Likeable Guy Lance Raymundo Plays Jesus Christ In Lenten Stageplay

Lance Raymundo may not be as popular as Piolo Pascual or Jericho Rosales. He may not be also as big as Billy Crawford in the music scene. But Lance is definitely one of the likeable guys in Philippine showbiz.


Rehearsing for ‘Passion Of The Christ’ Agony in the Garden scene

This likeability has transcended for him into numerous projects, many of which are “accidental,” the latest being cast as Jesus Christ in the Lenten stage presentation of actor-director Lou Veloso.

“It was by chance. I was at CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) for the Cinemalaya Open Casting. Lou Veloso was in the area to talk to Jackie Lou Blanco regarding the prospect of her portraying the Virgin Mary (Jackie Lou is part of the cast of Nick Joaquin’s Mga Ama, Mga Anak in CCP that’s why Lou visited her there).

Jackie had to go back to her dressing room but since Lou wasn’t able to get her number yet, he remained in CCP and that’s where he met me. He approached Dennis Sebastian and asked if he can talk to some of his actors (who were there for Cinemalaya) to see if they can portray certain roles…

 “Before Lou had to leave, Dennis, who knew I was in the area, approached me and asked me if I could meet Lou. When we met, after a few words, he decided on the spot that he has found his Christ,” Lance narrated how he got the role.


Lou Veloso instructs Lance on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’

His movie, A Thief, A Kid And A Killer, is making rounds in the international circuit. Written, produced and directed by Nathan Adolfson, Lance plays a local gangster co-starring Jeffrey Quizon, Felix Rocco, Jack Falcis and child actor Arvy Cesar Viduya. The synopsis/review says it’s a heist film with a heart. See


New Year 2014 with family

His acting break happened in 2008, when filmmaker Elwood Perez saw him crying at the wake of his manager Angie Magbanua and cast him in the indie movie, Fidel, which was eventually directed by Shandii Bacolod, his present manager.

Later that same year, Lance got a wrong call and was sent to a TV cattle call (where actors do a monologue in front of producers and casting directors) for extras. He instead got the role of a villain (as Turko) in the ABS-CBN soap opera, Pieta.


The photo that made girls swoon

His other notable projects during that period were Telebisyon and Nerseri.

In 2010, he made a random visit to his former manager Ricky Gallardo’s office, and met renowned director-scriptwriter Mario O’Hara, who had him cast as Emilio Aguinaldo in Ang Paglilitis Ni Andres Bonifacio.

He was sporting long hair that time as he was busy with his music.

“The set stylist did all sorts of magic to make my hair resemble Aguinaldo’s. When Direk Mario arrived, he was not happy with the fake Aguinaldo cut. He asked me how serious I am with my work as an actor and how much do I love this profession. I told him 100 percent and I love this profession so much.

“He said, ‘Ah, ganun naman pala, e, sumama ka sa akin, hijo.’ Then he brought me to the barber shop at the corner, had me sit on the barber’s chair and commanded the barber, ‘Ayan, itasa mo ‘yung buhok ng artista ko, gupit-Aguinaldo!’

“My long hair was gone in minutes! But I’m really happy I had the opportunity to work with Direk Mario,” he happily recalled.


With dad and the other Raymundo boys

(Paglilitis was Mario O’Hara’s last movie before he passed away on June 26, 2012. He’s best remembered for the movies Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, Bakit Bughaw Ang Langit?, Condemned and Bulaklak Sa City Jail, which defined the acting brilliance of Nora Aunor. He also megged the Superstar in the TV5 mini-series Sa Ngalan Ng Ina in 2011.)

Lance tackles a different character in Ato Bautista’s Gemini which is getting favorable feedback from those who have seen the trailer.


With Jose Mari Chan at Tahan-Tahanan Halfway Home

As a musician, Lance prefers to be independent, so as not to be confined by the dictates of record labels.

He has a strong support base—from media friends, fans and co-workers and associates—mainly #FriendsOfWolf.

No, he’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He explained:

“The #FriendsOfWolf are the awesome people who have been supporting my endeavors ever since I started my WolFSounD Music Project. W.O.L.F. is the acronym for Wonders Of Living in Freedom. So most of the people who support WolF are people who believe that Art should be free and The Artist should enjoy Freedom and not be controlled by the Systems of the Industry. That’s why I enjoy releasing music independently via YouTube or SoundCloud because I can release songs in their original form, without compromising to the standards set by record executives, etc.”

An avid supporter, Beni Saun, who even created a Fan Page for Lance, shared her thoughts about the actor-musician.

“I’ve never met him in person but I’ve chatted (with) him many times on FB (Facebook). He’s a very nice guy and very humble and he always finds time to communicate with his fans. That’s what I really like about him. He’s a very sweet guy, very handsome and I just really love the way he smiles!”

Entertainment writer Robert Silverio attributes the success of his blog to Lance. He said that nobody believed that his WordPress blog A.W.E. (Attic Of White Ethereals!) could last and succeed. It’s been three years since and continues to draw readers with almost 1,200,000 hits as of this writing.

To balance things out, we asked Robert if Lance has some hidden mischievousness, as this son of former beauty queen-turned actress Nina Zaldua and brother of singer-recording artist Rannie Raymundo (best known for the song Why Can’t It Be?), may, after all, be too good to be true.


Light moment with Sta. Ana kids

Lance doesn’t have any mischievousness. He is a very strict guy, though. He won’t tolerate any wrongdoings, abuse or disrespect. He is a disciplinarian guy, but very sincere, thoughtful and understanding. He is one of the very few male celebrities who valued me as a writer… and as a FRIEND,” Robert swore.

On his commitment to his craft

“It’s our job as serious actors to only subject ourselves to things where we can give our best work. We are being paid to sell the movie, right? So, it’s our responsibility to give the producers their money’s worth. It would be very selfish of me to accept a role knowing I’ll probably lower the quality of the movie—simply because it would make me richer or more famous. I respect this job too much to make it merely a milking cow or a ladder to fame.” – PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) August 11, 2013.


Back to his portrayal as Jesus Christ, Lance empathically averred:

“I actually consider playing Jesus Christ as THE highlight of my life as an entertainer. If I play my cards right, I may one day reach my more worldly goals such as getting myself back on TV or making international films or winning awards…

“But being given the honor of playing The Man himself is a gift that cannot be surpassed by any other success that destiny has in store for me.”

No wonder that Lance—for all the challenges he surmounted, the wisdom he articulated, and his natural friendly disposition—remains to be one of the most likeable (and lovable to countless girls) denizens of the local entertainment industry.

Hats off to you, Lance Raymundo!

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