Daniel Matsunaga is ‘PBB All In’ Big Winner!

Name and character plus natural goodness spelled the difference for PBB All In Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga.

The Brazilian-Japanese model who made the Philippines his home for the last many years was already an established name on TV and the modelling circuit when he was belatedly added to the reality program, the ratings of which could not seem to take off due to uninteresting roster of housemates.

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Daniel Big Winner Pic1Daniel Matsunaga

It was only during the last three weeks of the show, when the excitement over The Voice Kids subsided that interest on the remaining housemates became a staple of conversations across all strata.

Maris Big 4 Pic Red Dress1Maris Racal

In the end, viewers used sense and sensibility in choosing the winner, and it was Maris Racal (Singing Sunshine Ng Davao) and not Jane Oineza (Rising Celebriteen Ng Pasig) that came out stronger for the win.

Although Jane was seen by many of her supporters as a strong-willed person, there were more people who saw her as hypocrite, double-faced (as Manolo Pedrosa said), flirt and all other reasons why she’s the most bashed and most defended housemate in this edition.

Jane Big 4 Pic Semi KneelingJane Oineza

Daniel was seen to be cool, masipag, responsible, can get along with anyone, discounting the fact that teen viewers and supporters called him oldie or tanda.

The voting system was tweaked when BBS (Save) minus BBE (Evict) became the basis for eviction and finally, in declaring the Big 4 and the Big Winner.

Vickie Big 4 Pic Dress2 ElegantVickie Rushton

When Loisa Andalio was evicted last Saturday for getting the least net percentage of votes, Jane (27.06%) was leading Daniel (11.91%) by 15.15%. Maris was third with 8.18% and Vickie was fourth with 1.09%.

Daniel’s net vote only changed a little – 11.69% but it was more than enough to make him the Big Winner, as Jane’s net vote percentage dropped drastically to less than 1% – only -.73%. It meant that more people wanted her out of the winning podium than those ranting supporters who’ve been shouting and screaming since Day 1.

PBB All In BIg Night Big 4The Big 4 on the Big Night

Maris, although her percentage votes dropped more than half, it was still positive at 3.1% and good to be second placer.

Vickie was at the tailend with -.78%.

As the Big Winner, Daniel received a check of P1 million; Maris as second placer, P500,000; Jane as third, P300,000; and Vickie as fourth, P200,000.

Daniel also won for himself a condo unit, negosyo package and Asian tour package.

All four expressed surprise at the warm reception for each of them.

PBB All In Housemated Pre-ShowThe housemates during the pre-show

When Maris was asked what she can advise to teeners like her, she said to dream big, nothing less and nothing else.

Although not Filipino (but definitely looks like a handsome Filipino in every angle and every aspect), Daniel did not hold his tears when he expressed his gratefulness for the support he received.

PBB All In Final VotesThe result shows U wins

Filipino by heart, he’s even a lot better that most Filipinos because he learned the language and immersed himself in the culture of his adopted country and people, whereas a lot of the sosyal and pa-sosyal refuse to speak in Tagalog among themselves as the language daw is good only for drivers, maids, househelps and the lower class.

Vickie was met by her family, including boyfriend Jason Abalos. Jane was met by her mom and little brother. Maris was met by her parents. Daniel was met by his mom and sister Vanessa.

Daniel Acrobat PicDaniel in acrobatic mode

Daniel already appeared in some movies and teleseryes on GMA. He was also linked to Kris Aquino and called by Kris’ son Bimby as Tito Dandan.

On Twitter (@DandanMatsunaga), Daniel thanked his supporters soon after the show, saying:

“Good morning #Team Matsunaga the #BigWinner is here it’s #Daniel Matsunaga..! Thank you sa support..! #PBBTheBigNight…”

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‘PBB All In’ Big Winner known Sunday: Jane Oineza or Daniel Matsunaga?

