Despite not winning ‘The Voice Kids’ title: Singing heartthrob Darren is staying and may try acting, too!

#DarrenDontLeaveThePhilippines became a trending topic not only in the Philippines but worldwide soon after the proclamation of Lyca Gairanod as The Voice Kids grand champion with Canada-based Pinoy singing sensation Darren Espanto placing second.

TVKDarren1 TVKgrandfinaleteamsarah (Click thumbnails to enlarge pics)

Fans, especially the Darrenatics, were weary and wary that Darren will go back to Canada for good since he did not win the title.

The hashtag has been retweeted more than 2,000 times and favorited more than 1,000 times.

Upon the proclamation of Lyca as grand champion, Darren was seen being hugged and comforted by Coach Sarah Geronimo. When the replica check was awarded to Lyca, Darren was seen hugging ABS-CBN executive Cory Vidanes (who announced the result) and sobbing.


Darren not winning the title made a lot of people – both supporters and neutral viewers – sad, some even cried, not because Lyca won but because they knew and believed Darren should be the first The Voice Kids grand champion.


One issue being discussed and circulated is that when they voted for Darren (following the mechanics) they got replies saying that the vote was confirmed to have been received but went to Lyca.

Darrenatics are in protest of this kind of scheme, again, not because they think Lyca is not the rightful winner, but because their votes for Darren was counted for Lyca.

Having been fooled, duped, naisahan and other terms available for this kind of scheme, fans and supporters are up against the system and have collectively moved to file a formal complaint with ABS-CBN.


When the Top 4 were announced out of the Top 6, Lyca was called first and Darren was last. Host Luis Manzano later revealed the ranking: 1) Lyca 2) Darren 3) Juan Karlos (Labajo of Team Bamboo) 4) Darlene (Vibares of Team Lea). Both Lyca and Darren come from Team Sarah.

The difference between Lyca and Darren reportedly was very slim, almost neglible.


After the grand finals performances last Saturday, Lyca came in quite strong with Narito Ako by Regine Velasquez and Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. But Darren was stronger with Ngayon by Basil Valdez and Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber.

As seen by neutral viewers, the performances on Sunday, though, sealed it for Lyca with her concert-like performance with Aegis for Basang-Basa Sa Ulan.

Filipinos love underdogs but also celebrate hair-raising experiences especially in singing competitions, with the fact that Aegis songs are the most popular yet hardest-to-perform ditties during gatherings.


Darren, who said he was to give Lyca the house prize if he won, shows no regret at all for not winning the title. This should allay the fears and weariness of his legions of fans.

Is he staying put or is he going back to Canada?

“Kung may (If there are) offer(s) I’ll stay here po,” he said in an interview at the backstage after the show.

Shows and guestings have been lined up for the The Voice Kids Top 4 in the coming days.

One of these is the Charity Concert of The Voice Kids.


Dubbed Boses Ng Bulilit, Kami Ulit the concert features the Top 4 (Lyca, Darren, JK, Darlene), the coaches (Sarah, Bamboo and Lea) and Kapamilya artists. This is for the benefit of the victims of recent Typhoon Glenda.

(Call 0937-411-4850 and look for JM Lafuente for ticket inquiries and reservations)

Whether in the Philippines or Canada (or anywhere in the world), Darren will surely continue singing.

As taught by Sarah to be always humble, Darren feels blessed and happy of the support he’s getting.

He also wants to try acting and would love to have a project with his coach.

“Pangarap ko rin pong mag-artista (It’s also my dream to become an actor),” he said when asked if he’d try acting, too, adding that he’d love to have a project with his coach and idol, Sarah Geronimo.


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