Daniel Matsunaga is ‘PBB All In’ Big Winner!

Name and character plus natural goodness spelled the difference for PBB All In Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga.

The Brazilian-Japanese model who made the Philippines his home for the last many years was already an established name on TV and the modelling circuit when he was belatedly added to the reality program, the ratings of which could not seem to take off due to uninteresting roster of housemates.

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Daniel Big Winner Pic1Daniel Matsunaga

It was only during the last three weeks of the show, when the excitement over The Voice Kids subsided that interest on the remaining housemates became a staple of conversations across all strata.

Maris Big 4 Pic Red Dress1Maris Racal

In the end, viewers used sense and sensibility in choosing the winner, and it was Maris Racal (Singing Sunshine Ng Davao) and not Jane Oineza (Rising Celebriteen Ng Pasig) that came out stronger for the win.

Although Jane was seen by many of her supporters as a strong-willed person, there were more people who saw her as hypocrite, double-faced (as Manolo Pedrosa said), flirt and all other reasons why she’s the most bashed and most defended housemate in this edition.

Jane Big 4 Pic Semi KneelingJane Oineza

Daniel was seen to be cool, masipag, responsible, can get along with anyone, discounting the fact that teen viewers and supporters called him oldie or tanda.

The voting system was tweaked when BBS (Save) minus BBE (Evict) became the basis for eviction and finally, in declaring the Big 4 and the Big Winner.

Vickie Big 4 Pic Dress2 ElegantVickie Rushton

When Loisa Andalio was evicted last Saturday for getting the least net percentage of votes, Jane (27.06%) was leading Daniel (11.91%) by 15.15%. Maris was third with 8.18% and Vickie was fourth with 1.09%.

Daniel’s net vote only changed a little – 11.69% but it was more than enough to make him the Big Winner, as Jane’s net vote percentage dropped drastically to less than 1% – only -.73%. It meant that more people wanted her out of the winning podium than those ranting supporters who’ve been shouting and screaming since Day 1.

PBB All In BIg Night Big 4The Big 4 on the Big Night

Maris, although her percentage votes dropped more than half, it was still positive at 3.1% and good to be second placer.

Vickie was at the tailend with -.78%.

As the Big Winner, Daniel received a check of P1 million; Maris as second placer, P500,000; Jane as third, P300,000; and Vickie as fourth, P200,000.

Daniel also won for himself a condo unit, negosyo package and Asian tour package.

All four expressed surprise at the warm reception for each of them.

PBB All In Housemated Pre-ShowThe housemates during the pre-show

When Maris was asked what she can advise to teeners like her, she said to dream big, nothing less and nothing else.

Although not Filipino (but definitely looks like a handsome Filipino in every angle and every aspect), Daniel did not hold his tears when he expressed his gratefulness for the support he received.

PBB All In Final VotesThe result shows U wins

Filipino by heart, he’s even a lot better that most Filipinos because he learned the language and immersed himself in the culture of his adopted country and people, whereas a lot of the sosyal and pa-sosyal refuse to speak in Tagalog among themselves as the language daw is good only for drivers, maids, househelps and the lower class.

Vickie was met by her family, including boyfriend Jason Abalos. Jane was met by her mom and little brother. Maris was met by her parents. Daniel was met by his mom and sister Vanessa.

Daniel Acrobat PicDaniel in acrobatic mode

Daniel already appeared in some movies and teleseryes on GMA. He was also linked to Kris Aquino and called by Kris’ son Bimby as Tito Dandan.

On Twitter (@DandanMatsunaga), Daniel thanked his supporters soon after the show, saying:

“Good morning #Team Matsunaga the #BigWinner is here it’s #Daniel Matsunaga..! Thank you sa support..! #PBBTheBigNight…”

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