Before the official announcement that Loisa Andalio has been evicted on Saturday, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In watchers already decided on social media whom to support to make it to the Big 4, leading to the announcement of the Big Winner on Sunday at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Jane Oineza glamour shot

Jane Oineza

On Wednesday, previous winners of the reality franchise visited the remaining five housemates then gave their choices for the Big Winner of this edition in the confession room.

Sexy star Keanna Reeves who won in the first celebrity edition in 2006 named teen actress Jane Oineza as her Big Winner.


Daniel Matsunaga

The guys – James Reid (Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010) and Slater Young (Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited 2012 and also host of PBB All In Ubertime Online) – chose Daniel Matsunaga, the only male survivor, as the Big Winner.

Myrtle Sarrosa (PBB Teen Edition 4 2010) named Maris Racal as her choice.

Maris Racal PBBAllIn

Maris Racal

Vickie Rushton and Loisa Andalio did not get any endorsement.

The final percentage of votes as revealed on Saturday put Vickie and Loisa in the bottom two, getting 1.09% and 0.99% respectively.


Vickie Rushton

Jane, with her legions of supporters, led with 27.06%; Daniel with 11.91%; and Maris with 8.18%.

Expectedly, Loisa followed Joshua’s eviction from the yellow house, dropping off her dream of making it to the Big 4.


Loisa Andalio and Joshua Garcia

Joshua, now branded the laziest housemate ever, expressed her love for Loisa during his Ubertime interview, expressing that he won’t be pursuing Jane anymore in the outside world.

Slater Young Smart C Slater Young

James Reid1 James Reid

Bonus video: James Reid singing ‘All Of Me’ on ‘GGV’


Keanna Reeves (a) Keanna Reeves

MYRTLE SARROSA 4 Myrtle Sarrosa

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Joshua’s eviction elates ‘PBB All In’ nation, Big 4 known soon

No eviction has brought so much elation since Cess Visitacion than Joshua Garcia bidding goodbye to his Pinoy Big Brother All In Big 4 dreams last Sunday.

Joshua Garcia Eviction pic1

Joshua Garcia in the confession room

Save (BBS) minus Evict (BBE) votes gave Joshua a net -34.57% rating, compared to Jane Oineza’s 24.75% and Daniel Matsunaga’s 9.82%.

#PBB12thEvictionNight was the worldwide Twitter top trending topic and Bye Joshua was #6. Two rungs below at #8 was We Love You Joshua.


Results in: Joshua is evicted!

The BBE votes said so: One regular viewer tweeted, “Why I feel so happy? Coz Joshua is the latest evictee for tonight!”

Another one said, “I’m the happiest person right now. Bye Joshua.”

Still another, “Bye Joshua! You made my night! Yehey, tears of joy ito.”

Others said the same thing: “Bye Joshua! You deserved that!”

“Oh, my gosh! Finally! Bye Joshua!”

“Thank you, Lord. Goodbye Joshua!”

“Finally, you’re out! It’s worth voting! Bye Joshua!”

Joshua eviction

Pitting against celebrities, it was expected, said Joshua

More: “OK, bye Joshua! Never liked you anyway!”

“Goodbye Joshua! No one will miss you!”

“Sorry not sorry. Bye Joshua!”

“The most eager housemate to reach Big 4 has been evicted from Big Brother’s House! Lol. Bye Joshua. Nice try.”

“The most deserving evictee. I don’t hate you Joshua. Just that you are no more worthy. Bye Joshua.”

“One flirt down, one plastic to go! Bye Joshua. Isunod na si Loisa. Haha.”

“Goodbye Joshua. You deserved it so much. Hahahaha. Well-deserved talaga.”

“They be like: Why Joshua? I be like: Bye Joshua sorrynotsorry.”

“Bye Joshua. I’ll set a party tomorrow. Lol.”

“This is the most anticipated and well-deserved eviction after Cess.”

Kim Chiu in PBB Confession Room

Kim Chiu to grace final eviction

Last August 5, Kim Chiu, herself PBB Teen Edition big winner in 2006, tweeted:

“watched pbb! Haha #affected may isang guy super not deserving to be part ng big4..as in!!! tamad feeler and makatwiran sa sarili is (thumb down).”

