Dreadful August turns PNoy, Kris emotional to the core

August 1, 2014  marks the fifth death anniversary of President Cory Aquino.

Of course, everybody knows she’s the wife of martyr Benigno S. Aquino or Ninoy and the mother of President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III and TV host-actress multi-media queen Kris Aquino.


Kris Aquino being interviewed after SONA

Cory’s death in 2009 caused by cancer spawned a sentimental movement that the best legacy she could leave to the nation is for only son Noynoy become the President of the country like herself.

At that time, no one among the touted presidential candidates had the support of the majority.


PNoy’s SONA 2014 filled with emotions

Senator Noynoy was to be Mar Roxas’ running mate, but the senator from Capiz was seen too weak to banner the opposition.

Upon the instigation of Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Conrado De Quiros, laying out logical reasons why Noynoy should run as President and Roxas his Vice President instead, a movement was formed to push Ninoy and Cory’s son to take over the reins of government from outgoing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s camp.


Pres. Cory Aquino (with former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada behind)

With support coming from all directions plus the stellar push from showbiz personalities led by no less than Kris, Noynoy won with five million votes more than his closest rival, ousted-then-detained-for-plunder-but-released-via-presidential-pardon former President Joseph Estrada.

Noynoy winning the presidency instead of Erap was seen to be the biggest relief for this ever corruption-laden nation. Noynoy then became PNoy.


Mayor Joseph Estrada leads wreath-laying ceremony at Pres. Cory’s monument

Now on his final two years in leading government, PNoy is besieged by protests even from groups who supported him – not because he has become as corrupt as his predecessor, but because of his adamant ways of governance, i.e. poor response time to crisis and calamities like the Luneta siege and Typhoon Yolanda, bribing the Senate to impeach Chief Justice Renato Corona, tolerating to some degree the pork barrel (PDAF) funds of lawmakers, disbursing precious savings thru DAP, rejecting Nora Aunor’s proclamation as National Artist, waging war against the Supreme Court for ruling that DAP is unconstitutional and for defending instead of firing Budget Secretary Butch Abad’s for being the architect and implementer of DAP.

On his second-to-the-last State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 28, PNoy became emotional towards the end of his speech.


Kris (with sister Ballsy) cries at PNoy’s mention of his mortality

He mentioned that it’s his second lease of life and he could not remove from his mind the dangers he’s facing.

He said that whenever he goes up onstage, he could not stop thinking if it’s his last day alive, if someone could have successfully implanted a bomb (to kill him).

The mention of his parents had his siblings cry, especially Kris.


Ninoy’s martyrdom brought changes to Philippine politics

“Mga boss, binigyan ninyo ako ng pagkakataon na pamunuan ang transpormasyon. Kung tinalikuran ko ang pagkakataon, parang tinalikuran ko na rin ang aking ama’t ina at ang lahat ng inialay nila para sa atin, hindi po mangyayari yun. Hangga’t nagsisilbi tayong lakas ng isa’t isa patuloy nating mapapatunayan na (My bosses, you gave me the chance to lead transformation. If I turned my back on that chance, it’s as if I’ve also turned my back on my father and mother and all the sacrifices they’ve done for us, it would have not happened. Up until we serve as strength for one another we will continue prove that) the Filipino is worth dying for, the Filipino is worth living for.”

Kris crying during the SONA made headlines. People were wondering why and bashers again have a great time cajoling the famous presidential daughter-turned-presidential sister.


Kris and Boy Abunda in their show

Explaining her emotions at that moment, Kris told Abunda & Aquino Tonight co-host Boy Abunda that it was PNoy’s tackling of his mortality that brought her to tears.

“I don’t want to face his mortality,” she said.

Their father was killed on August 21, 1983. Public outcry over his assassination shoved Ferdinand E. Marcos out of power and installed their mother to become Philippines’ first woman president.

Eighteen months into the presidency of their mother, on August 28, 1987, rebel soldiers led by Gregorio Honasan (who has been elected senator three times) staged an unsuccessful coup d’etat attempting to siege Malacang.

