Miss Russia crowned Miss Intercontinental 2013, Miss Philippines 3rd runner-up

Miss Russia Ekaterina Plekhova is the new Miss Intercontinental. Predicted to win by Beauty Pageant Grand Slam, an organization dedicated to beauty pageants, the 23-year-old doctoral candidate for PhD in technical arts bested 58 other candidates from the five continents of the globe.


From Top 15, she was proclaimed the Finalist from Europe. North America Finalist Miss Puerto Rico Aleyda Rodriguez was proclaimed 1st Runner-Up, South America Finalist Miss Colombia Margarita Maria Tovar was declared 2nd Runner-Up, Asia and Oceania Finalist Miss Philippines Koreen Medina was 3rd Runner-Up and Africa Finalist Miss South Africa Kayla Nel was announced as 4th Runner-Up.

The questions were difficult and the candidates were given the papers that contained their questions as souvenirs.


For Miss Philippines it was about what she’d do if there were no rules. Thinking for a moment, Koreen answered that having been raised by her paternal grandfather, she was somehow prohibited to see her mother whom she had been wanting to see and love since she was little. Her voice cracked and actually shed a tear while answering her question.


The youngest among the candidates with refreshing face and  youthful aura, Koreen was seen to have been a favorite of the camera. She wore a Muslim princess outfit for National Costume, the competition of which was won by Miss Panama.

Best in Evening Gown was Miss Argentina. Best in Swimsuit was Miss Puerto Rico who was also proclaimed Best Smile during the preliminaries.Other special award winners were Miss Portugal as Miss Photogenic, Miss Turkey as Miss Press and Miss Germany as Miss Congeniality.

Completing  the Top 15 were Misses Thailand, New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, England, Poland, Argentina, Curacao, Costa Rica and Panama.


When the Top 15 were chosen, host Patrick Urban (Mister Germany and Mister Intercontinental 1999) asked Koreen about her travel to Germany which she said it took her 15 hours to get to Berlin, as she had a stopover in Taiwan then Amsterdam.

The immediate past winner was Daniela Chalbaud of Venezuela who also served as one of the judges.

The Philippines-Venezuela rivalry as beauty powerhouse and Country Performer of the Year did not happen in the Miss Intercontinental 2013 Pageant as Venezuela did not make it to Top 5. However, Venezuela is the leader in this contest as it already produced 5 winners since 1973.

The Philippines’ best place was second runner-up with Maria Sovietskaya Bacud in the mid -’90s. Koreen is the second Filipina to barge into the Top 5.

(See also the article Sash factor strengthens Koreen Medinas’s bid for Miss Intercontinental 2013 in this blog. Photos from Miss Intercontinental, Missosology and Koreen Medina Facebook Fan Page)


Miss Venezuela wins Miss U, Philippines proud of Ariella’s 3rd runner-up finish

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler was crowned Miss Universe 2013 last Saturday night in Moscow, Russia. She is the seventh Venezuelan Miss Universe. Declared first runner-up was Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez; second runner-up was Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez; third runner-up was Miss Philippines Ariella Arida; and fourth runner-up was Miss Brazil Jakelyne Oliveira.


Of the many predictions to make it to the Top 5, three made it–Miss Philippines, Miss Spain and Miss Venezuela. International Business Times missed on Miss Australia and Miss Russia to enter Top 16. Miss USA made the cut until Top 10. Very few placed their bet on Miss Ecuador to barge into the finals. Three of the touted Trump Card six candidates did not advance to the semi-finals–Miss Russia (as host country), Miss Italy (by virtue of swimsuit sponsor Yamamay being an Italian brand) and Miss Turkey (by virtue of hair sponsor CHI).


The 86 candidates were judged during the preliminary competition on November 5 in three areas–swimsuit, evening gown and interview. Fifteen were chosen: Costa Rica, Ukraine, China, Ecuador, Great Britain, Indonesia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, Nicaragua, Switzerland, India and Brazil. The 16th candidate was for winning the most Fan Votes online and it was Philippines.


