‘PBB All In’ Big Winner known Sunday: Jane Oineza or Daniel Matsunaga?

Before the official announcement that Loisa Andalio has been evicted on Saturday, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) All In watchers already decided on social media whom to support to make it to the Big 4, leading to the announcement of the Big Winner on Sunday at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

Jane Oineza glamour shot

Jane Oineza

On Wednesday, previous winners of the reality franchise visited the remaining five housemates then gave their choices for the Big Winner of this edition in the confession room.

Sexy star Keanna Reeves who won in the first celebrity edition in 2006 named teen actress Jane Oineza as her Big Winner.


Daniel Matsunaga

The guys – James Reid (Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010) and Slater Young (Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited 2012 and also host of PBB All In Ubertime Online) – chose Daniel Matsunaga, the only male survivor, as the Big Winner.

Myrtle Sarrosa (PBB Teen Edition 4 2010) named Maris Racal as her choice.

Maris Racal PBBAllIn

Maris Racal

Vickie Rushton and Loisa Andalio did not get any endorsement.

The final percentage of votes as revealed on Saturday put Vickie and Loisa in the bottom two, getting 1.09% and 0.99% respectively.


Vickie Rushton

Jane, with her legions of supporters, led with 27.06%; Daniel with 11.91%; and Maris with 8.18%.

Expectedly, Loisa followed Joshua’s eviction from the yellow house, dropping off her dream of making it to the Big 4.


Loisa Andalio and Joshua Garcia

Joshua, now branded the laziest housemate ever, expressed her love for Loisa during his Ubertime interview, expressing that he won’t be pursuing Jane anymore in the outside world.

Slater Young Smart C Slater Young

James Reid1 James Reid

Bonus video: James Reid singing ‘All Of Me’ on ‘GGV’


Keanna Reeves (a) Keanna Reeves

MYRTLE SARROSA 4 Myrtle Sarrosa

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Joshua’s eviction elates ‘PBB All In’ nation, Big 4 known soon

No eviction has brought so much elation since Cess Visitacion than Joshua Garcia bidding goodbye to his Pinoy Big Brother All In Big 4 dreams last Sunday.

Joshua Garcia Eviction pic1

Joshua Garcia in the confession room

Save (BBS) minus Evict (BBE) votes gave Joshua a net -34.57% rating, compared to Jane Oineza’s 24.75% and Daniel Matsunaga’s 9.82%.

#PBB12thEvictionNight was the worldwide Twitter top trending topic and Bye Joshua was #6. Two rungs below at #8 was We Love You Joshua.


Results in: Joshua is evicted!

The BBE votes said so: One regular viewer tweeted, “Why I feel so happy? Coz Joshua is the latest evictee for tonight!”

Another one said, “I’m the happiest person right now. Bye Joshua.”

Still another, “Bye Joshua! You made my night! Yehey, tears of joy ito.”

Others said the same thing: “Bye Joshua! You deserved that!”

“Oh, my gosh! Finally! Bye Joshua!”

“Thank you, Lord. Goodbye Joshua!”

“Finally, you’re out! It’s worth voting! Bye Joshua!”

Joshua eviction

Pitting against celebrities, it was expected, said Joshua

More: “OK, bye Joshua! Never liked you anyway!”

“Goodbye Joshua! No one will miss you!”

“Sorry not sorry. Bye Joshua!”

“The most eager housemate to reach Big 4 has been evicted from Big Brother’s House! Lol. Bye Joshua. Nice try.”

“The most deserving evictee. I don’t hate you Joshua. Just that you are no more worthy. Bye Joshua.”

“One flirt down, one plastic to go! Bye Joshua. Isunod na si Loisa. Haha.”

“Goodbye Joshua. You deserved it so much. Hahahaha. Well-deserved talaga.”

“They be like: Why Joshua? I be like: Bye Joshua sorrynotsorry.”

“Bye Joshua. I’ll set a party tomorrow. Lol.”

