Graded A: ‘Edna’ tackles hard facts of returning OFW life

There had been movies produced about OFWs, but none so far tackled the harsh realities of a returning one, until Tonet Gedang’s Artiste Entertainment, Inc. production of Edna, starring Irma Adlawan with actor Ronnie Lazaro debuting as director.


Probably more than half of OFWs have been or are being treated merely as human ATMs by their families at home. Caregiver Edna faces this hard fact and becomes paranoid, almost schizophrenic when she finds out that everything she expected turns out to be the opposite of what her family was telling her as she toiled abroad. Edna posterActor Ronnie Lazaro debuts as director in ‘Edna’

For one, eldest son Julius (Nicco Manalo) did not become the medical doctor she spent for his studies, but a basketball coach who got hitched early with Lyn (Sue Prado). Daughter Camille (Mara Marasigan) continued her affair with a married man despite Edna paying for her freedom. The youngest, Carl (Micko Laurente), is a troubled child,caused by sister-in-law Suzette‘s (Frances Makil) maltreatment . Husband Bobby (Ronnie Lazaro) secretly carries an affair with their godson Ted (Kiko Matos).

Edna scene with Carl and SuzetteEdna becomes estranged to son Carl and sister-in-law Suzette

All these shatter Edna that in her mind she’s murdering each one of them by feeding them poisoned delicious pansit (upon the request of Carl). As she gathers her senses that her family and everyone around had become strangers, she decides to leave again with the fervent hope that Carl can still overturn at least one dream unfulfilled.

Over bottles of beer

Anthony Gedang (producer of award-winning and internationally-acclaimed movie Ataul For Rent, also Graded A in 2007) and Ronnie Lazaro had been childhood friends and neighbors in Makati.

Edna and TedIs Ted (Kiko Matos) just a godson?

One evening over bottles of beer, Gedang asked Lazaro if he was doing any movie, then he offered him a directorial job, to which the actor presented a storyline that had been playing in his mind for quite some time, and said that no one else can portray the main character but Adlawan.

Gedang worked closely with Lallie Bucoy for the script. Some major scenes and subplots, like the mahjong sessions, were based on his life growing up, he says, as his father was one of the early OFWS in Saudi Arabia. Tonet and FrancesProducer Tonet Gedang plays a cameo role as too-close-for-comfort-priest-confidante of Suzette (Frances Makil)

When the lead actor considered for the film was not available, Gedang told Lazaro that he should take the role as well. The producer (aside from doing a cameo as priest) also served as assistant director who was at the monitor all the time.

P7-M production

Although the movie was done only in over a week, it’s way above the budget of an indie or pito-pito movie. Yes, P7 million is not a joke to cough up for the businessman-poet-author-bonsai grower-exhibit planner.

Using expensive Alexa cameras, the film shifts from full color to black and white or single color then back again, as way of telling what’s real and what’s imagined in the eyes of Edna.

Edna cast and crewCast and crew of ‘Edna’

Graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board, Edna is hailed both by the academe and the entertainment media for its unusual take on a dysfunctional family. When shown at Adamson University (Tonet’s alma mater), students approached him saying that they now appreciate and understand better the sacrifices of OFWs, whether they have one in the family or none. Edna opens May 20 in selected SM cinemas and other mall theaters.

Click the link to know more about Edna, touted as OFW Movie of the Year.


Filipino teener Marlisa is ‘X Factor Australia 2014’ grand winner!

It’s the tightest result ever, with only 0.01 percent difference, announced The X Factor Australia host Luke Jacobz.

That 0.01 percent difference made Filipino teener Marlisa Ann Punzalan the grand winner in this year’s edition of the reality show Down Under over debonair rocker Dean Ray.

Marlisa congratulations

Marlisa almost did not make the cut to The X Factor Australia 2014 grand finals as she battled for the last slot with Reigan Derry last week. Fortunately, she got more votes to join Brothers 3 and Dean Ray.

On Sunday, the finalists sang their audition song.

Marlisa started the round with her version of Yesterday by the Beatles.

Singing the same piece in the grand finals already with her confidence built up, the audience and the judges gave her a standing ovation, which mentor Ronan Keating said she was getting it at the most perfect time.

The final song for the Best Moment was Titanium, which mentor-judge Dannii Minogue said was the game-changer as it’s in this performance that Marlisa stepped out of herself, adding that her edge is her vulnerability mixed with her strength, and should not change a thing.