The 16 candidates then strutted in their swimsuit and 10 were chosen: Spain, Philippines, Great Britain, India, Brazil, USA, Ukraine, Ecuador, Venezuela and Dominican Republic. Five–Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, Philippines and Venezuela–advanced to the final question-and-answer portion, where only Miss Philippines did not engage the services of an interpreter to answer Tara Lipinski‘s question.

“What can be done about the lack of jobs for young people starting their careers around the world?” the Olympian and NBC host asked Ariella.

“For the people who have lack of jobs, I do believe that we people should invest in education and that is my primary advocacy, because we all know that if everyone of us is educated and well aware of what we are doing, we could land into jobs and we could land a good career in the future. Education is the primary source and ticket to a better future,” she said.

As the last finalist to be asked, Gabriela got Steven Tyler‘s question, “What is your biggest fear and what is your plan to overcome it?”

Through an interpreter, the beauteous Miss Venezuela answered:  “I believe that one may have a lot of fears, but nonetheless, this is nothing negative. I believe that we should all overcome our fears, and this in turn, would make us much stronger. And thus(ly), we can become stronger persons. As soon as we overcome our fears and we’re sure of ourselves, we can face any challenge.”

To some, the answer was not really an answer to the question, and many were surprised that after Miss Brazil was called as fourth runner-up, Miss Philippines was immediately called as third runner-up. Many believed that the crown was a toss between Miss Spain (who answered her question better) and Miss Philippines. But then, as the Miss Universe Organization is a business under the Trump conglomerate, along with Telemundo (what NBC is in Latin America), Mr. Trump preferred a Latin beauty to win and not an Asian or European (who already competed in the rival Miss World).

Ariella’s third runner-up finish continues the Top 5 streak of the Philippines in the Miss Universe the past four years–Venus Raj (4th runner-up) in 2010, Shamcey Supsup (3rd runner-up) in 2011 and Janine Tugonon (1st runner-up to USA’s Olivia Culpo) in 2012.

Janine, by the way, was online host for this year. Her “On The Scene With Janine” had her interviewing, annotating and following the contestants in the red carpet, during the evening gown competition and chatting with performers Panic! At The Disco. She did this year what Shamcey did last year.

For Filipinos and her fans and supporters all over the globe, third runner-up finish is not at all bad and they are proud of Ariella’s achievement in this year’s ultimate pageant of goddesses in the Universe.


She has this posted in the Miss Philippines Universe Facebook page:

“I may not have brought home the crown, but I hope I have given my best to exceed my people’s expectations. The winning streak continued –2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

And that makes us a powerhouse of beauty and intelligence in the entire universe. And you, my dear kababayans, are the true heroes of this pageant. Thank you for the love and support up to the last hurdle of my intense battle. It was a competition with discriminating judges with all their personal choices and that we have to accept. I have accepted my fate, I have given my best, and that makes me a beauty queen till the last day of my life.

Mabuhay ang lahing magaganda.
Mabuhay ang bansang PILIPINAS!”

–Ariella Arida, Miss Universe 2013 3rd Runner-Up

Photos from http://www.missuniverse.com

Miss Philippines top favorite to win Miss Universe crown

Just a few days into the Miss Universe 2013 coronation in Moscow, Russia on November 9, Miss Philippines Ariella Arida continues to be the top favorite to win the title by beauty pageant aficionados all over the world.