“This is the most anticipated and well-deserved eviction after Cess.”

Kim Chiu in PBB Confession Room

Kim Chiu to grace final eviction

Last August 5, Kim Chiu, herself PBB Teen Edition big winner in 2006, tweeted:

“watched pbb! Haha #affected may isang guy super not deserving to be part ng big4..as in!!! tamad feeler and makatwiran sa sarili is (thumb down).”

KImChiu tweet re Joshua

The post that set Twitter afire

Netizens, particularly fans and supporters of Joshua immediately reacted to the post, as the allusion clearly pointed to the boy from Batangas.

At that time, the only two other guys left were Daniel and Manolo Pedrosa, who was evicted last week.


Manolo Pedrosa

Joshua was seen as the laziest housemate, voted Manolo for eviction being his strongest rival, and even said it’s not fair to vote off the lazy ones (Loisa is the lazy girl, according to Daniel) as it would take away their chance to change.

Kim stood her ground, saying that it was her opinion (and we live in a democratic country), so reactions to her tweet did not matter. She will be inside the house on August 19 (Saturday).

Loisa PBB Reaction pics

Loisa Andalio reacts to announcement

Netizens are campaigning among themselves that Loisa should be the final evictee – with Jane, Vickie Rushton, Maris Racal and Daniel seen making it to the Big 4 and the big winner declared on Sunday, August 24, 2014 at Resorts World Manila.

Joshua gave his Twitter account when he guested on Ubertime on Monday: @iamjoshuagarcia

PBB Big 4

The Big 4? Sure!

Click link to view PBB All In Ubertime with Joshua http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/pbb/videos/2014/08/18/pbb-all-in-ubertime-with-joshua

Photos and video from PBB All In Facebook page and http://www.abs-cbn.com

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Teen power permeates ‘PBB All In’

Although Nichole Baranda has been evicted for getting the lowest number of votes last Sunday, it’s still teen power working on PBB All In – whether it’s the teens themselves voting or it’s the supporters of the teens in the reality show franchise maneuvering the results.


Jane Oineza

Crowded hallways are the loneliest places
For outcasts and rebels
Or anyone who just dares to be different
And you’ve been trying for so long
To find out where your place is
But in their narrow minds
There’s no room for anyone who dares to do something different
Oh, but listen for a minute

Trust the one
Who’s been where you are wishing all it was
Was sticks and stones
Those words cut deep but they don’t mean you’re all alone
And you’re not invisible
Hear me out,
There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now
Someday you’ll look back on all these days
And all this pain is gonna be invisible
Oh, invisible…

So goes the song – Invisible by Hunter Hayes – which is the eviction song of PBB All In. (Clink link to get to the official music video http://youtu.be/LiUqgL5urWc)


Nichole Baranda

First to be declared safe among the six nominees – Jane, Joshua, Loisa, Daniel, Nichole and Fifth – was Jane for getting 45.40% of the votes. Then she completed the task all by herself which earned her raves and admiration from viewers – fans and bashers alike.


Joshua Garcia

Alex Gonzaga on Saturday announced that of the remaining five, the first to be safe was a skillful male housemate who at times has some misunderstandings with the others but still fights on to stay in Big Brother’s house – and that was Joshua.


Loisa Andalo

Then she named Loisa as the next safe housemate, leaving the other three who fought for viewers’ votes on Sunday.

Twitterians had another grand time setting the social media platform on fire, making #PBBAll7thEviction the worldwide trending topic.


Daniel Matsunaga

Some tweeted prematurely, “Bye, tanda (oldie)!” alluding to Daniel Matsunaga.

Fifth Solomon Pagotan’s supporters did not allow him to be evicted much earlier than his twin, Fourth – who’s seen not only to make it to the Big 4 but possibly the grand winner.


Fifth Pagotan

The previous week saw the real tug between teens and adult housemates.

