Clearing out FB clutter in the Year of the Horse: Unfriend, Unlike, Unfollow

We have friends—whether real friends or just acquaintances we want to be friends with—in the neighborhood, at school or workplace, communities we belong to in the past and organizations we belong to in the present. There are also those who are friends of our friends and friends of friends of our friends. Multiply that deep down and one’s friends circle could cover at least halfway around the globe.


Facebook revolutionized how people interact socially. People no longer have to wait minutes or seconds to respond to a person’s query or post or comment on any issue discussed, shared or promoted. Users can do that real-time. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and associates.

For non-celebrities, having as many people in the Friends or Followers list could be an accomplishment or even achievement, as the feeling of getting many Likes may give an adrenalin rush to some. However, there is a downside to this. Isn’t it that many crimes had been committed thru FB? Scammers and fraudsters proliferate on the Net. And most of the time it’s the mentally weak that become victims.

FB has also become a ground for dating and sex, seeking those of similar interests, or even the opposite. Sometimes it goes out of hand. How many times have we read or heard about people getting robbed, hoodwinked, raped or even murdered by people whom they met only thru Facebook?


It’s not really a New Year’s Resolution, but it’s just appropriate to clear out FB clutter at the start of the year. It’s like sanitizing our homes — remove all garbage and cleanse the surroundings.


If there’s a button to Add Friend, there’s also an option to Unfriend. Click the Friends button and scroll down to the last option.

What could be a reason to Unfriend someone? The experience may be private and personal or public humiliation. It could have been committed in person or through the Feeds.

At the height of Typhoon Haiyan’s (local name Yolanda) devastation in Central Philippines, people showed their best and worst side. The humane among netizens felt that it was crime to post selfies and food prepared during celebrations.

Those with less-than-human hearts relished in their narcissistic ways, smiling or even laughing, while millions in that part of the globe have only their clothes on their back, nothing to eat and water to drink, crying for the loss of their homes, livelihood and loved ones.

There was an appeal on Facebook, that at least for the next few weeks those who were lucky enough to be alive and still enjoying earth’s bounty to please refrain from posting selfies and food. Many netizens relented. But the obstinate ones even got mad and said things about the situation — some to the point of cursing why they should be prevented to post selfies — when they were reminded of the appeal. Would you continue being friends with those kind of people?

Typhoon Haiyan ended lives. It also ended numerous Facebook friendships.


The social media is used by companies, organizations or persons to advance their interests and positions. To get to the widest audience possible, Facebook charges a fee to promote a Page to a targeted age bracket.


The first feed is usually interesting, and one is enticed to Like Page. As time goes by, the character and personality of the people behind the Page are unmasked by their subsequent posts.

For instance, in the aftermath of Paul Walker’s death, the Photoshop savvy eager-beavers posted photos supposedly of Paul’s disfigured face and body in the morgue. Without much ado, those who have sense and sensibility posted their reaction on the Page and clicked Unlike. It’s better never to get any feed from the org anymore, so as not to be pissed again in the future.

There’s also this org posting amazing photos. True, the photos are amazing, never before seen, but they post every two minutes, flooding and clogging one’s home page. The photos can well be appreciated better if they know what sensible interval is.


Facebook has an option for users to set up Follow. This is in lieu of Add Friend. Mostly, celebrities set their accounts that way.

There is a maximum number allowed in the Friends list. Facebook informs a user when that person can no longer accept friend requests.

But ordinary Joes and Janes can set their account to get Followers, too. When a friend request is not confirmed, the requester is automatically tagged as Follower.


Celebrities or Public Figures have admins that post in their behalf. The irresponsible ones or fraudsters are easily detected.

One Page claiming to be a movement for the presidential platform of an incumbent senator posted an ad for a travel agency and a real estate company. The politician advocates anti-corruption, and here in the Page under the politician’s name, corruption is practiced by whoever created it. Misrepresentation is corruption.

A young celebrity posts snippets of wisdom in his Page. You’d know that it’s not him because his depth actually makes him shallow. He’s not been in the business for a decade yet, has not attended college and not known to be a wide reader. Wouldn’t it be better for him to just post about his projects, photos and activities than be charlatan?

Click the Follow button to Unfollow.

Extreme cases: Report/Block User

Annoyance could be one reason to Report/Block User. But the worst reason is threat.

Not few users get annoyed by others’ posts. It could be because they don’t want being tagged in the most subliminal reference, read about complaints and innuendos or simply do not like stupidity or vulgarity. It could also be the person is a poser, someone who uses other people’s names and photos.

Click the Friends button. Report/Block User is on the second to the last option, just above Unfriend. Click it if and when there’s abuse or threat. That way, whatever the person does to contact or search you again can no longer do it using his or her FB account.

Caution: Never Add Friend if there’s only one photo in the profile. Most likely that is a bogus account or the one who created it has sinister plans.


