Prequel or sequel?: 2nd sex video too damning for Paolo Bediones

Around noontime last Friday, social media was abuzz that a second video of Paolo Bediones’ bedroom calisthenics with the same girl has been uploaded, circulating among netizens and making the TV5 host/anchor the #1 trending topic again, particularly on Yahoo.


Paolo Bediones with his Gawad Tanglaw award

The new video (being argued whether it’s a prequel or sequel to the 6-minute 43-second recording) is longer at 16 minutes 13 seconds, but stops at 13:35 probably because of some technical problems, but the ohhs and ahhs are still audible. At 12:10 Paolo is heard to mouth the most popular Tagalog swear phrase.

Paolo filed a formal complaint with the Philippine National Police (PNP), confirming the authenticity of the sex video but said he was blackmailed and wanted to stop the circulation of the scandalous recording and the perpetrator apprehended or punished.

Paolo Bediones The Sexy Side

The sexy side of P

Netizens were aghast at his move, getting very few sympathizers, most condemning his fetish for recording his own private act.

“Ano ang ipinaglalaban mo, Paolo? Gagagawa-gawa ka ng krimen tapos gusto mong pagtakpan ang hindi na puwedeng pagtakpan? (What are you fighting for, Paolo? You did a crime and you want to cover-up something that can no longer be covered-up?)” one Facebook user reacted.

Paolo Bediones CMMA

Paolo with his CMMA trophies

Another was a little bit more courteous. “Sir, wala naman sigurong magsi-circulate kung walang ni-record (Sir, nothing would circulate if nothing was recorded in the first place).”

“Wala nang credibility mag-news (No more credibility to deliver news).”

In the second video, it’s the girl who’s being lashed/praised, whatever youwannacallit.


Is it her or is she the one?

China Roces a.k.a. Geraldine Catalan denied she’s the girl. Some are saying it’s Angel Gutierrez.

“Kakaloka si ate, ang galing, todo smile pa sa camera.”

“Kakainggit naman, sana ako na lang, bakla ako, e!”

“Ang sarap ng girl, ang ganda na, performer pa!”

“Sana ako na lang nasa lugar ni Paolo, for sure lalong mag-i-enjoy yung girl.”

Paolo Bediones Fountain White Shirt

Paolo in a pensive mood as model

Before Facebook removed the link morning of August 16 in one user account it already had 1,323 shares and 398 likes. Another (titled Part 2 Ni Idol from torjackan) had 2,081 shares and 399 likes and still active as of this writing. Multiply that by just 1,000 users and you can deduce why Paolo Bediones is lording over social media and search engines anew.

On Twitter, users had been asking for the MediaFire link for Videoness.mp4, Paolo Bediones Scandal Part 2 or Subo Lahat Eh.

Paolo-Bediones-Rescue5a Paolo-Bediones-Demolition-Job

Who needs rescue from this demolition job?

The worse for Paolo is that it’s said there’s still Part 3 or even Part 4 coming up soon.

Making light of the issue, netizens said the girl should ask TV5 to rescue her from this demolition job. Rescue5 and Demolition Job are Paolo’s shows on TV5.

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