Ranty had a lease of life for one week when he redeemed Joshua which sat well with the fans and supporters of the teener from Batangas.


Fourth Pagotan

Then when it was just between him and Aina Solano, he overwhelmingly got the votes and the Dancing Bombshell Ng Boracay got booted out.

(See related story ‘PBB All In’: Ranty saved from eviction; Aina leaves house; Alex sure to go next week https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/pbb-all-in-ranty-saved-from-eviction-aina-leaves-house-alex-sure-to-go-next-week/ and ‘PBB All In’ 4th Eviction: Will Joshua’s supporters save Ranty The Redeemer? https://arloc888.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/pbb-all-in-4th-eviction-will-joshuas-supporters-save-ranty-the-redeemer/)

Between Loisa Andalo and Jayme Jalandoni, the teener from Las Pinas got saved. And between Michele Gumabao and Joshua, the boy got saved.


Jayme Jalandoni

Jayme only made a noise during the nude painting challenge, that even senators moved to have the reality show monitored as it was (according to them, specifically Senators Nancy Binay and Pia Cayetano) posing danger to morality.

Michele, who was expected to command votes being a sports celebrity and daughter of movie actor-turned politician-turned religious leader Dennis Roldan a.k.a. Mitchell Gumabao, got overpowered by the supporters of teener Joshua.


Michele Gumabao

It’s been more than two months now since PBB All In started and in a few more weeks the Big 4 will be known.

As of this time, there’s no announcement yet whether elevator girl Cheridel Alejandrino (who shot to fame via YouTube) is a regular housemate vying for votes or a house guest like the one she replaced, host Alex Gonzaga.


Cheridel Alejandrino

She has shown motherly affection to female teen housemates particularly Loisa, and also felt affection from Manolo Pedrosa, Wonder Son Ng Quezon City (seen to make it to Big 4 and possibly Fourth’s main rival for the ultimate win due to strong fan base), whom she said reminds her of her son.


Manolo Pedrosa

PBB All In airs weeknights on Primetime Bida, and on Saturdays and Sundays as part of ABS-CBN’s Yes! Weekend lineup. Uber, meanwhile, airs afternoon updates on weekdays.

Photos from www.abs-cbn.com

‘PBB All In’ 4th Eviction: Will Joshua’s supporters save Ranty the Redeemer?

#PBB4thNomination was the #1 Twitter worldwide trending topic on Sunday.

While Joshua Benedicto was evicted on Saturday, supporters of the other two nominees – Jane Oineza and Maris Racal – were praying they won’t be nominated again making them safe from eviction for at least another week. The prayers must have been answered.


The twist in the twist: Ranty lets Joshua go

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The official breakdown of nomination points had Ranty Portento getting the highest with 14, Aina Solano 8 and Joshua Garcia 6. This is Aina’s second time to be nominated. She and Michele Gumabao escaped eviction when Axel Torres got the lowest votes last time.


Joshua Garcia

Anchor Slater Young, himself a former housemate and winner, commented as @thatguySLATER: “Wow, unexpected. Akala ko the housemates were going to nominate the same people.”

Avid follower Julian Mauricio twitted: “I’m glad @gumabaomichele, @itsJaneOineza and Manolo are safe. I feel bad for Joshua. I didn’t expect him to be nominated.”

When the nomination issue settled, Big Brother announced that there was going to be a twist: the first one to get out of prison can save himself from possible eviction.


Ranty Portento

Put in jail, they were given implements how they can get the key out of their cell and go free.

Ranty, being the oldest and obviously the wisest, got his key ahead of Aina and Joshua but he refused to open the padlock.

He explained that he was responsible for Joshua’s nomination and he felt it was right to let the younger housemate go. It was only when Joshua got out that he opened his own cell.


Aina Solano

Aina also sat out, saying she was older and knew what to do with her life, unlike Joshua who needed to learn more inside the house.

Joshua embraced Ranty when all three of them were out of their cells, and told Kuya that Ranty gave importance to their friendship.

