Will nationalism prevail over adulation in the China-made Marian Rivera smartphone?

Marian Rivera’s fans number by the millions. She’s pretty. She’s adorable. She’s sexy.

Her physical attributes made her FHM’s 2013 Sexiest Filipina, a title she reclaimed after being named as such in 2008. She’s only the fourth to have been given the title twice. The others were Angel Locsin (2005 and 2010), Katrina Halili (2006, 2007) and Sam Pinto (2011, 2012).


Marian Rivera in FHM’s 14th anniversary issue

She played iconic characters on TV, notably MariMar – the Tagalog adaptation of the popular Spanish telenovela – which catapulted her to unimaginable popularity; Darna, the Mars Ravelo classic flying heroine; Dyesebel, the mythical Filipina mermaid also by Ravelo; and Amaya, a historical fiction of Filipino royals in the 15th century.

The showing of GMA7 teleseryes in neighboring Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia has made Marian an international sensation especially with Temptation of Wife. She was awarded Most Favorite Foreign Artist in a poll conducted by Vietnam’s Today TV channel in December last year, along with reel and real sweetheart Dingdong Dantes.

Presently, Marian topbills Carmela, opposite Alden Richards.

No doubt, the pretty lass from Cavite whose parentage is Spanish-Filipino, commands adulation—men, women, boys, girls, gays, lesbians, young and old alike.


Marian with ‘Carmela’ co-star Alden Richards

Her influence has transcended across land and sea, via airwave, microwave and satellite. And companies take note of that. In fact, Marian is the #5 celebrity endorser. Only Kris Aquino (#1), Kim Chiu (#2), Anne Curtis and John Lloyd Cruz (tied at #3), and Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo (tied at #4) are ahead of the AB Psychology graduate of De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (Cavite).


Goddess Marian: FHM’s Sexiest in 2008 and 2013

Capitalizing on Marian‘s popularity, a mobile phone made in China, which goes by the brand SKK, has named its newest model for the Philippine market after Ms. Rivera. It’s called Marian V1.

According to released specifications, the smartphone’s features are as follows:5-inch IPS display with 854 x 480 screen resolution, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB internal storage.

Running on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS, the Marian V1 also features an 8-megapixel main camera with flash and a front-facing camera, and supports 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and dual-SIM function.

If it’s made in Taiwan, Filipinos may be open to the brand as an alternative to the already crowded cellular phone market as long as it’s cheaper by a thousand or a few hundred pesos.

The thing is, it’s made in China and there is a growing sentiment to boycott Chinese products brought about by the incursion of China in the Spratlys, which Filipinos consider as invasion of territorial domain.

The arrogance of the superpower against smaller nations who are claimants of the area or part of the area like the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam is not taken lightly by the people of said countries. Japan has similar issue with China.

To retaliate, a call to boycott Chinese products is gaining ground. The Vietnamese are more passionate in expressing their disgust. They have called rallies to denounce the arrogance of China against them.

Filipinos, so far, have only expressed their retaliation though social media. The leftists, seen as agents of China by the centrists, have never renounced, not even once, the aggression shown by the Chinese. Leftists are quick to denounce perceived US intervention in the affairs of the Filipino nation, but where are they now that a superpower is subjugating Filipino sovereignty?

Have they forgotten the lines of Lupang Hinirang that says, Sa manlulupig di ka pasisiil (To the subjugators don’t allow [yourself] to be downtrodden)?

Taken from the thread of the announcement on Yahoo, some netizens reacted strongly to the made in China Marian (Rivera) smartphone that will hit the stores shortly:

SFNBKo Cgurado FLOP ang sales ng phone like her series of FLOP movies. Business suicide ang tawag dyan. Haha

APSW yakk chinese product

MVL Cheap na nga,mas magiging cheap pa ang phone na to

MJH s pgkaka alm q nauna n ang myphone s Sarah G. phone nla

TP Marian phone?! Nakow!

EV another floppy ad bwahaha!

LC wow ang ganda.

TB Yuck

RRS what the hell……tsk tsk tsk…wala na bang iba..

NR Boycott!

BC Bongga!

PK di naman bibili pero kung manira, wagas…lol

NC ai waley! lugi sila nyan..hehehe….


Marian with boyfriend Dingdong Dantes at the latter’s graduation

There are those who worship stars no matter what. In fact, they’d be willing to fight tooth and nail when their idols are smudged. They also buy all products endorsed by the lords or goddesses of their imagination.

The big question now is, will starstruck fans continue with their blind adulation or for once nationalism get the better of them this time?

Follow Marian Rivera or boycott the made in China product she endorses?

