‘Little Superstar’ wins: Lyca Gairanod is ‘The Voice Kids’ grand champion!

Broadway star and The Voice of the Philippines and The Voice Kids Coach Lea Salonga likened her to Superstar Nora Aunor, for being small but terrible (in singing).


Coach Sarah Geronimo and ‘The Voice Kids’ grand champion Lyca Gairanod

Her own coach, Sarah Geronimo, called her “My Superstar.”

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Lyca performs ‘Basang-Basa Sa Ulan’ with Aegis

From Blind Auditions singing Aegis’ Halik to the grand finals night singing Basang-Basa Sa Ulan, this time live with the most popular and three-girl-member beloved band, nine-year-old Lyca Gairanod has captured the hearts of millions of Filipinos worldwide and by public voting, was declared the first ever The Voice Kids grand champion.

(Click link to watch Lyca’s performance with Aegis)


Lyca edged out teammate Darren Espanto, touted to be the most ready, most ripe and most prepared among the four grand finalists for superstardom.


Darren performs ‘You Are My Song’ with Martin Nievera

Darren performed with Concert King Martin Nievera, initially playing the piano and did second voice for the song, You Are My Song.

(Click link to watch Darren’s performance with Martin Nievera)


Those with keen ears heard flats and disharmony, unlike during performance night on Saturday that the Canada-based Pinoy singing sensation asserted his top position with One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston in the Power Ballad round and Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber in the Upbeat round.


Opening number with the grand finalists and their coaches. Extreme left is host Luis Manzano

Lyca sang Narito Ako by Regine Velasquez and Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen on Saturday.

As the grand champion, Lyca won P1 million, one-year recording contract from MCA Universal, house and lot (from Camella Homes), home appliance showcase, musical instrument showcase and P1 million worth of trust fund.


JK performs ‘Eto Na Naman’ with Gary Valenciano

Days before the grand finals, Darren said he’d give Lyca the house if he’d win. Now, that it’s Lyca who won, the daughter of a fisherman and a scavenger from Cavite has all the prizes to her own and her family.

The ranking never changed.

When the Big 4 were chosen out of the Top 6, Lyca topped the votes, with Darren placing second, Team Bamboo’s Juan Karlos Labajo at third place, and Team Lea’s Darlene Vibares, fourth.


Darlene performs ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ with Lani Misalucha

(Click link to watch Juan Karlos’ performance with Gary Valenciano)


JK performed Eto Na Naman with Gary Valenciano and Darlene sang You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me with Lani Misalucha.


Grand Champion Lyca performs ‘Narito Ako’

At conclusion of Lyca’s performance on Sunday, Sarah asked her ward if she was aware she’s on the grand finals, to which Lyca said, yes.

(Click link to watch Darlene’s performance with Lani Misalucha)


Sarah then said that Superstar Lyca seemed not performing in the grand finals but in her own concert, with the crowd at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila clapping and screaming enthusiastically.


Get to know Lyca once again thru her slam book

Meanwhile, the second season of The Voice of the Philippines is set to premiere later this year.

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Darren asserts supremacy in both rounds of ‘The Voice Kids’ grand finals performances

All four The Voice Kids grand finalists are good. In fact, they are more than good – already assured of places in the Philippine entertainment sun.


In Saturday’s performances – Juan Karlos Labajo, Lyca Gairanod, Darlene Vibares and Darren Espanto each sang a power ballad and an upbeat number.

(Click link to watch Darren’s powerful rendition of Ngayon)

Lyca sang Narito Ako by Regine Velasquez. All coaches were impressed by her performance. In the upbeat round, she sang Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.


Lyca Gairanod

Lea Salonga said that whenever she’d talk to the kids in English, Lyca would say she could not understand, but proved she can also do English songs, after all.

(Click links to watch Lyca‘s performances)

Her coach, Sarah Geronimo, said “Kahit anong gawin mo, mamahalin at mamahalin ka namin, kasi talagang (Whatever you do, we will always love you, as certainly) you have the makings of a superstar.”


Juan Karlos Labajo

Juan Karlos did Yesterday by The Beatles, which had him cry towards the end and was not able to answer host Luis Manzano’s question why he cried, but just pointed up as gesture for the reason of his emotion was his mother who died only last November.

(Click links to watch JK‘s performances)

JK did Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars in the upbeat round, earning accolades from his Coach Bamboo that he made the song his own. His charm, singing talent and strong stage presence assure him of a career in singing and also acting being a total package.


Darlene Vibares

Darlene started out of sync performing Sharon Cuneta’s Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas but able to catch up and still gave a powerful rendition of the popular love song. Her coach, Lea, said it happens to all performers but praised her for making it through.

