.


Fifth Pagotan

Big Brother called them to the confession room after handing the envelope to Manolo, who was chosen by Cheridel to save, and to Fifth Pagotan, whom she nominated for next eviction.

“John and Robi, from hereon, until I say so, you two will stay again in my house. In your stay here, test the remaining nine housemates through the challenges I’m going to give,” authoritative Big Brother said.

Robi was runner-up to Ejay Falcon in the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus in 2008. John, on the other hand, was runner-up to Keanna Reeves in the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition in 2006.

The question is, can they win back those that got turned off by Cheridel?

The votes reflect viewership.


Jane, who had been nominated several times but always proclaimed safe for getting the highest votes every time, alone can’t command steady interest for the show. More than half of viewers don’t like her.

The thing, in this case, is that Manolo is now getting a single digit percentage – even lower than that of Ranty’s who was evicted for getting a mere 5.18% – when he’s considered among the strongest contenders to be in Big 4. But the numbers say otherwise.

It’s good that Manolo is saved from nomination this week, his supporters have time to reconsolidate, or he could go the same way like the others from the rich La Salle community: Axel Torres and Michele Gumabao, both sports figures, but short in support from the voting viewers.


Fifth, who’s getting nominated the second time, is in danger of becoming the next evictee. Or it could also be the almost non-existent Vickie Rushton (because her presence is hardly felt). And there’s Joshua Garcia, who’s seen by non-partisan avid followers of the show to be indolently lovable yet not at all interesting to watch on TV.

PBB All In Uber broadcasts online at 3:15 p.m. and PBB All In airs 9:50 p.m. on weekdays and 9:15 p.m. on Saturdays and 8:45 p.m. on Sundays on ABS-CBN.



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