And just like with anything else, the best way to use Facebook is moderation. It is a very helpful tool, but can also be destructive if one is not careful.

2014 is Year of the Wood Horse. It would be good to clear out garbage and cleanse and sanitize everything, including Facebook.

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Ariella’s ‘Latinas can’t even finish a sentence in English’ comment taken out of context; Miss Brazil denies ‘racist’ remark

Before leaving for the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow on Monday, Miss Philippines Ariella Arida was interviewed live by Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart. ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel) broadcasts in English.


The country’s delegate to the most prestigious beauty contest was asked about criticisms on her communication skills, that she can’t express herself in English well.

Although a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Ariella seems not to be as fluid as other beauty queens, but her English is, well, passable.

There was even a suggestion that she may need an interpreter for the question-and-answer portion, which she deemed unnecessary as she can express her thoughts and feelings on her own.

She added that Latinas can’t even finish a complete sentence in English yet they’ve won.

We saw the interview and we understood the flow of the conversation. Ariella did not mean anything to demean Latinas. All she was saying was if and when she can’t deliver her answer in perfect English it doesn’t mean she’s no longer apt for the crown, as other contestants who need interpreters do.

That interview drew flak from DJ in limbo, Mo Twister, now based in New York. He only took that part of the interview and appeared to start fire with the whole Latino race to condemn Ara, saying that Filipinos are too sensitive when the comments are negative, like that of Dan Brown and Alec Baldwin, but here, one of our own, taking a swipe at an entire race.

He even added he’s “quite certain a few of the Latina contestants can cook up few intelligible lines in English that would leave Ariella here dizzy in her heels.”

Bashers and supporters had a great time exchanging tirades for a couple of days because of that. A fellow Miss Universe candidate, Jakelyne Oliveira, representing Brazil, was supposed to have commented via Twitter about Ariella’s racist remarks. But the Latina beauty later clarified that she has no Twitter account and somebody was just using her name in answer to the allegations.

Written in Portuguese but automatically translated by Bing when you click “See Translation” Miss Brazil said in her personal Facebook account : “Good afternoon from Moscow! Guys, unfortunately some people are using profiles of social networks (Facebook and Twitter) in my name and publishing false information. My official profiles are that Facebook page Jaakelyne on Instagram. Don’t have a profile on Twitter or any other social network… Please share this information with their networks so that more people know and be sure to follow the fake profiles.”


The Twitter page was subsequently deleted, but some tweets managed to circulate and were replied by Filipino netizens apologizing for the misinterpretation of Ariella’s remark.

In last year’s pageant, Janine Tugonon’s question was if it’s a requirement, being an ambassador, to be fluent in English, as Miss Universe. She answered that it really did not matter, as long as the person speaks from the heart then it will be understood by all people. Her performance in the answer-and-question portion was in fact had more impact than that of Miss USA, who was proclaimed the winner, and Miss Philippines was first runner-up.

For excerpts of the interview, please click or copy paste the link

Photos from and the organization bearing water mark. You can also visit Missosology on Facebook. First photo shows Ariella with Jakelyne. Second photo shows Ariella with Miss Bulgaria

Jubilant motorcade for Megan Young despite rain

Despite the heavy downpour last Friday, thousands of people lined up the streets and workers went out of their offices to get a glimpse of Miss World 2013 Megan Young during her victory parade.

Starting at the corner of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenues around 3 p.m., the motorcade turned to Ayala, the financial district of Makati City. Confetti also rained on Megan, the Philippines’ first Miss World in the contest’s 63-year history.

Wearing a red modern terno, the 23-year-old actress and TV personality was all smiles throughout the parade fit for a queen. She returned the waves and flying kisses of those that took time to see her amid the typhoon that was battering the metro.


Riding the float with her were Miss World Organization Chair Julia Morley who arrived with Megan from London and Philippine franchise holder and columnist Cory Quirino.

The motorcade was supposed to end at the Mall of Asia but the organizers decided to cut it short upon reaching EDSA. Megan and her entourage then transferred to cars and were driven to the meet-and-greet venue.

“The roof (of the float) might cave in,” Ms. Quirino told the media.


Unmindful of the downpour, people said they were at the parade because it’s their way of not only showing support for Megan, but most importantly thanking her for bringing honor to the country after successive setbacks brought about by natural disasters and scandals in government.

“I’ve been waiting to see that crown on a Filipina’s head for almost 50 years,” one elderly spectator said. “I’m so happy that finally we have a winner in Megan Young.” The Philippines did not immediately join the contest when it started in 1951.

“I’m really overwhelmed,” the new Miss World said of the throngs of people that showed up. She actually shed a tear for the same reason when she arrived the day before at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport via Cathay Pacific.


In her press conference Thursday at Solaire Resorts and Casino, where the Miss World Philippines Pageant was held and where she won the right to represent the country in Indonesia, she was asked about Devina Dediva, the Singapore resident who bashed her and the entire Filipino race on Facebook.