As majority of netizens come from the youth sector, the closest to nationalism they may have expressed was during the Million People March in Luneta against Pork Barrel or PDAF. They haven’t felt the fervor of EDSA Revolution. They haven’t seen the passion of EDSA Dos or the violence brought by the zombie-like participants of Ortigas Uno.

(Sorry, there was no such thing as EDSA Tres. Only a small part of Ortigas was peopled by hakot Erap supporters, who marched to Malacanang and torched several vehicles at Mendiola, including a GMA7 OB van.)

The fight is no longer just confined to the corruption in government. It is now to defend territory and patrimony from foreign aggression/invasion.


Only 177 out of 555 sea turtles were alive when Philippine National Police apprehended Chinese poachers off Palawan

Just recently, the Philippine National Police apprehended Chinese fishermen off Palawan. China warned that the fishermen be released immediately without any condition or the Philippines will suffer retaliation from Beijing. It turned out that those apprehended are actually poachers.

(Click link for full article http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/regions/05/12/14/chinese-poachers-also-face-illegal-entry-raps)

Chinese poaching in Philippine waters is talamak (chronic), sobra na (too much) and need to stop at all cost.

It may be hard to take revenge or altogether boycott made in China products as the whole world has become a huge Chinese marketplace but boycotting major electronic gadgets especially those of yet-to-be-proven quality can be a significant form of retaliation.

By the way, another Chinese smartphone, Xiaomi, is set to enter the Southeast Asian market. The company plans to conquer Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, Thailand then India. After which it plans to make its presence felt in Mexico and Latin America.


Clearing out FB clutter in the Year of the Horse: Unfriend, Unlike, Unfollow

We have friends—whether real friends or just acquaintances we want to be friends with—in the neighborhood, at school or workplace, communities we belong to in the past and organizations we belong to in the present. There are also those who are friends of our friends and friends of friends of our friends. Multiply that deep down and one’s friends circle could cover at least halfway around the globe.


Facebook revolutionized how people interact socially. People no longer have to wait minutes or seconds to respond to a person’s query or post or comment on any issue discussed, shared or promoted. Users can do that real-time. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and associates.

For non-celebrities, having as many people in the Friends or Followers list could be an accomplishment or even achievement, as the feeling of getting many Likes may give an adrenalin rush to some. However, there is a downside to this. Isn’t it that many crimes had been committed thru FB? Scammers and fraudsters proliferate on the Net. And most of the time it’s the mentally weak that become victims.

FB has also become a ground for dating and sex, seeking those of similar interests, or even the opposite. Sometimes it goes out of hand. How many times have we read or heard about people getting robbed, hoodwinked, raped or even murdered by people whom they met only thru Facebook?


It’s not really a New Year’s Resolution, but it’s just appropriate to clear out FB clutter at the start of the year. It’s like sanitizing our homes — remove all garbage and cleanse the surroundings.


If there’s a button to Add Friend, there’s also an option to Unfriend. Click the Friends button and scroll down to the last option.

What could be a reason to Unfriend someone? The experience may be private and personal or public humiliation. It could have been committed in person or through the Feeds.

At the height of Typhoon Haiyan’s (local name Yolanda) devastation in Central Philippines, people showed their best and worst side. The humane among netizens felt that it was crime to post selfies and food prepared during celebrations.

Those with less-than-human hearts relished in their narcissistic ways, smiling or even laughing, while millions in that part of the globe have only their clothes on their back, nothing to eat and water to drink, crying for the loss of their homes, livelihood and loved ones.

There was an appeal on Facebook, that at least for the next few weeks those who were lucky enough to be alive and still enjoying earth’s bounty to please refrain from posting selfies and food. Many netizens relented. But the obstinate ones even got mad and said things about the situation — some to the point of cursing why they should be prevented to post selfies — when they were reminded of the appeal. Would you continue being friends with those kind of people?

Typhoon Haiyan ended lives. It also ended numerous Facebook friendships.


The social media is used by companies, organizations or persons to advance their interests and positions. To get to the widest audience possible, Facebook charges a fee to promote a Page to a targeted age bracket.


The first feed is usually interesting, and one is enticed to Like Page. As time goes by, the character and personality of the people behind the Page are unmasked by their subsequent posts.

For instance, in the aftermath of Paul Walker’s death, the Photoshop savvy eager-beavers posted photos supposedly of Paul’s disfigured face and body in the morgue. Without much ado, those who have sense and sensibility posted their reaction on the Page and clicked Unlike. It’s better never to get any feed from the org anymore, so as not to be pissed again in the future.

There’s also this org posting amazing photos. True, the photos are amazing, never before seen, but they post every two minutes, flooding and clogging one’s home page. The photos can well be appreciated better if they know what sensible interval is.


Facebook has an option for users to set up Follow. This is in lieu of Add Friend. Mostly, celebrities set their accounts that way.