Redfoo commented that Marlisa is like wine, getting better and better every time and advised her to keep the fierce attitude when she performs as it’s her edge (over the other finalists).

Natalie Bassingthwaighte said that it’s amazing to see Marlisa in the grand finals, as she joined the show with a powerful voice but didn’t know what to do with it. Things have changed in so short a time that at school people didn’t even know her name, but now everyone in Australia knows who she is.

Marlisa winner announcementMarlisa reacts as she’s announced as the grand winner

Marlisa also performed her Bootcamp piece Never Be The Same with no less than the singer of the monster hit, Jessica Mauboy herself (runner-up in the Australian Idol fourth edition in 2006).

Dean Ray performed with Olly Murs and Brothers 3 did theirs with Guy Sebastian.

Superstar Taylor Swift was the big guest performer with her Shake It Off.

Marlisa with Dean RayTop 2 Marlisa and Dean Ray doing a duet

On Results Night, Marlisa was the first to advance to the sing-off. Brothers 3 was sent to the back burner and it was her and Dean Ray slugging out for the title.

Her Winner’s Single, Stand By You, elicited comment from Foo that it’s a sure monster hit, and Ronan saw the song to be a sure number one as soon as it hits the market.

Marlisa’s big surprise upon the announcement that she’s the winner showed on her expression.

Dean Ray, the gentleman that he is, hugged Marlisa and Ronan, then literally swept the young singer off the floor. It was a picture of the rival accepting the result wholeheartedly.

Marlisa with winner's songMarlisa sings debut single ‘Stand By You’ predicted to be a monster hit

Ronan commented about Marlisa’s interview published in the papers that she hoped she was as confident as the other girls.

He advised her ward that she should not change a thing, as now people look for authenticity and Marlisa is so authentic, unlike in previous years that pop idols were manufactured.

“Who you are is so endearing. The fact that you are not over confident in this show is so refreshing. Who you are is everything.

“You know what, there was a time that manufactured pop music was important and that is what people want, and believe me, I know, but not anymore. Right now it’s all about authenticity, and you are so authentic, you are so real.

“You know, you’re too young to be affected by other people and other things. You are not affected by the bright lights and the fame of the show in any way. And I love that about you, I love that, every single week working with you.

“They say that ‘good guys or good girls finish last.’ I don’t believe that, and I hope that’s not the way it’s gonna be tonight. If this is my last year on the show, I hope that I can leave a worthy winner like you. Well done,” he said.

In the homecoming tour/concert, Marlisa was so surprised by the turnout of people in her school, Mercy Catholic College in Chatswood, New South Wales. She even attended her Math class with Ronan. The teacher asked the Boyzone lead singer what’s the factor of 12. The schoolgirl Marlisa whispered the answer to him.

Ronan also had a taste of Filipino culture and hospitality when they visited Marlisa’s home as he was enjoined to do traditional Igorot dance steps.

Marlisa album coverThe superstar now that is Marlisa

Marlisa posted on Monday:

“My X Factor Journey has been incredible because of the beautiful people around me. To my loving family, thank you for standing by me through thick and thin, you are my rock and my strength!

“Also, behind the scenes are passionate and dedicated professionals and I thank all the crew at X Factor for the unbelievable effort they put into the best talent show in Australia.

“Thank you also for the rare opportunity that Sony Music Entertainment presents to ordinary Australians like me starting a career in music.

“Thank you to Ronan Keating for believing in my ability and nurturing my talent, I have enjoyed every single day of working with you.

“And to all my supporters, thank you for getting behind me every single week, for I will not be where I am today without your support. And to The Lord above, I thank Him for everything.”


Within 24 hours from release, Marlisa’s debut single is already topping iTunes in several countries, to wit: #1 Australia, #1 Philippines, #1 Qatar, #1 United Arab Emirates.

It also entered the top charts in several others: #5 Singapore, #7 Saudi Arabia, #47 Hong Kong, #61 Bermuda, #89 Sweden, #117 Norway and #176 Macau.

Click link to watch announcement of Marlisa as winner singing her debut single

Click link for Marlisa’s finale performance of Titanium

Videos from the official YouTube channel of X Factor Australia YAHOO7.COM.AU/XFACTOR

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Photos from ‘The X Factor – Australia’ official Facebook Page

‘Impossible’ but ‘Girl On Fire’ Filipina teener Marlisa gets into ‘X Factor Australia 2014’ grand finals with ‘Help’ from viewers

Australia-born but full-blooded Filipino teener Marlisa Punzalan was always second to be declared safe in the ongoing X Factor Australia 2014 reality show.