KImChiu tweet re Joshua

The post that set Twitter afire

Netizens, particularly fans and supporters of Joshua immediately reacted to the post, as the allusion clearly pointed to the boy from Batangas.

At that time, the only two other guys left were Daniel and Manolo Pedrosa, who was evicted last week.


Manolo Pedrosa

Joshua was seen as the laziest housemate, voted Manolo for eviction being his strongest rival, and even said it’s not fair to vote off the lazy ones (Loisa is the lazy girl, according to Daniel) as it would take away their chance to change.

Kim stood her ground, saying that it was her opinion (and we live in a democratic country), so reactions to her tweet did not matter. She will be inside the house on August 19 (Saturday).

Loisa PBB Reaction pics

Loisa Andalio reacts to announcement

Netizens are campaigning among themselves that Loisa should be the final evictee – with Jane, Vickie Rushton, Maris Racal and Daniel seen making it to the Big 4 and the big winner declared on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at Resorts World Manila.

Joshua gave his Twitter account when he guested on Ubertime on Monday: @iamjoshuagarcia

PBB Big 4

The Big 4? Sure!

Click link to view PBB All In Ubertime with Joshua http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/pbb/videos/2014/08/18/pbb-all-in-ubertime-with-joshua

Photos and video from PBB All In Facebook page and http://www.abs-cbn.com

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Teen power permeates ‘PBB All In’

Although Nichole Baranda has been evicted for getting the lowest number of votes last Sunday, it’s still teen power working on PBB All In – whether it’s the teens themselves voting or it’s the supporters of the teens in the reality show franchise maneuvering the results.


Jane Oineza

Crowded hallways are the loneliest places
For outcasts and rebels
Or anyone who just dares to be different
And you’ve been trying for so long
To find out where your place is
But in their narrow minds
There’s no room for anyone who dares to do something different
Oh, but listen for a minute

Trust the one
Who’s been where you are wishing all it was
Was sticks and stones
Those words cut deep but they don’t mean you’re all alone
And you’re not invisible
Hear me out,
There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now
Someday you’ll look back on all these days
And all this pain is gonna be invisible
Oh, invisible…

So goes the song – Invisible by Hunter Hayes – which is the eviction song of PBB All In. (Clink link to get to the official music video http://youtu.be/LiUqgL5urWc)


Nichole Baranda

First to be declared safe among the six nominees – Jane, Joshua, Loisa, Daniel, Nichole and Fifth – was Jane for getting 45.40% of the votes. Then she completed the task all by herself which earned her raves and admiration from viewers – fans and bashers alike.


Joshua Garcia

Alex Gonzaga on Saturday announced that of the remaining five, the first to be safe was a skillful male housemate who at times has some misunderstandings with the others but still fights on to stay in Big Brother’s house – and that was Joshua.


Loisa Andalo

Then she named Loisa as the next safe housemate, leaving the other three who fought for viewers’ votes on Sunday.

Twitterians had another grand time setting the social media platform on fire, making #PBBAll7thEviction the worldwide trending topic.


Daniel Matsunaga

Some tweeted prematurely, “Bye, tanda (oldie)!” alluding to Daniel Matsunaga.

Fifth Solomon Pagotan’s supporters did not allow him to be evicted much earlier than his twin, Fourth – who’s seen not only to make it to the Big 4 but possibly the grand winner.


Fifth Pagotan

The previous week saw the real tug between teens and adult housemates.

Ranty had a lease of life for one week when he redeemed Joshua which sat well with the fans and supporters of the teener from Batangas.


Fourth Pagotan

Then when it was just between him and Aina Solano, he overwhelmingly got the votes and the Dancing Bombshell Ng Boracay got booted out.