“I wish her well,” she muttered, and added that she does not pay attention to things like that because it doesn’t merit attention anyway.

Dediva, who was said to have been fired from her job as her supervisors were actually Filipinos, issued an apology thru Twitter.

“I am so sorry @meganbata and to all Filipinos out there. Sorry. I don’t have a Twitter account so I made one just to show my apology…”

Some Filipinos accepted the apology, but there are those who said it’s not enough because Dediva’s tirades were actually insults to humanity.

Megan is scheduled to be in her hometown Saturday to a grand welcome prepared by the city government. Olongapo was the worst-hit area by typhoon Odette while she was competing in Indonesia. She will then be back in Manila and do charity work for a number of institutions.

On her coronation in Bali, Megan said she promised to be the best Miss World ever. She’s excited of the prospect of visiting more than 30 countries during her reign, not only to attend socials and raise funds for the underprivileged, but also to do charity work first-hand which is what the Miss World Organization is all about–that is Beauty With A Purpose.

link to article with video>

Grand welcome awaits Miss World 2013 Megan Young

Newly proclaimed Miss World 2013 Megan Young left for London September 30 to attend a big charity gala night and start her duties as this year’s winner. She will be back in Manila October 10 and will stay for all the time that Filipinos want her in their presence, according to Miss World franchise holder Cory Quirino.

A grand welcome and motorcade around Makati on October 11 is being prepared for the queen.

Fellow blogger Joyce Ann Burton Titular posted on Facebook, “LET US ALL GIVE OUR VERY FIRST MISS WORLD MEGAN YOUNG A GRAND HOMECOMING. MEETING PLACE AYALA AVENUE COR BUENDIA , 2pm Friday Oct 11. Wear blue the color of the Miss World Crown. All offices along Ayala are requested to shower Megan with blue confetti.”

Olongapo City (where Megan hails) mayor Rolen Paulino also said they are preparing for a feast for their most popular resident’s homecoming. Olongapo  City was the hardest hit area by Typhoon Odette more than a couple of weeks ago.

“We will give you all the time you want with Megan. She is yours,’” Miss World organizer Julia Morley reportedly told Ms. Quirino.

In her post-pageant interview and also in the Miss World Philippines Facebook account, the country’s first ever Miss World titlist said that she hopes her win serves as an inspiration to her countrymen.

Maraming salamat sa mga Pilipino na sumuporta. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Sana maging inspirasyon ako sa inyo. Samahan niyo ako sa aking lakbay bilang Miss World 2013. This isn’t the end of the journey. It is only the beginning,” she said.

While other girls enter showbiz after becoming a beauty queen, Megan took the opposite route. She is an alumna of GMA 7’s talent show StarStruck and appeared in several TV shows both as actress and as VJ (video jock). She transferred to ABS-CBN and a contract artist in the Lopez-owned media giant at the time of her win as Miss World Philippines.

Mark Herras, Ultimate Winner in the first season of StarStruck said that they knew from the very start that Megan wanted to be a beauty queen.

Alam naming lahat na yun ang gusto ni Megan, ang maging beauty queen. And we’re happy for her win,” he said.

Just before the announcement of the winners, host Kamal Inbrahim asked Megan’s mother, Vicky, what advice she gave her daughter. It’s to be always kind, the proud mom said.  “You can never go wrong with kindness,” she added, to the applause of Filipinos in the audience.

Meanwhile, a girl named Megan Young, posted on Facebook, “You Asians, stop following me. I’m not the Megan Young who won Miss World…” to which some replied, “Taray! Pwede naman niyang sabihin na magkapangalan lang sila, at sinabi talaga, you asians.”

The new Miss World was interviewed on BBC News ( and confirmed her winning as being not just the most beautiful girl in the world now but also very smart, eloquent, sincere and really has heart for the less-privileged.

Megan will do the ceremonial toss in the NBA Global Games between Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers at the Mall of Asia Arena on Thursday.

The float that she’s going to ride on is shaped like the Miss World crown, which, according to Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino, is just fitting for the honor the 23-year-old beauty has given the country.

Ms Quirino gave this update: “Let’s show our love for Megan our very first Miss World! JOIN THE VICTORY PARADE FOR MISS WORLD 2013 MEGAN YOUNG, Friday, Oct 11. ASSEMBLY POINT: PETRON MKTI AV COR BUENDIA , 1PM. PARADE starts 130pm. Route: Buendía-Ayala–Edsa–MOA. Live coverage by GMA7 and ABS CBN.

“Wear blue, bring blue ribbons, blue balloons – the color of the Miss World Crown. All office buildings are requested to SHOWER MEGAN WITH BLUE , WHITE AND AQUA CONFETTI! The Parade is one kilometer long!

“Parade Organizer MMDA CHAIR FRANCIS TOLENTINO. Thank you MMDA! Thank you Philippines for supporting our Megan.”

Details also available at

Note: Just click the link to get to the video.