Dreadful August turns PNoy, Kris emotional to the core

August 1, 2014  marks the fifth death anniversary of President Cory Aquino.

Of course, everybody knows she’s the wife of martyr Benigno S. Aquino or Ninoy and the mother of President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III and TV host-actress multi-media queen Kris Aquino.


Kris Aquino being interviewed after SONA

Cory’s death in 2009 caused by cancer spawned a sentimental movement that the best legacy she could leave to the nation is for only son Noynoy become the President of the country like herself.

At that time, no one among the touted presidential candidates had the support of the majority.


PNoy’s SONA 2014 filled with emotions

Senator Noynoy was to be Mar Roxas’ running mate, but the senator from Capiz was seen too weak to banner the opposition.

Upon the instigation of Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Conrado De Quiros, laying out logical reasons why Noynoy should run as President and Roxas his Vice President instead, a movement was formed to push Ninoy and Cory’s son to take over the reins of government from outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s camp.


Pres. Cory Aquino (with former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada behind)

With support coming from all directions plus the stellar push from showbiz personalities led by no less than Kris, Noynoy won with five million votes more than his closest rival, ousted-then-detained-for-plunder-but-released-via-presidential-pardon former President Joseph Estrada.

Noynoy winning the presidency instead of Erap was seen to be the biggest relief for this ever corruption-laden nation. Noynoy then became PNoy.


Mayor Joseph Estrada leads wreath-laying ceremony at Pres. Cory’s monument

Now on his final two years in leading government, PNoy is besieged by protests even from groups who supported him – not because he has become as corrupt as his predecessor, but because of his adamant ways of governance, i.e. poor response time to crisis and calamities like the Luneta siege and Typhoon Yolanda, bribing the Senate to impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona, tolerating to some degree the pork barrel (PDAF) funds of lawmakers, disbursing precious savings thru DAP, rejecting Nora Aunor’s proclamation as National Artist, waging war against the Supreme Court for ruling that DAP is unconstitutional and for defending instead of firing Budget Secretary Butch Abad’s for being the architect and implementer of DAP.

On his second-to-the-last State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 28, PNoy became emotional towards the end of his speech.


Kris (with sister Ballsy) cries at PNoy’s mention of his mortality

He mentioned that it’s his second lease of life and he could not remove from his mind the dangers he’s facing.

He said that whenever he goes up onstage, he could not stop thinking if it’s his last day alive, if someone could have successfully implanted a bomb (to kill him).

The mention of his parents had his siblings cry, especially Kris.


Ninoy’s martyrdom brought changes to Philippine politics

“Mga boss, binigyan ninyo ako ng pagkakataon na pamunuan ang transpormasyon. Kung tinalikuran ko ang pagkakataon, parang tinalikuran ko na rin ang aking ama’t ina at ang lahat ng inialay nila para sa atin, hindi po mangyayari yun. Hangga’t nagsisilbi tayong lakas ng isa’t isa patuloy nating mapapatunayan na (My bosses, you gave me the chance to lead transformation. If I turned my back on that chance, it’s as if I’ve also turned my back on my father and mother and all the sacrifices they’ve done for us, it would have not happened. Up until we serve as strength for one another we will continue prove that) the Filipino is worth dying for, the Filipino is worth living for.”

Kris crying during the SONA made headlines. People were wondering why and bashers again have a great time cajoling the famous presidential daughter-turned-presidential sister.


Kris and Boy Abunda in their show

Explaining her emotions at that moment, Kris told Abunda & Aquino Tonight co-host Boy Abunda that it was PNoy’s tackling of his mortality that brought her to tears.

“I don’t want to face his mortality,” she said.

Their father was killed on August 21, 1983. Public outcry over his assassination shoved Ferdinand E. Marcos out of power and installed their mother to become Philippines’ first woman president.

Eighteen months into the presidency of their mother, on August 28, 1987, rebel soldiers led by Gregorio Honasan (who has been elected senator three times) staged an unsuccessful coup d’etat attempting to siege Malacang.

Noynoy, who was then two blocks from the Palace, was fired by the rebel soldiers, hitting him with five bullets, one of which is still lodged in his neck. Three of his four security escorts were killed and the other was severely wounded protecting him.

Kris recounted that she advised their elder sister Ballsy not to cry (“Ate, smile, don’t cry”) but without her knowing it was she who was crying.

Kris congratulated her brother after his speech saying, “Great speech but please stay alive” which the President responded, “Naman! (Of course!)”

Kris asked the people to continue praying for PNoy.

“If you like him, if you like what he’s done, please pray for him. Pray with us that he continues his term, that all the good that he wants to do para sa bayan ay magawa niya (for the country he could do).”


Kris with ‘The Voice Kids’ Top 4 after taping of her morning show

She also asked Filipinos to pray for PNoy’s safety and happiness, that after 2016 there’s still a good life for him.

In Chinese calendar, August is the Ghost Month. This year, it started July 27 and ends on August 24, with the spirits arriving August 10.

It’s inauspicious to do business in August, many believe so.

“I really don’t like Ghost Month. I never do well when August hits. I can’t seem to sell anything. The Chinese won’t buy and some Filipinos have been influenced by it,” said one Chinese trader.

One believer of this Chinese dogma and who had been practicing it all through his life explained that the Ghost Month is like the Halloween legend when the spirits come to the land of the living to visit, when the veil between the worlds is weakest.


Ghost Month offerings

The advice is “Try to avoid traveling if possible, don’t visit people in the hospital and don’t go to wakes. Be extra careful in driving and avoid situations that could flare up temper. Basically, don’t tempt fate.”

The reason behind is because spirits tend to pull others with them, so they have companion to go home.


Taiwanese boys don masks to scare ghosts

For business, “the belief is that if your business has been running already, there’s no need to stop. But if you plan to start a project, or basically start anything during the Ghost Month, don’t do it.”

Furthermore, it is not a good idea to begin business or sign contracts at this time.

Hungry-Ghost-Festival in Malaysia

Hungry Ghost Festival in Malaysia

Related article about Ghost Month at https://ph.she.yahoo.com/what-is-chinese-ghost-month–044311295.html

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