During the Top 4 phase, she was the first to be sent by host Luke Jacobz to safety.

Marlisa sexyMarlisa Punzalan

However, for the Top 3, where the remaining contestants will battle it out for the Grand Finals, Marlisa was in the Bottom 2 along with Reigan Derry, as Brothers 3 and Dean Ray were safely sent to the penultimate showdown.

Mentor Ronan Keating chose Alicia KeysGirl On Fire for Marlisa, then X Factor UK 2012 winner James Arthur’s Impossible.

Click links to watch Marlisa‘s Top 4 performances: (Girl On Fire); (Impossible)

“Not only have you stepped into your voice and your confidence and you’re mastering those runs and you’re singing the best songs around, so congratulations to you and to Ronan,” judge-mentor Dannii Minogue commented.

Marlisa with Ronan Impossible numberMarlisa with mentor Ronan Keating

As for Ronan, he said he was nervous during the rehearsals as Marlisa missed a key for the second song.

“You found this one a little tricky during rehearsals. You struggled a few times. You nailed it this time. I was really nervous. This is your last shot. This is the last song Australia could ever see you sing on the show. I hope they pick up the phone and vote. You deserve a slot in the grand finals. You are incredible and that performance was impossible so congratulations,” Ronan quipped.

On Live Decider Night, Reigan sang Hallelujah, X Factor UK 2008 winner Alexandra Burke’s grand finals song.

Marlisa sang Help (a Beatles original) by John Farnham. She said she chose the song because it fits her voice and that was what she needed at that crucial time – Help from voters to sail through the grand finals.

Click link to watch Marlisas rendition of Help

The mentor-judges gave their verdict.

Marlisa on the cover of a local publicationMarlisa on the cover of a local publication

Dannii voted to send Marlisa to the grand finals.

Ronans unimpeachable decision was, of course, for Marlisa.

Redfoo voted for his ward, Reigan.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s vote for Reigan made it a deadlock, so Luke had to announce who between Marlisa and Reigan was voted by Australia.

The moment was so tense and silent, that even a pin drop and the heartbeats of the remaining contenders and their mentors can be heard.

Marlisa and Ronan exulted in jubilation when Luke announced it was Marlisa joining Brothers 3 and Dean Ray in the grand finals.

Meanwhile, Redfoo and Reigan accepted their fate with resignation.

Foo said he’s sure Reigan will become a star, as she already has become a LegenDerry (a play on the word legendary) in the contest.

For the grand finals Brothers 3, Dean Ray and Marlisa will be singing three songs each.

Marlisa birthday picMarlisa with some of her birthday gifts from fans and supporters

The Filipino-Aussie teener posted on October 13:

My BIGGEST THANKS TO YOU ALL!!! I am sincerely grateful to each and everyone of you who fought with me in this incredible journey! To all my supporters/fans in Australia and the world, thank you so much for voting and supporting me, believing in me and for defending me at all times showing your ongoing loyalty every single week! To my beautiful family, the Punzalan’s and the Ongkingco’s for standing by me through thick and thin, for the countless hours spent unselfishly to promote my cause whether near or far, you’re my rock and my strength. To my vocal coach/piano teacher Roxanne & Stephen Kiely for the passion and perseverance in making me who I am today, for trusting my ability and making me feel so much like a member of your family. To all our friends and relatives, for all the well wishes and encouragement to keep going, Mercy Catholic College for supporting my education whilst living my dream, the Press for helping me get the right exposure at all times, to all the organisers of the many charity and community events, AND to all whom I may have missed, thank you so much and my apologies to you all. To Reigan, this was not easy for both of us but you brought out the best in my performance, you are incredible and truly a professional. To Ronan for the trust and belief in my talent and for the excellent mentoring and for guiding me to reach the Top 3!! Most importantly I thank the Lord God for all these blessings and I thank God that you are in this journey with me. Without a doubt, we will keep on chasing this dream together according to God’s plan. Thank you so much, God bless and much Lve, Marlisa

Marlisa turned 15 on October 1.

Get to know more about Marlisa thru her Facebook Page

Marlisa in Titamium costumeMarlisa in her ‘Titanium’ costume

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Marlisa Punzalan safely sails through ‘X Factor Australia’ Top 6

Instead of just Bottom 2, the three who got the lowest number of votes battled for the verdict of Australia and the four mentor-judges – Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Dannii Minogue and Redfoo – to stay on the next phase of X Factor Australia 2014.

