Dethroned for bad attitude: Miss Myanmar loses MAPW 2014 title, runs off with crown; new queen chosen Nov. 8

Were the protests and hullabaloo about Miss Myanmar winning the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 crown and title right after all?

May Myat Noe coronation night Miss Myanmar waves to the audience upon proclamation as Miss Asia Pacific World 2014

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Shortly before midnight on August 28, Miss Asia Pacific World Talent Organization announced that May Myat Noe has been dethroned for bad attitude.

However minor the Korea-based contest is, Miss Noe is the first ever international winner from the military-ruled country.

Also known as That Htet Aung, she has lied, according to organizers, and her mother illegally attempted to get three months visa when she was accorded an invitation to Korea until August 29.

MAPW dethrones Mss Myanmar

Miss Asia Pacific World Talent Organization official statement

Miss Noe was crowned on May 31, with Miss Korea Kim Eea placing First Runner-Up, Miss Macau Hio Man Cha (said to be managed by one of the judges) as Second Runner-Up. The Myanmar beauty queen was trained in Manila, Philippines before proceeding to Korea.

Miss Philippines Hillarie Danielle Parungao was 3rd Runner-Up. She also won the Grand National Costume Award.

Hillarie Parungao MAPW Miss Philippines NatCos

Miss Philippines Hillarie Danielle Parungao

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The official announcement cited other issues which the organizers said they could not mention in details but her ungrateful attitude and (un)trustworthiness is what made them (along with their lawyers) to dethrone Miss Noe.

Supporters of the beauty queen, particularly her countrymen, said though that the organizers had been forcing her to have breast implants, the reason why Miss Noe rebelled.

There’s also an issue that Miss Noe stole the crown, said to be worth between USD42-100K. Reports coming from her own country said she has run off with the bejeweled tiara.

MAPW winners 2011-2014

MAPW 2011-2014 winners

On Saturday, Diana Starkova, proclaimed replacement to dethroned Florima Triber of France, posted on Facebook ( which was shared by Miss Asia Pacific World Super Talent Organization) saying she was sad to announce that Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 Queen May Myat Noe got dethroned.

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“Everything has its price and if you are beautiful and rich Queen you may see your family sometimes just few times per year… This job is similar to sailor, you just travel the world and working,” the Ukrainian beauty intoned.

Diana Starkova2

Diana Starkova

Miss Starkova’s announcement also clarified that not a Runner-Up will take the place of May Myat Noe as Miss Asia Pacific World 2014.

“The new Queen this year will be chosen in a new pageant on November 8th in Jeju Island. The panel of judges will try to be more careful and interview contestants with maximum attention to choose the best and right ones for the crown of Miss Asia Pacific World 2014. Never forget that Queen is not just beauty, it is also an attitude, and being a successful celebrity is not a magic, it is a result of hard work and cooperation with a team. MAPW is a great chance, but only for people who (are) ready for it and can understand the value of this chance, for girls who really need it, who has not just beauty, but a talent and ability to work hard being a celebrity,” she said.

It will be a new equal battle for the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 crown on November 8, 2014 to be held at ICC in Jeju Island, South Korea.

MAPW super talent venue

New Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 contest venue

Even with the controversies hounding the fledgling contest, representatives from all over Asia and the Pacific Rim have been readying for this event.

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