Kuya commended all of them, saying he knew who will do everything to save himself and who’s willing to sacrifice for the good of somebody else. He declared Joshua has been saved from eviction and it’s now just who between Ranty and Aina goes back to the outside world after Jacob, Axel, Chevin and Cess.

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Aina has plenty of bashers, so does Ranty. And there are hundreds of them.

The Dancing Bombshell Ng Boracay is expected to be evicted next. But there are also those saying that the Maginoong Marino Ng Quezon’s move was just a strategy to gain sympathy so Joshua’s supporters will save him.

The numbers will be out Saturday night.

As to the tasks the housemates are given each day, just watch Pinoy Big Brother All In Uber at 3:15 p.m. and Pinoy Big Bother All In at 9:50 p.m. on ABS-CBN.


Hosts John Prats, Bianca Gonzalez, Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga and Robi Domingo

Viewers in the Philippines can watch the full episode on www.iwantv.com.ph and for those outside of the Philippines it’s on www.tfc.tv.

For those asking about the eviction background music, it’s Invisible by Hunter Hayes. Click link for the official music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiUqgL5urWc

Photos from http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/pbb/main

‘PBB All In’ first evictees: Least-liked-by-housemates Chevin and most-hated-by-viewers Cess say hello again to the outside world

Hours before the announcement of Pinoy Big Brother All In first eviction last Saturday, social media was already abuzz that the resident chismosa/intrigera Cess Visitacion will be for forced eviction along with the top BNN housemate, which turned out to be Chevin Cecilio, Simpatikong Salesman Ng CamSur.


Chevin Cecilio in this pre-‘PBB All In’ photo

Visitacion’s demeanor inside the House appalled so many viewers that she’s likened to a plastic bag (not Tupperware as that’s too classy).

Seen by some that that’s her role in the program, still the Biba Raketera Ng Valenzuela has been turning loyal followers of the ABS-CBN reality show fuming mad with her attitude towards Jane (Oneiza) and other housemates.


Cess Visitacion: Speechless over her forced eviction

Considered as the most ordinary person to get into the show to satisfy the title All In, it turned out, for viewers, that her looks is just plastic cover for her character.

Big Brother showed Cess a video of her violations – she asked about the outside world, did not wear her lapel mic, moved furniture, whispered to fellow housemates and wrote secret messages to them, all of which breached the rule book. It’s because of those violations that Cess was for forced eviction, pushed and expected by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

That ended Cess’ short shot to fame. Now she can enjoy the outside world once more and maybe look into posts on Facebook how she fared in the eyes of viewers.


Most popular ‘PBB All In’ meme

One comment said, “Maybe she’s got crush on Axel. It shows on the way she acts and flirts with him. She’s just insecure because Jane is very much prettier than her. On her reaction, it is really obvious that she’s plastic. She’s talking about her issue with Jane behind her back. She’s seeking attention and sympathy from her housemates. Hope she’ll be evicted soon.”

Another one: “Si Cess na nga ang pinakapangit sa lahat ng housemates, tapos siya pa ang problema sa ugali (Cess is the ugliest among all housemates yet she’s the one that’s got an attitude problem).”

This one could sum up the feelings of many others: “I hate you, Cess! Akala ko nung unang pagpasok mo sa Big Brother House mabait at palabiro ka lang, yun pala hindi, lumabas ang totoong ugali mo! Sana ma-nominate ka na sa susunod na BBN (I thought when you first got into Big Brother House you’re nice and just funny, it turned out no, your true character manifested itself. I hope you will be nominated in the next BBN).”

Click the link for the whole thread https://www.facebook.com/ABSCBNnetwork/photos/a.196323003720836.48937.196309417055528/807024259317371/?type=1

For breaking house rules Axel Torres, Manolo Pedrosa and Alex Gonzaga were forced-nominated for eviction, which the three and other housemates said they learned a lot from what happened to Cess.