(Click links to watch Darlene‘s performances)

Darlene did Louder by Charice and also got remarks from Lea that the international singer must be very proud of the kid’s performance.


Darren Espanto

It’s Darren that brought the house down and had all three coaches giving him standing ovation, not just her coach, Sarah, after his performance of Ngayon by Basil Valdez.

Shedding tears after the prolonged high-note last word of the song, he told host Alex Gonzaga that he was just emotional, the reason why he cried.

Lea commented, “Sa lahat ng iniidolo ngayon ni Darren, ito ay isang babala sa inyo, ilalampaso kayo ng batang ito balang araw (To all those that Darren presently idolizes, this is a warning, this kid will sweep you away someday).”

Darren slumbook

Get to know Darren again thru his slam book

Coach Sarah remarked: “Ngayon ay pinatunayan mo na ikaw ang karapat-dapat na tanghaling grand champion ng The Voice Kids (Now [title of his song in English] you have proven that you deserve to be proclaimed as the grand champion of The Voice Kids).”

Darren performed Somebody To Love by Justin Bieber for the upbeat round.

Sarah said Darren is very much ripe, ready for superstardom and there’s nothing to coach him on anymore, as every forte is his forte.

(Click link to watch Darren‘s upbeat number)

She added that Darren is a mixture of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano (known for his singing-dancing skills) and Power Balladeer Martin Nievera.


The Voice Kids grand champion wins P1 million, one-year recording contract from MCA Universal, house and lot (from Camella Homes), home appliance showcase, musical instrument showcase and P1 million worth of trust fund.

The first grand champion of The Voice Kids (Philippines) is known tonight, Sunday, July 27, 2014.

Take note of the time: It’s 6:15 p.m. and not 6:45 p.m. on ABS-CBN.

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Darren to give house to Lyca, musical set to Darlene, money to church if he wins ‘The Voice Kids’

In a casual conversation of The Voice Kids Big 4 while sipping tea during break, Darren Espanto said that, in case he wins, he will give the money to his church and the house to Lyca (Gairanod).


‘TVK’ Big 4

Juan Karlos Labajo said he will share his winnings also to Lyca so she can buy house for her and her family, in case he wins.


Darren Espanto

Darlene (Vibares) protested that no one’s giving her anything. JK later said he will give Darlene financial support, five thousand (pesos) and guitar.


Lyca Gairanod

Darren first said he will give Darlene his moral support, but later changed his mind and said he will give Lea Salonga’s bet the musical set.


Darren, Lyca and Coach Sarah

The 53-second video was posted by Michael Asher Andal Hermo and shared to Sarah Geronimo’s Popsters.

Lyca fanatics, though, said nothing like this could happen as it’s their superstar who will win.


Darren and JK

The Voice Kids grand champion, to be known on Sunday, July 27, 2014, wins P1 million, one-year recording contract from MCA Universal, house and lot (from Camella Homes), home appliance showcase, musical instrument showcase and P1 million worth of trust fund.


Juan Karlos Labajo

Darren is the strongest contender to the title, along with Lyca. Both are from Team Sarah.

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Darlene Vibares

Juan Karlos from Team Bamboo and Darlene are the other two grand finalists in the first edition of the singing reality franchise that originated in the Netherlands in 2010.


The Coaches with ‘The Voice Kids’ grand finalists

Click link to watch video clip



Darren plays big brother to Lyca


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Team Sarah vs Team Sarah: Darren, Lyca seen slugging it out in ‘The Voice Kids Champion’ final round

Although Lyca (Gairanod) ranked #1 and Darren (Espanto) ranked #2 in the votes during the Top 6 performances last Saturday, which also made #3 Juan Karlos (Labajo) and #4 Darlene (Vibares) to enter the Big 4 for the Grand Finals this Saturday, the gap between Lyca and Darren was reportedly so close it was almost negligible.


‘The Voice Kids’ grand finalists

Basing on the likes and comments on the postings of The Voice of The Philippines official Facebook and Twitter accounts and also that of ABS-CBN, Lyca and Darren, both from Team Sarah (Geronimo) have the most number of supporters.


Coach Sarah with Darren and Lyca

It is seen that it’s going to be Lyca and Darren in the The Voice Kids Champion final round on Sunday, July 27.

Lyca, called by Broadway star and TVK Coach Lea Salonga as little Nora Aunor being small but terrible, is also called by her own coach Sarah as “my superstar.”


Lyca Gairanod

The kid from Cavite, whose family’s livelihood is scavenging for scraps, won the hearts of millions since her Blind Auditions piece of Aegis Halik.