There is a maximum number allowed in the Friends list. Facebook informs a user when that person can no longer accept friend requests.

But ordinary Joes and Janes can set their account to get Followers, too. When a friend request is not confirmed, the requester is automatically tagged as Follower.


Celebrities or Public Figures have admins that post in their behalf. The irresponsible ones or fraudsters are easily detected.

One Page claiming to be a movement for the presidential platform of an incumbent senator posted an ad for a travel agency and a real estate company. The politician advocates anti-corruption, and here in the Page under the politician’s name, corruption is practiced by whoever created it. Misrepresentation is corruption.

A young celebrity posts snippets of wisdom in his Page. You’d know that it’s not him because his depth actually makes him shallow. He’s not been in the business for a decade yet, has not attended college and not known to be a wide reader. Wouldn’t it be better for him to just post about his projects, photos and activities than be charlatan?

Click the Follow button to Unfollow.

Extreme cases: Report/Block User

Annoyance could be one reason to Report/Block User. But the worst reason is threat.

Not few users get annoyed by others’ posts. It could be because they don’t want being tagged in the most subliminal reference, read about complaints and innuendos or simply do not like stupidity or vulgarity. It could also be the person is a poser, someone who uses other people’s names and photos.

Click the Friends button. Report/Block User is on the second to the last option, just above Unfriend. Click it if and when there’s abuse or threat. That way, whatever the person does to contact or search you again can no longer do it using his or her FB account.

Caution: Never Add Friend if there’s only one photo in the profile. Most likely that is a bogus account or the one who created it has sinister plans.


And just like with anything else, the best way to use Facebook is moderation. It is a very helpful tool, but can also be destructive if one is not careful.

2014 is Year of the Wood Horse. It would be good to clear out garbage and cleanse and sanitize everything, including Facebook.

Links worth checking:




Globe Tattoo WiMAX

Internet access is a necessity nowadays. But a fast, reliable internet connection is what we want.

It’s very frustrating to have a topnotch laptop yet internet is darn slow.  There is an internet cafe in my neighborhood but I don’t know the wi-fi password (the owner would not even give it to her staff) even if my system catches the signal. I tried Smartbro PowePlugIt at P1245 with 10 days unlimited free internet access, after which it became P20 per hour. Man, just to login to Yahoo! or Facebook would take forever!

My frustration led me to the internet cafe at times, which is just about 20 steps away from my house. I never considered PLDT anymore as land phone is now passé with the advent of wireless technology.

On the other hand, Sun was honest enough to say that signal in my area was weak and that would only disappoint me if I get their wi-fi or plug-it stick. And since Globe has no outlet at SM Center Las Pinas, I thought it to be the same as Sun, otherwise a big company like them should have an outlet at SM or nearby.

Since Sky Cable had been bombarding the place with ads — tarpaulins, leaflets, wall posts and kiosks — I thought for a while that maybe, just maybe,  Sky broadband could be the answer to my dilemma. But the cost of P3300+ for initial payment for wi-fi installation was too much.

Quite noticeable though was Globe’s ads on TV and in the newspapers for their Tattoo WiMAX. I clipped the ads in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and planned to just inquire about it at their SM Southmall office. I had a feeling it could work in my area.

Last week, I heard a man shouting “Globe internet!” while biking around the village. I went out and asked if it was the Tattoo WiMAX I had been seeing on TV and in the papers. He said, yes, but not exactly. I told him my frustration with Smartbro and my apprehension about Globe having no outlet at SM Center, which means there was no signal at all where I live.

He just got an order, a street away, for installation that Friday, he said. And if signal strength was just two bars or three bars, they won’t proceed with the installation at all. There was a promo for the Marine plan which he encouraged me to sign up for.

So my schedule came. Set at 4:00 p.m. I was not getting any text message or call or saw Globe’s service vehicle in the area. I even thought that my application could have been denied. I texted the rep if installation was to go through as it was becoming late. I got a text from an installation staff instead that their men were on the way.

It was almost 7:00 p.m. and drizzling. Wearing Globe Tattoo jackets, one guy was walking and the other was on a motorcycle getting past my house. I went out and asked if they were looking for my house number.

In a little more than an hour on a rainy evening, they were able to setup the microwave antenna on the garage roof. I got my WiMAX connection — five bars, full strength.

I’ve never experienced internet connection this fast before, even faster than the neighborhood cafe’s. And the cash out? It’s only P999 and that is for one month advance for the service. Oh well, two years contract or holding period is not an issue. I’m a first-time Globe customer (loyal Smart user since my very first cellphone) and I’m satisfied.

Now I can do blogs and home-based online work.


WiMAX – Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

Wi-Fi – used to certify the interoperability of wireless computer networking devices