Noynoy, who was then two blocks from the Palace, was fired by the rebel soldiers, hitting him with five bullets, one of which is still lodged in his neck. Three of his four security escorts were killed and the other was severely wounded protecting him.

Kris recounted that she advised their elder sister Ballsy not to cry (“Ate, smile, don’t cry”) but without her knowing it was she who was crying.

Kris congratulated her brother after his speech saying, “Great speech but please stay alive” which the President responded, “Naman! (Of course!)”

Kris asked the people to continue praying for PNoy.

“If you like him, if you like what he’s done, please pray for him. Pray with us that he continues his term, that all the good that he wants to do para sa bayan ay magawa niya (for the country he could do).”


Kris with ‘The Voice Kids’ Top 4 after taping of her morning show

She also asked Filipinos to pray for PNoy’s safety and happiness, that after 2016 there’s still a good life for him.

In Chinese calendar, August is the Ghost Month. This year, it started July 27 and ends on August 24, with the spirits arriving August 10.

It’s inauspicious to do business in August, many believe so.

“I really don’t like Ghost Month. I never do well when August hits. I can’t seem to sell anything. The Chinese won’t buy and some Filipinos have been influenced by it,” said one Chinese trader.

One believer of this Chinese dogma and who had been practicing it all through his life explained that the Ghost Month is like the Halloween legend when the spirits come to the land of the living to visit, when the veil between the worlds is weakest.


Ghost Month offerings

The advice is “Try to avoid traveling if possible, don’t visit people in the hospital and don’t go to wakes. Be extra careful in driving and avoid situations that could flare up temper. Basically, don’t tempt fate.”

The reason behind is because spirits tend to pull others with them, so they have companion to go home.


Taiwanese boys don masks to scare ghosts

For business, “the belief is that if your business has been running already, there’s no need to stop. But if you plan to start a project, or basically start anything during the Ghost Month, don’t do it.”

Furthermore, it is not a good idea to begin business or sign contracts at this time.

Hungry-Ghost-Festival in Malaysia

Hungry Ghost Festival in Malaysia

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Ill-advised or just plain ignorant?: PNoy’s pronouncement why Nora Aunor did not pass as National Artist tantamount to slander and libel

After Superstar Nora Aunor was sidelined in the bestowal of National Artist honors, and being silent for days until she finally gave her piece on the issue, now comes the President of the Republic of the Philippines explaining his side on the matter.


Nora Aunor

Said he: “Noong humarap sa akin itong mga nominations, isa lang naman ang tanong: Ano ba ang titulo? National Artist. At sa aking pananaw, ‘yung National Artist ‘yung binibigyan natin ng honor na ito, puri na ganito, dahil gusto natin sabihin malaki ang inambag sa lahing Pilipino at dapat tularan. Ang naging problema ko lang doon, alam naman natin lahat na iginagalang ko ulit si Binibining Nora Aunor, na-convict po siya sa drugs. Na-convict at naparusahan at ang tanong ngayon dito, pag ginawa ba nating National Artist may mensahe ba akong maliwanag na sinasabi sa sambayanan?”

(When I was faced with these nominations, there was only one question: What’s the title? National Artist. And as I see, a National Artist, the one we’re giving this honor to, this acclamation, it’s because we want to say (the person) has greatly contributed to the Filipino race and imitable. My only problem there, we all know that, again I respect Miss Nora Aunor, she was convicted for drugs. Convicted and punished and the question here now, if we make (her) National Artist do I have I a clear message that I’m telling the whole nation?)


President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III

The President further explained that the use of illegal drugs is a growing problem in the country and that Mexican and African drug syndicates had been trying to set up operations in the Philippines.

PNoy’s pronouncement earned more backlash as those knowledgeable of Nora’s case in the United States swear the Superstar was never convicted of the crime or punished for it.

For this, PNoy is liable for the crime of both slander (oral) and libel (written) – that is, imputing a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual.