In no particular order, Luke Jacobz announced Brothers 3 was the first to move to Top 6, then Marlisa, followed by Dean Ray. Last to be called safe was Reigan Derry.

Marlisa X Factor stageMarlisa Punzalan

The week was Judges’ Challenge, where a contestant gets to perform a number chosen by another mentor.

(Click link to watch Marlisa’s performance of Try by Pink chosen by Foo for her

Marlisa (Punzalan), a 14-year-old Filipina born in Sydney to parents both hailing from the Province of Bataan in Northern Philippines, was again second to be called to be safe, same as last week for the Top 7.

After the make or break performances of Jason Heerah, Caitlyn Shadbolt and Tee, the latter was sent home.

(Click link to watch Live Show 7 Results

Marlisa performing TryMarlisa performs ‘Try’ by Pink

Marlisa has been gathering accolades and support since her unique rendition of Yesterday by the Beatles during audition.

She posted on September 24:

Hi everyone!!! So happy for getting thru another week but so sad to see Tee go. I can’t forget the night I got so sick and Tee was one of the lovely people who comforted me. Will miss Tee a lot !!
So… I have been busy with tutoring !!!
Thanks to Carly, my tutor, for the wonderful job you do in helping me maintain my school work while I’m on X Factor !!!
And thanks again to ALL, so excited for my next song !!!! God bless…
Love, Marlisa 💕

Marlisa has now 12,569 Likes in her official Facebook page ( and expresses her gratitude for the support coming from all over the globe.

Marlisa shirtMarlisa shows supporter shirt

“This would have not been possible without each and everyone of you liking my music page and supporting me up to this day. Really appreciate it!” she said.

Marlisa with Ronan KeatingMarlisa with mentor-judge Ronan Keating

Seen as one of the strongest contenders for the win, Marlisa is one of two left under the wings of Ronan Keating. The other one is Caitlyn, who was in the Bottom 2 last week but managed to sail through when Rochelle Pitt was eliminated and in the Bottom 3 this week but got saved with the exit of Tee.

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Filipina Marlisa Punzalan advances to ‘X Factor Australia 2014’ Top 7, remains mentor Ronan Keating’s strongest bet

Photos courtesy of Marlisa Punzalan

FMRO (For Mature Readers Only): Parts 3, 4 & 5 make Paolo Bediones, partner sensational unpaid pornstars

Part 1 was 6 minutes 43 seconds. Part 2 was 16 minutes 13 seconds.

Those were the first two installments of TV5 news anchor-host Paolo Bediones’ sex videos.

Paolo Bediones TV5 logoPaolo Bediones: From face of TV5 news to body (and more) of Philippine cyberporn

He admitted and confirmed the videos and filed a complaint with the Philippine National Police (PNP) Anti-Cybercrime Group stating that he was blackmailed.

(See related story in this blog: Paolo Bediones confirms sex video with formal complaint, sure to surmount scandal but…

Apparently still part of the tryst, Video#3 is 4 minutes and 43 seconds with close up of the guy’s manhood then the girl deliciously playing it with her tongue even staring at the camera. The guy ejaculates then they laugh together, hearing him say, “Napagod ka (Did you get tired)?” then turns the camera to his face, and yes, it’s Paolo Bediones!

Paolo-Bediones-Sex-Scandal-Part3-Part4-Part5-MP4Paolo relishes recording his private moments

Video #4 is 1 minute 53 seconds. Doing it doggie style, the girl spits at her hand then lubricates her orifice with it. The guy pulls the girl’s long hair as if he’s reining a horse.

Video #5 is 4 minutes 52 seconds. Music plays in the background and the girl starts with her toy with a laugh then takes a straight look at the camera. She looks similar but also looks different from the girl in the previous videos (has no jewel adorning her navel). It leads to and culminates as cowgirl or girl-on-top position.

“Bakit ako lang ang nakikita? Ang daya niya (Why am I the only one being seen? He’s a cheat),” the girl says, then even makes a sound like riding a horse (“hiyaaa tigidig tigidig”).

Girl in Paolo Bediones video Andrea ShinIs the girl Andrea Shin?

Paolo seems to love recording his bedroom calisthenics with different partners. And the circulation of these videos has virtually made him a sensational pornstar, albeit an unpaid one.

All five have become favorites on

“Walang panama ang mga indie actors (Indie [independent film] actors are nothing compared to him),” said one netizen.

When the second video started circulating, Paolo was said to have resigned from his late news anchor duties on TV5 but remained as host with his two other shows – Rescue 5 and Demolition Job.

