FMRO (For Mature Readers Only): Parts 3, 4 & 5 make Paolo Bediones, partner sensational unpaid pornstars

Part 1 was 6 minutes 43 seconds. Part 2 was 16 minutes 13 seconds.

Those were the first two installments of TV5 news anchor-host Paolo Bediones’ sex videos.

Paolo Bediones TV5 logoPaolo Bediones: From face of TV5 news to body (and more) of Philippine cyberporn

He admitted and confirmed the videos and filed a complaint with the Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Cybercrime Group stating that he was blackmailed.

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Apparently still part of the tryst, Video#3 is 4 minutes and 43 seconds with close up of the guy’s manhood then the girl deliciously playing it with her tongue even staring at the camera. The guy ejaculates then they laugh together, hearing him say, “Napagod ka (Did you get tired)?” then turns the camera to his face, and yes, it’s Paolo Bediones!

Paolo-Bediones-Sex-Scandal-Part3-Part4-Part5-MP4Paolo relishes recording his private moments

Video #4 is 1 minute 53 seconds. Doing it doggie style, the girl spits at her hand then lubricates her orifice with it. The guy pulls the girl’s long hair as if he’s reining a horse.

Video #5 is 4 minutes 52 seconds. Music plays in the background and the girl starts with her toy with a laugh then takes a straight look at the camera. She looks similar but also looks different from the girl in the previous videos (has no jewel adorning her navel). It leads to and culminates as cowgirl or girl-on-top position.

“Bakit ako lang ang nakikita? Ang daya niya (Why am I the only one being seen? He’s a cheat),” the girl says, then even makes a sound like riding a horse (“hiyaaa tigidig tigidig”).

Girl in Paolo Bediones video Andrea ShinIs the girl Andrea Shin?

Paolo seems to love recording his bedroom calisthenics with different partners. And the circulation of these videos has virtually made him a sensational pornstar, albeit an unpaid one.

All five have become favorites on

“Walang panama ang mga indie actors (Indie [independent film] actors are nothing compared to him),” said one netizen.

When the second video started circulating, Paolo was said to have resigned from his late news anchor duties on TV5 but remained as host with his two other shows – Rescue 5 and Demolition Job.

“Why, would he read scandalous news about himself?” asked a social media enthusiast.

It seems there are still other videos just waiting to be uploaded. Gays are hoping there’s one showing Paolo with another male but looks like they will be in for a big disappointment.

Girl in Paolo Bediones closeupOr is it China Roces? Or Angel Gutierrez?

Who’s gonna Rescue Paolo from this Demolition Job? Anyone from TV5?

The play on words has not escaped observers: His remaining shows rhyme with the (scandalous) season.

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