Nora at the 7th Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong as Best Actress for ‘Thy Womb’

Nora Aunor’s lawyer in the U.S., Claire Navarro Espina, immediately issued a statement that contrary to what the President believes, the Superstar was never convicted for drug use or abuse.

Nora Aunor was never convicted of a crime, let alone a crime involving drugs here in Los Angeles. I should know – I was the attorney who represented her. This issue just needs to get corrected and then let it die down and the re-application process (for National Artist award) to begin,” she posted on Facebook.


Nora Aunor as Elsa in ‘Himala’ – adjudged CNN’s Best Asia-Pacific Film Of All Time

A suspicion for a crime, then tried to be cleared and acquitted is different from being accused beyond reasonable doubt proven by hard evidence then tried and convicted for it.

Nora Aunor’s case is of the former as she was cleared of her drug possession case in 2007 after she complied to a six-month rehabilitation program and tested negative for drug use.


Superstar from the ’70s until now

Click links for the stories – LA court drops Nora Aunor’s drug charges http://www.manilamaildc.net/la-court-drops-nora-aunors-drug-charges.html; Nora Aunor’s drug case dismissed by Los Angeles court http://www.pep.ph/news/14981/Nora-Aunors-U.S.-drug-case-is-now-a-closed-chapter; U.S. court drops Nora Aunor’s drug raps http://thepinoy.net/?p=948


Nora with ‘Thy Womb’ director Brillante Mendoza at the Venice Film Festival

Earlier, Nora Aunor’s issued an official statement on the matter:

“Gusto ko pong magpasalamat sa lahat ng mga taong sumuporta at patuloy na sumusuporta sa akin sa panahong ito ng usapin tungkol sa National Artist Awards.

“Inaamin ko pong nasaktan ako sa mga nangyari. Pero ang dagsa ng suporta na nakita ko at naramdaman mula sa aking mga kababayan – mga katrabaho ko sa industriya, mga fans at mga kaibigan, mga pari at madre, mga guro at iba pang taga-akademya, mga taga-media, mga National Artists, mga pangkaraniwang mamamayan dito at sa ibang bansa — ay sapat-sapat na upang maramdaman kong maski wala mang tropeo o karangalang igawad sa akin ang mga nasa kapangyarihan, iniluklok naman ako ng mga kababayan ko habang buhay sa kanilang mga puso bilang isang artista ng bayan.

“Para sa akin po ay mas totoo at mas masarap ang karangalang ito dahil taos-pusong nanggagaling sa mga taong siyang dahilan kung bakit ako nagpapakabuti bilang isang artista — ang mga mamamayang Pilipino. Ang pagsuportang ito ang lalong nagbibigay ng lakas ng loob sa akin, at ng walang kapantay na inspirasyon, upang lalo kong pagbutihin ang aking sining, upang lalo akong sipagin sa pagbabahagi ng kung anumang talento meron ako, at upang lalo ko pang pag-ibayuhin na maging isang mabuti at marangal na mamamayang Pilipino.

“Maraming salamat po at pagpalain po kayo ng Diyos.”

(I would like to thank all those who supported, and continue to support, me through all this talk about the National Artist Awards.

I admit I have been hurt by all the developments. But the outpouring of support that I saw and felt from our countrymen – from my colleagues in the industry, fans and friends, priests and nuns, teachers and members of the academe, people from media, National Artists, and common citizens here and abroad – is more than enough for me to know that with or without any kind of trophy or title bestowed by the powers-that-be, my countrymen hold me dear in their hearts as an artist of the people.

For me, this is a more genuine and more fulfilling honor, because it wholeheartedly comes from the people who precisely inspire me to work hard as an artist – the Filipino people. Your support all the more gives me courage and unparalleled inspiration to improve in my craft, so that I may share whatever talent I have, and so that I may work harder to be a good and honorable Filipino.

Thank you very much, and God bless you all.)