“Why, would he read scandalous news about himself?” asked a social media enthusiast.

It seems there are still other videos just waiting to be uploaded. Gays are hoping there’s one showing Paolo with another male but looks like they will be in for a big disappointment.

Girl in Paolo Bediones closeupOr is it China Roces? Or Angel Gutierrez?

Who’s gonna Rescue Paolo from this Demolition Job? Anyone from TV5?

The play on words has not escaped observers: His remaining shows rhyme with the (scandalous) season.

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Filipina Marlisa Punzalan advances to ‘X Factor Australia 2014’ Top 7, remains mentor Ronan Keating’s strongest bet

Fourteen-year-old Filipina Marlisa Punzalan has advanced to X Factor Australia Top 7.

Mentored by Ronan Keating, she remains the strongest bet of the Irish lead singer of Boyzone.

Marlisa closeup1 Marlisa Punzalan

“Imagine yourself to be in the grand finals,” Ronan said when she was told that the song choice for the Rock 101 week was Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters.

The teener said she’ve heard of them (Metallica) but really did not know their songs.

Nevertheless, Marlisa gave an outstanding performance drawing raves from the judges, particularly her mentor, Ronan, who said he’s so proud of her.

On announcement night as to who should move to the next round from the Top 8, although host Luke Jacobz said it’s in no particular order, Marlisa was called second.

(Click link to watch the Top 7 announcement video

Rochelle Pitt from Redfoo’s team and Marlisa’s teammate Caitlyn Shadbolt ended in the Bottom 2. After slugging it out, Rochelle went home.

Marlisa auditioned with the BeatlesYesterday.

Keating regrets book Ronan Keating

In the U.S. where John Legend was with Ronan to evaluate the six members of the team that led to the choices of the Final 3 for the Live Show, Marlisa stopped by a few seconds towards the end of her piece, I’ll Stand By You. Despite that, Ronan chose her as he saw in her the potential of a winner.

On the second week of the Live Show, Marlisa was so sick she would not even speak. Her performance of Paparazzi though managed her to get enough votes to sail from Top 12 to the next round.

Judges X Factor Au 2014X Factor Australia 2014′ Judges

Last week, she sang this year’s Oscars Best Movie Theme Song, the popular Let It Go.

Born in Australia with Filipino parents both from Bataan, Marlisa has performed in Filipino artists’ shows and concerts in Sydney.

marlisa nothing else matters number Marlisa belting Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’

Then 12 years old, she performed at Sharon Cuneta’s concert in August 2012. In October of the same year, she performed with Jose Mari Chan and was told by the prolific singer-songwriter to visit her relatives in the Philippines after they sang Christmas In Our Hearts.

Last year, she was in the Aegis concert.

Marlisa was awarded Most Exceptional Vocalist of The Year in 2012 presented by multiple ARIA award winners Sharon and Christine Muscat.

Trill band Trill

All-Filipina group, Trill, aged 14-15, who impressed everyone with their audition piece, Super Bass, made it to Top 13 but were the first to be eliminated, eliciting remarks from some viewers how an-out-of-tune contestant won over them.

Click link to know more about Marlisa

Click links to view selected videos:

Fans queasy over ‘Little Superstar’ title: Nora Aunor expresses full support for ‘The Voice Kids’ grand champion Lyca Gairanod

Diehard Noranians are up against the use of ‘Little Superstar’ alluded to The Voice Kids grand champion Lyca Gairanod.

Very few fans are happy about the comparison – that a new discovery, even faring better, as Nora Aunor was 14 when she won a national singing competition and sold water at the train station while Lyca won at 9 and scavenged for garbage for a living, at times singing at homes in exchange for a few pesos and scrap materials.

Nora UP Gawad Plaridel1

Nora Aunor accepting her Gawad Plaridel award

(See related stories ‘Little Superstar’ wins: Lyca Gairanod is ‘The Voice Kids’ grand champion! and ‘TVK’ grand champion Lyca Gairanod shows mettle in own ‘MMK’ story: Wow, the little girl can act!

Most are saying, “Walang makakapantay kay Nora, nag-iisa siya, siya lang ang may karapatan sa title na Superstar. Gamit na gamit na ni Lyca at ng mga taong nasa likod niya ang titulong ‘yan para ma-push siya. (No one can be at par with Nora, she’s the only one who has the right for the Superstar title. Lyca and the people behind her have overused that title to push her up).”