(See related story ‘PBB All In’: Ranty saved from eviction; Aina leaves house; Alex sure to go next week https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/pbb-all-in-ranty-saved-from-eviction-aina-leaves-house-alex-sure-to-go-next-week/ and ‘PBB All In’ 4th Eviction: Will Joshua’s supporters save Ranty The Redeemer? https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/pbb-all-in-4th-eviction-will-joshuas-supporters-save-ranty-the-redeemer/)

Between Loisa Andalo and Jayme Jalandoni, the teener from Las Pinas got saved. And between Michele Gumabao and Joshua, the boy got saved.


Jayme Jalandoni

Jayme only made a noise during the nude painting challenge, that even senators moved to have the reality show monitored as it was (according to them, specifically Senators Nancy Binay and Pia Cayetano) posing danger to morality.

Michele, who was expected to command votes being a sports celebrity and daughter of movie actor-turned politician-turned religious leader Dennis Roldan a.k.a. Mitchell Gumabao, got overpowered by the supporters of teener Joshua.


Michele Gumabao

It’s been more than two months now since PBB All In started and in a few more weeks the Big 4 will be known.

As of this time, there’s no announcement yet whether elevator girl Cheridel Alejandrino (who shot to fame via YouTube) is a regular housemate vying for votes or a house guest like the one she replaced, host Alex Gonzaga.


Cheridel Alejandrino

She has shown motherly affection to female teen housemates particularly Loisa, and also felt affection from Manolo Pedrosa, Wonder Son Ng Quezon City (seen to make it to Big 4 and possibly Fourth’s main rival for the ultimate win due to strong fan base), whom she said reminds her of her son.


Manolo Pedrosa

PBB All In airs weeknights on Primetime Bida, and on Saturdays and Sundays as part of ABS-CBN’s Yes! Weekend lineup. Uber, meanwhile, airs afternoon updates on weekdays.

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4th ‘PBB All In’ evictee: Jacob Benedicto can now croon ‘Yakap Sa Dilim’ anytime, all the time

Housemates considered Jacob Benedicto overly competitive, strategizing behind their backs that they wanted him evicted. Garnering also the lowest vote percentage of 16.59% against Jane Oineza’s 30.21% and Maris Racal’s 53.19% made the Cutie Crooner Ng Paranaque the fourth PBB All In evictee on Saturday.


Jacob Benedicto holds back tears as he expresses thanks for his experience inside Big Brother’s house

A singer and stage performer, Jacob is mistakenly identified as a semi-finalist in The Voice of the Philippines Season 1 (won by Mitoy Yonting), when in fact not one of the judges turned to say I Want You up to the last note of his audition song The Way You Look Tonight.


Jane Oineza assured of longer stay inside Big Brother’s house as she’s saved from eviction

However, Jacob has had a stint in Kanta Pilipinas, sporting his real family name which is Gayanelo.

Jacob grew up in Indonesia and had to brush up his Tagalog when he came back to the Philippines. He showed musicality early on when he played the drums for a pre-teen band in the neighboring country.


Maris Racal wants to stay longest inside Big Brother’s house to set good example to teens

He said that his stay inside the prominent yellow house in Quezon City was the best month of his life, thanking Kuya (Big Brother) for the experience.


Jacob can now continue smiling and crooning. He has some singing videos on YouTube.

Back to the outside world, Jacob can now croon anytime he wants, especially his favorite Yakap Sa Dilim by Apo Hiking Society. Orange And Lemons (original singers of the Pinoy Big Brother theme Pinoy Ako) also has a version of the ditty.

Twenty-one-year-old Jacob is on his senior year at De La Salle University taking up AB Communication Arts.


Axel Torres: Doors are now open for an acting career

Last week, it was Green Archers basketeer Axel Torres that came out early. Previous to that, Chevin Cecilio had the distinction of being the first evictee of the ABS-CBN reality program this season. Cess Visitacion was meted out forced eviction for breaking so many house rules.

Pinoy Big Brother All In Uber broadcasts at 3:15 p.m. weekdays, PBB All In at 9:50 p.m. weeknights, 9:15 p.m. Saturdays and 8:45 p.m. Sundays.

Full episodes available in the Philippines on www.iwantv.com.ph and for those outside the Philippines, it’s on www.tfc.tv.