Perci Intalan directs Nora in ‘Dementia’

The NCCA (National Commission on Culture and Arts) and CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) stand by their decision in nominating Nora as National Artist.

Related story at https://anc.yahoo.com/news/ncca–nora-aunor-deserves-to-be-a-national-artist-040919481.html

As artistry is the sole criterion for National Artist – and not morality – many see PNoy’s biases in his decisions.

For example, he feigned ignorance about nepotism when questioned why one family – the Abad family – holds the purse of the nation.

He asked, “What’s wrong with placing them in government?”

Well, he should remember that nepotism and despotism were two reasons why his father, the martyr Ninoy, fought the Marcoses. It’s because of nepotism, too, that the country did not take off to economic prosperity under his mother’s governance as the republic became Kamag-anak Inc.


Nora wears shirt she asked from ‘Hustisya’ co-star Gardo Verzosa

Despite his noble (if it can be called as such) intentions, the President may actually be suffering from shortsightedness as the cancer cells in his lungs from unstoppable smoking may have already affected his decision-making ability.

Going back to the main issue, Ignorance of the law excuses no one – whether you’re an ordinary Juan or the elected President named Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III.

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Jumping the Gun on Herbert: Kris Aquino goes from Presidential daughter to Presidential sister to First Lady?

In a carefully crafted statement she read on her show with Boy Abunda, Aquino & Abunda Tonight, on ABS-CBN on Monday, Kris Aquino admitted after so much speculation that, yes, she and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista are now a couple.


Kris Aquino

Saying that the statement was coming from both of them, she promised that it was the first and last time for her to talk about the blooming relationship, to which Abunda teased Kris about a looming marriage.


Herbert Bautista

“Ito po ang una at huling pagkakataon na pag-uusapan ko si Mayor Herbert Bautista sa puntong ito ng buhay namin, whether in my shows, interviews or my personal social media posts.

“I promised that our relationship won’t be a distraction in his obligations to the three million residents he took an oath of office to serve.

“He has given more than 25 years of dedicated public service and my respect for him and his office is such that I don’t want to add stress but, hopefully, give him inspiration.

“In turn, Herbert has expressed his admiration and respect for the dedication and hard work I have put into my profession, and he values the love you, my audience, and I have shared on a daily basis for almost 20 years…”


Captioned ‘Family Dinner’: Kris’ social media post that gave away the identity of her new inspiration

The Philippine Queen of All Media continued:

“I am 43, and on May 12, he will be 46. I am sure all of you who are watching right now will agree when I state that staying together, that choosing to love one another requires much day-to-day effort.

“And if there is something that the past has taught me, it is that I can’t do this on my own.”


Kris chose to divulge everything in her show with Boy Abunda on Monday

In her tone, the former presidential daughter-turned presidential sister said that her relationship with the actor-politician, though still in progress, will be for keeps.

Herbert and I are partners in either the failure or success of our being together. And we can strengthen what we have by allowing ourselves to have a chance at forever by keeping quiet and private about what is here and now.

“We are a work in progress and it’s a joint project that both of us are happily undertaking with maturity, respect and commitment.

“Sana nasagot na po lahat. Wala na po akong idadagdag dun. It reflects everything that is in my heart, and hopefully, also in his heart.”

The TV host-actress also revealed that Mayor Bautista (whose nickname is Bistek) asked permission from her brother, President PNoy. The President first thought his sister and the mayor may be doing a project together in Quezon City. It turned out that Herbert was asking to date Kris (or in Tagalog, nagpapaalam para manligaw).


Kris with sons Bimby and Josh

Herbert has two kids by Tates Gana while Kris has two sons—Josh (by Phillip Salvador) and Bimby (by James Yap, whom she married, got separated from and the marriage got annulled two years ago).

James gave a clue about Kris’ newfound love when he said an interview that their son Bimby told him who it was—a politician.


Kris’ ex-husband James Yap

Her Instagram post of family dinner with Herbert at the head of the table was a given. Honesty could have triggered Kris to come out in the open to end speculations as she’s known for this virtue.