‘The Voice Kids’ grand champion Lyca Gairanod

Some comments are worse than that.

They’re fans who can’t be blamed for their sky-high adulation for their idol.

But what’s Nora’s take on this?

Right after her recognition as this year’s Gawad Plaridel awardee last August 27 at the University of the Philippines, the Superstar was asked by the media several questions.

One of the questions was how she felt about a young girl who just won a national singing competition and is being tagged as ‘Little Superstar.’

“Ay, maganda po ‘yun. Dapat tulungan natin ‘yung mga katulad na ganung kabataan sapagkat ‘yan po kapag nagtagal, ‘yan po ang tutulong naman sa kabataan na susunod sa kanila, kaya kailangan tulungan natin (Oh, that’s good. We should support the youth like her because in the long run, young people like those will be the ones to help the next generation, that’s why we need to support (Lyca),” the Superstar said.

Ate Guy (term of endearment for her) also said she’s reviving her movie outfit, NV Productions, but needs to finish all her commitments first but hopefully, it shall be before the end of 2014.

Nora Tiongson Exhibit

Manunuri (Critic) Nic Tiongson with his statement poster for Nora being a multi-media artist

As to when she’ll be doing a mainstream (commercial) movie again, as all she’s been doing all these time were indies, she said there’s no difference between an indie and a mainstream movie.

“Walang pagkakaiba dahil nakakagawa ng maganda na indie, naipalalabas sa ibang bansa, at nagbibigay ito ng karangalan para sa Pilipinas, kagaya ng ‘Thy Womb,’ ang ‘Hustisya’… mapupunta rin sa filmfest (abroad) sa buong mundo (There’s no difference [between an indie film and commercial movie] because good indies are being made, shown in other countries and bring honors for the Philippines, like ‘Thy Womb,’ ‘Hustisya’… will also compete in filmfests all over the world.”


NoraAunorMyNationalArtist supporters

It was Nora Aunor’s recent triumphs abroad (particularly for Thy Womb) that she’s getting recognitions left and right, mostly from educational institutions, notwithstanding the fact that her elevation as National Artist was bypassed by President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.

(See related story Ill-advised or just plain ignorant?: PNoy’s pronouncement why Nora Aunor did not pass as National Artist tantamount to slander and libel

The award, named after Marcelo H. del Pilar (who used Plaridel as pen name, was a Filipino writer, lawyer and journalist and the second and last editor of La Solidaridad, the newspaper of the Reform Movement in Spain), is bestowed upon a Filipino media practitioner who has achieved success in media – film, print, TV and radio.


Nora ecstatic with her Cinemalaya X Best Actress win for ‘Hustisya’

It’s given this year to Nora for her contribution to movies and television on top of radio, recording and stage.

In a video presentation, Dr. Grace Javier-Alfonso, head of the Critics Circle (Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino), said, “Before Nora, white, chiseled, and Caucasian was the standard of beauty, stature and admiration.”

Nora drastically changed the playing field by asserting that the Filipino with his brown complexion, overflowing with talent, could even be more beautiful than the accepted Caucasian standard in Philippine movies.

Other recipients of the prestigious award were Eugenia Duran-Apostol (founder of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2004, print), Vilma Santos (2005, film), Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo (2006, radio), Cecilia “Cheche” L. Lazaro (2007, television), Pachico A. Seares (2008, community print), Kidlat Tahimik (2009, independent filmmaking), Eloisa “Lola Sela” Canlas (2011, radio), Florence “Rosa Rosal” Danon-Gayda (2012, television), and Jose “Pete” Lacaba (2013, print).

Nora is also fresh from her triumph as Best Actress in Cinemalaya X for the movie Hustisya helmed by Joel Lamangan in the Directors Showcase category.

She was called by the presenter as Our National Artist and was given standing ovation as she walked up the stage and accepted her trophy.


With Cinemalaya X co-winners

Her movie was also the topgrossing film as it made rounds in Ayala Cinemas (Trinoma, Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center) on top of the regular showing at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Hustisya also won the Audience Choice Award and the prestigious NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award for “its timely and relevant commentary on the social realities of the country through the female lead character and various notorious personalities plaguing Philippine society.”

Meanwhile, Nora’s first official horror movie, Dementia, directed by TV executive Perci Intalan is hitting theaters on September 24.

Nora Dementia poster1

‘Dementia’ hits theaters September 24

The film, shot in Batanes, also stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Bing Loyzaga, Chynna Ortaleza, Althea Vega, Jeric Gonzales and Yul Servo.

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