As for Chevin, getting the lowest percentage of votes from home viewers at 30.24% spelled his eviction.


Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio garnered 30.38% and 39.37% respectively, and were safe but could be in danger for next eviction.


Last week, the other housemates expressed their dismay over Chevin’s attitude when given tasks and chores.


It’s goodbye Big Brother House, hello again outside world for Chevin Klein Cecilio

Joshua Garcia said Chevin seemed temperamental (magalitin) whenever they’re given tasks and chores which made him decide to give his two points to the housemate-with-an-attitude in this batch of Pinoy Big Brother.

Pinoy Big Brother All In Uber is broadcast at 3:15 PM and PBB All In, weekdays at 9:50 PM, on Saturdays at 9:15 PM and on Sundays at 8:45 PM on ABS-CBN.

For those in the Philippines, full episodes can be accessed at www.iwantv.com.ph and www.tfc.tv if outside the country.

Photos from http://www.abs-cbn.com

Fooled 44,000+ auditionees still watch ‘PBB All-In’: Alex just celebrity house guest, Top 5 revealed in first week poll

The gods must be listening. Or reading.

After getting so much flak on social media, producers of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother All-In announced through Kuya (Big Brother) that TV host Alex Gonzaga is, after all, just a celebrity house guest and not an official housemate.


Alex was called into the confession room Saturday by Kuya and was told of her real purpose inside, which is to complete a series of tasks, the first being to hold her own talk show and get to know the housemates better.

“You’re not an official housemate,” Big Brother told her and warned the TV host not to reveal her status to the contestants.

Comments (from legitimate complaints of those who endured long hours of queues to humorous to absurd to downright cussing and swearing) continue to flood social media how the 44,000+ that trooped to audition venues had been fooled into participating in this touted as biggest hoax pulled by the Lopez-owned network on the patronizing Filipino audience.


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Cebuanos particularly still can’t accept the fact that not one of them made it to the final roster of 18 in the All-In edition.

Kim Chiu, first PBB Teen Edition winner in 2006 and now a big TV and movie star, is Chinese-Cebuana who auditioned in Cebu. Slater Young, winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited (2012) also hails from Cebu.


There are those who are more forgiving. One auditionee from Pampanga said, “it’s their show and they can do anything they want.”

Some bekis (slang term for gay) say that they smell two ka-federacion in the show, as seen how said housemates being so malamya or softie in their actions and mannerisms. Who could those be?


From the selection process to what’s captured on camera, people are saying how so scripted it is. However, despite the flak, televiewers still watch it, including the fooled auditionees.

Results of the first week showed that Alex Gonzaga got the highest vote at 19.4%, followed by La Salle volleybelle Michelle Gumabao 14.93%, La Salle high schooler Manolo Pedrosa 11.94%, Cess Visitacion and Joshua Garcia tied at 7.46%.


Jane Oineza and Jacob Benedicto tied at 5.97%, then followed by Maris Racal and Bobby “Fifth” Solomon tied at 4.48%. Axel Torres, Chevin Cecilio, Jayme Jalandoni and Vickie Rushton all tied at 2.29%.

Nichole Baranda, Randy Portento and Loisa Andalio tied at 1.49%. At the bottom are Bobby “Fourth” Solomom IV at 1% and Aina Solano, getting 0%.


Needless to say, with Alex out as official housemate, the top vote-getters are Michelle Gumabao, Manolo Pedrosa, Cess Visitacion, Joshua Garcia, Jane Oineza and Jacob Benedicto.


Pinoy Big Brother All In Uber broadcasts at 3:15 p.m. and PBB All In at 9:50 p.m. weekdays, 9:15 p.m. Saturdays and 8:45 p.m. Sundays.

Watch Kuya’s revelation to Alex as celebrity house guest by clicking the link http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/entertainment/05/03/14/watch-pbb-reveals-alex-be-celebrity-house-guest

Photos from http://www.abs-cbn.com