Reactions to her revelation vary. Some laughing their heart out, others smirking, a lot wishing her good luck on her lovelife, and there were also those who didn’t care.

Kris’ breakup with then Paranaque City Mayor Joey Marquez became a sensation as she said on national TV that she contracted venereal disease from the actor-comedian. As it is now, her relationship with the Quezon City Mayor has also become a sensation, more so in social media, spawning a name for the tandem as Kristek.

One of those close to both Kris and Herbert, comedian and entertainment writer-columnist Ogie Diaz, posted on Facebook:

“Honestly, gusto kong maging happy for Kris Aquino and Herbert Bautista, dahil pareho kong mahal yan. Ninang at ninong sila ng 12yo daughter ko.

“Kaso, kumare ko rin at mahal ko din si Tates na ina ng dalawang anak ni Bistek.

“Kaya gustuhin ko mang maging happy for them 100%, hindi ko magawa.

“Pero kahit pa siguro ano ang maging reaksyon ko eh does it matter to them? Hindi naman siguro.

“Kaya kung happy man sina Mareng Kris at Herbert, ituloy lang nila.

“After all, sila naman ang makapagbibigay sa mga sarili ng ikaliligaya nila, hindi naman ang ibang tao.

“So manahimik ka na dyan, Ogie Diaz.

“Ok. Madali akong kausap.

Ogie, sit. Behave!

“Nako, para na raw akong aso, o!”

 Jumping the Gun

The union of Kris and Herbert could spell the re-shaping of the political landscape in the nearest future.

Two years into the national elections, the Liberal Party has no strong contender to the Presidency yet.

Although Mar Roxas (current DILG secretary, former DOTC secretary and losing Vice Presidential candidate) is touted as PNoy’s successor, his poor handling of the crisis brought about by Super Typhoon Yolanda virtually ended whatever clout he had with the electorate. Add to that the hateful stance of his wife Korina Sanchez against the real-time on-site reporting of Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Politics in 2016 and beyond will be defined by social media. Certainly, those with strong links have the advantage.

Vice President Jejomar Binay may think he has the upperhand in the coming presidential elections, but if the barrage of comments on social media against him, his daughter, his son, his wife—in other words, his entrenched political dynasty (the same issue why he was in the forefront against Marcos)—is the basis, people would rather have someone who is not arrogant, not greedy for power and no (glaring) history of graft and corruption to be the next President.

It’s unthinkable, too, that people would allow PDAF kickbackers Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and Sen. Bong Revilla to be elected to the highest position in government.

There could still be a big chunk of Marcos loyalists among the electorate but majority won’t elect another Marcos into office. Not at this time, at least.

Now, for the ambitious lot—like Allan Peter Cayetano and Manny Villar—they should know that from Manuel Quezon (except for Manuel Roxas and Elpidio Quirino, since Sergio Osmena did not campaign for re-election anymore) until now, only those with the letters OS or ON in their names are elected President in this country.

Take note of this: Ramon Magsaysay. Carlos Garcia. Diosdado Macapagal. Ferdinand Marcos. Corazon Aquino. Fidel Ramos. Joseph Estrada. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

For female Presidents, it’s with the letters ON or OR (Corazon, Gloria).

Becoming a President is not an ambition to fulfill, rather it is destiny.

Jumping the gun, the real name of Bistek is Herbert Constantine Maclang Bautista. There’s the ON in the second name, just like PNoy’s Benigno Simeon.


Herbert and Kris are now called Kristek

As it’s destiny, Kris, having been a Presidential daughter, and now Presidential sister, may become the First Lady sooner (2016) or later (2022).

Herbert does not have a damaged reputation like the Binays. His demeanor of having been issued a ticket for beating the red light (with no escorts at that time) and rewarding the traffic enforcer for doing his job was a far cry from the highly publicized brush of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay and his escorts with the security guards of a posh village in December last year.

Binay or Bistek?

The jigsaw puzzle pieces are coming together—for Kris Aquino.