After the preliminary competition on November 5 (streamed live through the Miss Universe website), Ariella strengthened her position as the candidate to beat in the 62nd edition of the most prestigious beauty contest. After host Russia, the Philippines drew the loudest cheer during the swimsuit and evening gown presentations.
Other countries that got loud cheers from the crowd were Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Ukraine and USA. Nicaragua was voted Best in National Costume.
Ariella’s excellent catwalk performance during the Tony Ward Mercedes Benz fashion show, her being chosen (along with Miss Russia, Miss Poland, Miss Austria, Miss Germany and Miss Mexico) for the Mercedes Benz commercial, and her win as Ice Princess in the Glam Shoot–all contributed to her being predicted to win the third Miss Universe crown for her country.
Being the most talked about candidate and having the strongest fan base, Ariella is also assured to have place in the Trump Card–a group pf 6 candidates, most of the time the frontrunners chosen by the Trump organization included in the Top 15–possibly together with Miss Russia (being the host country), Miss Brazil (since she’s also strong in the preliminaries and the host country next year), Miss Italy (as swimwear Yamamay is an Italian brand), Miss Turkey (by virtue of CHI as official Hair Care and Title sponsor) and Miss India (being strong in the preliminaries and also due to business-related issues).
Miss Spain, Miss Poland, Miss Russia and Miss Philippines. Closest competitors, closest chums. Courtesy of Beauty Pageant Grand Slam.
For online betting company oddschecker.com (http://www.oddschecker.com/awards/miss-universe/pageant-winner), Miss Philippines has maintained her position as the top bet, followed by Miss USA, Miss Spain, Miss Panama, Miss Venezuela, Miss Poland, Miss France, Miss Russia, Miss Australia, Miss Ukraine, Miss Colombia, Miss India, Miss Costa Rica, Miss Brazil and Miss Britain.
For Missosologist David (http://missosology.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=213121) the strongest crown contenders are Poland, Spain, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
Considering Odds & Politics, he said of Ariella, “This girl is also everywhere. We always see her face in special events. This girl’s sash appears strong in this new era cause of the strong and phenomenal Filipina queens who were successful before her. So all countries eyes are focused to the Philippine representative (sic). Plus, coming from a pageant lover country, her victory could gain a big wave of attention to set the mind of the viewers back from Miss World.” For Venezuela, he declared, “She is VENEZUELA. The strongest sash of them all. It’s like Miss Universe is not complete without Venezuela, USA and Puerto Rico sash for short!”
Another Missosologist, by the name of Miss Twix, who combined astrology with personal assessment, chose 12 candidates to complete the astrological signs and said that Miss Philippines, being Scorpio, has the highest degree of luck of 9+. Following is Miss France (Gemini) 9, then Miss Spain (Pisces) 9-, Miss Poland (Cancer) and Miss Australia (Taurus) both 8.5; Puerto Rico (Aquarius), Great Britain (Leo) and India (Virgo) at 8; Venezuela (Aries) and Dominican Republic (Sagittarius) 7.5; Ecuador (Capricorn) 7+; and Russia (Libra) 7.
A photograph of the Moscow skyline shows what seems to be the blue, red and yellow colors of the Philippine flag, which fans consider ominous.
The Finals judges are: Steven Tyler–Aerosmith front man and lead singer and one-time “American Idol” judge; Chef Nobu— acclaimed chef proprietor of Nobu and Matsushisa restaurants; Tara Lipinski–gold medal figure skater and 2014 Winter Olympics analyst for NBC Olympics’ multi-platform coverage; Carol Alt–TV personality, star of Fox News Channel’s “A Healthy You and Carol Alt”, international supermodel, actress, author, entrepreneur and raw-food enthusiast; Anne V–supermodel, actress, philanthropist and mentor on Oxygen’s upcoming season of “The Face” with nine consecutive appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue; Farouk Shami–founder of Farouk Systems, Inc. makers of CHI and presenting hair care sponsor of the 2013 Miss Universe Competition; Italo Fontana–pioneering designer of U-Boat Watches; and Philip Kirkorov–iconic Russian pop-star.
People are excited to know who Olivia Culpo’s successor will be on November 9. Miss Universe 2013 will be broadcast as follows:
  •    Sat 10:00 pm Moscow
  •     Sat 8:00 am Hawaii*
  •     Sat 10:00 am West Coast (Los Angeles*)
  •     Sat 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (New York*, Bogota) *The pageant will not be telecast live in the USA, Canada and territories. It will be shown delayed on NBC/Telemundo at 9 pm
  •     Sat 12:00 pm Mexico City
  •     Sat 1:30 pm Caracas
  •     Sat 12:00 pm Puerto Rico* See above
  •     Sat 3:00 pm Buenos Aires
  •     Sat 4:00 pm Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
  •     Sat 7:00 pm Central European Time
  •     Sat 8:00 pm Johannesburg
  •     Sat 11:30 pm New Delhi
  •     Sun 1:00 am (Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok)
  •     Sun 2:00 am (Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur)
  •     Sun 3:00 am (Seoul, Tokyo)
  •     Sun 5:00 am (Sydney)
  •     Sun 7:00 am (Auckland)