As she moved from the Battles to the Sing-Offs to Top 6 then to Big 4, Lyca’s simple yet heartfelt singing has won more hearts in the process. Her win will be providential.


Darren Espanto

Darren, on the other hand, immediately set social media on fire right after his Blind Auditions performance of Jessie J’s Domino.

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‘TVK’ Big 4 with the Coaches

His story of coming back to the country from a comfortable life in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (yet speaks Tagalog fluently) just for the contest has endeared him to millions of Filipinos worldwide.


Darren and JK

Darren asserted his position as the most ready/best prepared for superstardom – showing his vocal and dancing prowess in the Battles, Sing-Offs, Top 6 and Big 4.

His win will be well-deserved – devoid of dramatics or sad story background – just plain vocal superiority.


Juan Karlos Labajo

Not to be outdone is Juan Karlos who mustered following even still with the trailer of The Voice Kids with his performance of Adam Sandler’s Grow Old With You in the Blind Auditions.

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Coach Bamboo with JK

JK proved to be Team Bamboo’s strongest bet with his natural charm, vocal ability, stage presence and amiability.

From Team Lea is Darlene Vibares.


Darlene Vibares

Since her Girl On Fire Blind Audition piece, Darlene carried her team’s banner strongly in Top 6 to Big 4.

Some netizens noticed and criticized her being OA, a little bit pitchy and poor English diction but her legions of supporters want her to reach the championship round and would not want nothing less for this girl who initially caught the attention really big of viewers and reality show aficionados.

The coaches of the Big 4 who are to battle it out in the Final Showdown have pitched for each of them.

Sarah refers to 12-year-old Darren as “world-class, total performer” while 9-year-old Lyca as “boses ng masang Pilipino” (the voice of Filipino masses). The Pop Princess is the only coach whose Top 6 artists both made it to the Big 4.


Coach Lea with Darlene

Lea, on the other hand, said that 10-year-old Darlene should win because “she sets ablaze any stage she is on.”

As for Bamboo, he said 13-year-old Juan Karlos is “incomparable because he makes an emotional connection with the audience.”


Hosts Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga

Click link to watch the Coaches pitch for their bets


Click links to watch semifinals stage rehearsals of each of the Big 4





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‘The Voice Kids’ Big 4: Lyca, Darren, Juan Karlos, Darlene in grand finals!

After the votes were tallied basing on the performances of The Voice Kids Top 6 on Saturday, the Big 4 were announced by hosts Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga on Sunday in no particular order: Lyca (Gairanod) of Team Sarah (Geronimo), Juan Karlos (Labajo) of Team Bamboo, Darlene (Vibares) of Team Lea (Salonga), and Darren (Espanto) of Team Sarah.


Lyca Gairanod

Click link to watch opening number http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/07/20/the-voice-kids-semi-finals-opening-number


Luis, however, revealed that by ranking, topping the list was Lyca, followed by Darren, then JK and Darlene.


Darren Espanto

Click link to watch announcement of Big 4 http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos/2014/07/20/darlene-darren-juan-karlos–lyca-move-on-to-grand-finals

Tonton (Cabiles) was #5 and Edray (Teodoro) was #6.


Both Sarah’s Final 2 made it to the Big 4, making her the winningest coach, as Lea and Bamboo have one each.


Juan Karlos Labajo

Click links to watch performances of Lyca, JK and Darren




The Top 6 performed songs of their choice in the live semifinals – Darlene with I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston (who cried before finishing the last note as she dedicated it to her dead grandfather), JK with Sway by Michael Buble, Lyca with Pangarap Na Bituin by Sharon Cuneta, Tonton with One Day In Your Life by the young Michael Jackson, Edray with Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and Darren with One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston.


Darlene Vibares

Click links to watch performances of Tonton, Darlene and Edray




Voting was open after the show and each of the Top 6’s supporters rallied behind their favorite contestant.

Earlier on the day, live on ASAP, the coaches and the Top 6 opened the Sunday show performing the late rapper Francis Magalona’s hits – Mga Kababayan Ko, Meron Akong Ano and Ito Ang Gusto Ko.


The girls performing ‘Let It Go’

The kids later performed again with mainstays Erik Santos, Angeline Quinto and Yeng Constantino doing Katy Perry’s Roar.


The boys performing ‘One Way Or Another’

The Voice Kids grand champion, known next week, wins P1 million, one-year recording contract from MCA Universal, house and lot, home appliance showcase, musical instrument showcase and P1 million worth of trust fund.


‘TVK’ Big 4

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Photos and videos from http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/thevoicekids/videos and https://www.facebook.com/TheVoiceABSCBN