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‘PBB All In’: What could be Daniel Matsunaga’s mission inside Big Brother’s house?

Alex Gonzaga is expected to get out of Pinoy Big Brother All In soon as The Voice Kids, which she hosts with Luis Manzano, starts airing on May 24. She was, after all, told by Kuya (Big Brother) that she’s just a celebrity house guest and not a regular housemate like the 17 others.

With the eviction of Chevin Cecilio and Cess Visitacion last Saturday, model hunk Brazilian-Japanese and now Makati City resident Daniel Matsunaga entered the same night as the two were leaving.


Will he bring in the numbers?

Whether he’s considered as regular housemate or as celebrity house guest replacement for Alex does not matter.

What matters, as viewers will be watching in the coming days, is the purpose of his getting into the house.

There are no figures yet for the ratings, but for sure the numbers depend on which survey company the network subscribes to, so the credibility remains questionable and percentages are taken with frown, especially by loyalists of the rival station.

Analysts have three things in mind why Daniel Matsunaga is entered into the ABS-CBN reality program.

First is to bring in the ratings. The uproar how the housemates were pre-selected and made fools out of the 44,000+ who lined up for auditions has affected its viewership. Only the diehards and suckers for drama and pretty faces are religiously following the show. So to fire up interest, a hottie has to be brought in to bring in the numbers.


Sandara Park (in red), now known as Dara of the Korean girl group 2NE1, joins ‘PBB All In’ housemates

Sandara Park’s guesting may have lured back her fans to the show but that was just a one-shot deal.

(See related stories https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/many-are-fooled-but-few-are-chosen-shouldnt-pinoy-big-brother-all-in-be-just-star-magic-batch-20-instead/and https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/fooled-44000-auditionees-still-watch-pbb-all-in-alex-just-celebrity-house-guest-top-5-revealed-in-first-week-poll/)

Why Daniel Matsunaga then?


Daniel leads the housemates to a simple but rigorous workout, showing his mastery of fitness

Because among the male models in Manila, he’s the most recognizable face – not just for his handsomeness but also for having been linked to Heart Evangelista and… hold your breath… Kris Aquino!

Second, if he’s not yet a contract artist of Star Magic, then his appearance on PBB All In is the acid test, similar to what ABS-CBN did with Sam Milby. The network has plans of making a big star out of Daniel and the suckers for drama and pretty faces are the same people who scream, shout, patiently line-up in shows and appearances and buy tickets at the boxoffice. Daniel Matsunaga could be another goldmine, like the other Daniel, Daniel Padilla.

The third and final reason is somewhat amusing.

Upon the announcement of the official roster of PBB All In housemates, the gay community used their olfactory skills, whether one is musky or fishy, in spotting their kind. That intuition is called gaydar.

Bekis (open gays) say that two of the suspected four male housemates are confirmed badings (homosexuals) or silahistas (bisexuals).

“You can tell how they move, how they act, those little gestures. Ang guguwapo pa naman (they’re so handsome). Besides, they’ve had encounters with denizens of the beki neighborhood already so not just one, not just two, not just three know na berde ang dugo nila (they are green-blooded – slang for being gay).”

How would Daniel fit into the picture?


Will he bring out those in the closet?

“Oh, Daniel will be the means for those hiding to come out of the closet. With Daniel’s looks any gay holding on so hard as straight will surely be unsuspectingly revealed when a half-naked Daniel Matsunaga is standing or even just sitting in front of him,” a certified pogay (handsome gay) said laughing.

Another pogay said that if cameras will follow their moves closely, it would take only two minutes to two hours for a closeted gay, albeit secretly, to drool over a half-naked Daniel Matsunaga.

(Anyone can share their thoughts for other possible reasons.)

There are still more than 70 days left before the winner is known. It really doesn’t matter, too, if Daniel stays until proclamation night or just a couple of weeks. What matters most, as viewers will be closely observing, would be if Daniel Matsunaga’s mission is accomplished.

Except last image, photos from www.abs-cbn.com.