TV Channels showing the pageant LIVE

Photos from http://www.missuniverse.com.

Miss Universe bettors, predictors rank Miss Philippines #1

It’s still days away from the Miss Universe 2013 Pageant in Moscow but bettors and predictors already have their favorites.

Two prominent organizations have come up with their choices and these are not fan-based, unlike Missosology or Beauty Pageant Grand Slam.


Missosology and BPGS have been very helpful in providing photos, videos and updates in all major beauty pageants worldwide making aficionados follow what’s going on either on Facebook or thru their web sites almost real-time and that is highly appreciated by the followers of the candidates.

For this year’s Miss Universe contest, oddschecker.com (http://www.oddschecker.com/awards/miss-universe) places Miss Philippines Ariella Arida as the top bet to win the crown 6-1. She is followed by Miss USA 8-1, Miss India 10-1, Miss Panama 12-1, Miss Spain 12-1 and Miss France 14-1.

Other contestants in Top 15 in order of winnability are Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Australia, Colombia, Japan, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Costa Rica.

Oddschecker.com is affiliated with Sky Betting and Gaming, a company based in London, England  and subsidiary of BSkyB, which consists of four core brands–Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Poker and Sky Bingo.

Online publication International Business Times (www.ibtimes.co.uk) also places the Philippine bet as frontrunner.

It says, “While the finale is a good few days away, the predictions have already begun as to which country might bag the crown. This year the Philippines, Australia, Russia and USA are the hot favourites.”

According to IBT, “Ariella Arida looks like she might be following the footsteps of Megan Young, the stunning Phillipino (sic) who bagged the Miss World crown this year. She also bagged the best swimsuit body award when she won Miss Universe-Philippines on April 14, 2013. This would definitely boost up her chances of winning the crown.”

For Miss Australia, it has this to say, “Olivia Wells is a medical student and dreams to work as a doctor in developing countries. A fitness freak, she practices aerobics to keep her body in shape. Wells’ determination to help people through her medical profession can prove to be her trump card in the contest. She is also a Procrasti-baker.”

The host country’s representative “19-year-old stunner, Elmira Abdrazakova, who represents Russia this year is already the victim of racist abuse for not being Russian enough as she hails from the nation’s ethnic minorities. She was forced to close all her social networking accounts following this…All these controversies have made sure Abdrazakova garnered plenty of attention and now is counted as one of the favourites to win the crown.”

IBT places USA’s bet for possible replication of Olivia Culpo’s win last year.

“Erin Brady, the American beauty with brains is also emerging as the prominent runner for the Miss Universe title. Brady is a 25-year-old financial accountant for Prudential Retirement and has the highest number of Twitter followers (77,575) amongst the pageant contestants. That is not all; she is also a spokesperson for breast cancer and ovarian education and works closely with the concerned organizations to spread awareness about the ailment. All this work will definitely make sure that she gets to the top. This Connecticut born beauty who comes from a disturbed family of alcoholics is also the first person in her family to complete her education.”

The Pageant culminates on November 9, 2013 at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia and broadcast live on NBC at 9 pm EST.

For complete information and photos of all contestants please log on to http://www.missuniverse.com